Saturday, July 3, 2010

Out of Control

For those of you new around here, and there seem to be a fair few (YAY!), Saturday I usually have at least SOME fitness focus... January I started a weight loss plan, but thought once a week was adequate to address it... Today I am wishing I didn't have to address it at all, but in the spirit of accountability... There ARE though, other things to talk about... Maybe I'll give you a sneaker:

~ Are any of the rest of you getting RECRUITMENT EMAIL?
~ What the heck is HAPPENING around here?
~ Why am I suddenly spiralling out of control?

Recruitment of my BLOG

Are you freaking serious? Is this familiar to any of you? I've gotten like 4 emails in the last week asking my BLOG to participate in this or that network and it is scaring the poo out of me. I mean... they SEEM nice enough, but I'm terrified! You know WHY? 1) I don't know if they're legitimate and I don't want to give some illegitimate annoying marketing scam POWER. 2) I don't seem to have the excess mental capacity at the moment to learn something NEW. 3) I don't REALLY have time if these things TAKE time, which it sort of seems they OUGHT to if they are any good... 4) I really don't want to muck anything up... BUT I am also scared NOT TO. What if this is how to send my blog into the stratosphere and guarantee this giant force to help me out when my book comes out?

I would LOVE to hear experiences or advice about any of these. Are any of them GOOD? Is it worth the TIME? Are any of them TRAPS? HELP!

Hit Explosion

I've had my best week ever in blog hits, including a DAY that surpassed my former highest ever (the BuNoWriMo one)--but the odd thing is, I'm not really sure what happened? I have no clue WHO is now coming in... I've had a few new followers this week, but THOSE I can track—three resulted from Alex recommending me as a funny blog (Dude, I owe you!) and the other three, I THINK because of my visiting and commenting at THEIR blogs... but these HITS are way out of proportion.

Past weeks, I typically get about 3 times as many hits as visitors (because a COMMENT means two hits—one for the read and one to submit) I figure this seems pretty normal. My day with 600 hits, it was closer to 80-90 visitors... so the ratio was way off. Granted, I had a record (for me) number of comments that day. But I'm not sure if I just 'leveled' to use a video game term, or if this week was a fluke... I guess I will see.


Life is a whirlwind at the moment. Kids are out of school for summer, hubby is done with his class (and excessively persnickety), WriMo is done and I am Writing my Garden Cozy... And somehow I can't seem to get my eating under control.

For the first three months of the year I did REALLY WELL. Then, since April 1, I've been steady—no more loss, but no gain... And in both cases I can identify WHY. I did WELL when I was actively counting points. I stopped counting points in April but have maintained pretty practical eating levels, with only rare splurges.

This week I couldn't seem to stop the SPLURGES. Heck, I bought POP TARTS this week at work because I convinced myself I was starving. POPTARTS are not the answer! Neither are potato chips! Hubby didn't help the matter AT ALL. Our dinners were... a few things that are fine once or twice a week, and a few things that are only fine once in a blue moon (pizza, nachos), but 5 of the last 7 nights, dinner has been beef based. Beef, in and of itself isn't awful, but probably 2-3 nights ought to be the limit. MY PROBLEM THOUGH is because it is higher in fat and calories, it is double the points per ounce, so REALLY messes with the 'plan' or else leaves me HUNGRY and I was not in the frame of mind to be HUNGRY.

The other problem is, we are pretty frugal around here, so what I take for LUNCH, is what was left over from DINNER... you can see how 5 nights of beef + pizza compounded... And then when I am feeling SORRY for myself, man-oh-man!

So the weight is up this week, and I know WHY. What I FEAR, is that on this roller coaster, I have hit the low and am on my way up. I know technically I ought to be able to pull myself back into line, but I also know my history. It frightens me. I am going to spend some time walking this morning and try to wrap my head around the psychology of it and see if I can shift where my head is. Probably what I need is a lovely lake to skinny dip in or something... that always improves my perspective. I bet these guys know where the good water is...


Tundiel said...

*hugs* I'm still in the same boat as you hon. It's not very good for the fitness plan, but, like you, I've managed to maintain the weightloss for the most part so I refuse to feel beat up about it. What you have to keep telling yourself is that this IS that rollercoaster you were talking about, only instead of the weight rising again, it will be your MOTIVATION rising again. You can do it. What you've lost so far is A-Mazing!

RaShelle said...

Hart - Hey girl. You're gorgeous!!! I wish I could give you some Gggrrrr speech. I'll just say, GGgggrrrr and you're gorgeous!!!! Next, I have no idea about the influx thing or the recruitment. If/when you find out, let me know. I'm interested. ;-)

Hart Johnson said...

Tara-good way to look at it! the MOTIVATION has just dipped, but will go back up! YAY!

RaShelle-thank you so much! Most of my pics are a couple years old (I'm rarely on that side of a camera) but it is appreciated none-the-less!

As for the influx... not really happening today--looks back to normalish... wonder if it was a list or if I jinxed it!

KarenG said...

I'd say get back to counting the points and soon you will be back in control! For the email requests, I get a few of those too, they want you to link to their site or something. I did one because it was famous sayings of writers & I used it in a post. But that's it, I've been ignoring all the rest. It's a form of spam. They really can't do anything for you that you can't do for yourself through social media.

The pig pic is hilarious omigosh where did you get that? I feel like that a lot!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Pop Tarts are never the answer.

Haven't received any of those types of emails, so no help there.

I did mention your blog in my list of funny blogs - maybe you gained some new followers and such from that?

Old Kitty said...

Oh I hope you had a good walk to clear your mind and get some clarity! :-) Good luck!! I just think there are times when things are just a bit too much but you are watery tart!! so I'm so certain you will pull yourself back out again.!! That's a fab cancerian trait - they fight back, always and pull themselves out of any watery situation!! :-)

And well done with the many hits to your blog!!! Yay for you!

Take care

Hart Johnson said...

Karen-I think you're right... Points ARE the answer... need to pull back out my trusty notebook and keep track! erm... starting Monday...

Alex--didn't you see I THOUGHT a few were due to you--follower wise... no clue how many hits relate to those though, but that WAS my big day, so it certainly helped!

OK-OK--SO TRUE! We are a pernicious bunch, eh? NEVER give up! Thank you!

LTM said...

I told all my friends to visit your blog... (LTM sniffs, checking her manicure)
J/k! ;o) The truth is, this much nekkidness will not be contained!
I can't help w/your splurge problem--I ate a foot of cake yesterday and then went for a run, natch. But I enjoyed the divers.
sigh... Yay, America! ;p
Oh! P.S.--a friend of mine said the French take three bites and that's all. So try that. Yes?

Hart Johnson said...

Leigh--3 BITES? Are you INSANE? No wonder they have a reputation for rudeness! (no offense French visitors, though I think most of that is Angela, who is American, just living there).

*giggles* Love your response about the nekkidness... i do try... (some people don't like it... I figure they are not my people.)

LTM said...

don't forget CQG! OK--I've got to go socialize. The Moores have arrived~ ;p
YES! Three bites. I'm thinking three verrryy sloooowwww (very large) bites.
Like my two cups of coffee a day. Very large and take very long to drink. LOL! :D
We were born nekkid, nekkid we will return~

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I had one of those weeks. Wednesday was my last day at the old job, and I went out for lunch with my colleagues. They had all my favourite desserts, so let us just say I had three giant bites of everything sweet (except the fruits which I ignored).

And my lemon tart craving had only got worse, so I bought myself two, and my dear hubby remembered to get me two from my favourite cake shop too, and a lemon crumble.

'nuff said!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I get all kinds of nutty emails asking to monetize my blog, join networks, link to things...bleh. I don't understand them, so I just ignore them. :)

Hart Johnson said...

Natasha- we really ARE in parallel lives! *wishes she had lemon tart* *is probably glad she doesn't*

HA! Elizabeth, if YOU'RE ignoring them, then I feel safe ignoring them! Because it sure looks like you're doing the right stuff!