Saturday, July 31, 2010

No. Just... No.

My week of fitness was a big giant FAIL... I am in bad need of a spanking.

The week starting with all the events referred to in my Wednesday blog may have had something to do with it, but I fell down ALL over the place, ALL week long. BAD BAD BAD.

But tomorrow starts a new month and I will start trying fresh.

In the meantime, to make me feel better, I ran my various names through the Anagram Machine and thought I would show you how apt some of them were.

[Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for the time you waste at this site (and you WILL waste time on this site.)] (though I plan on blaming Mark for introducing me)

Anagrams for Tami Hart

A Harm Tit
That Mari (Ha! I'm an IMPOSTER!)
Am Tart, Hi or conversely: I'm Tart. HA! (Is there anything more perfect?)

Hart Johnson

Ha! John! *Snort*
Jars Nth Ho On
Tar John Nosh

Tami Hart-Johnson

Rajah Nth Motions
Asthma Horn Joint
Trainman Josh Hot
Artisan John Moth
Harsh Ninja Motto
Marsh Ninja Tooth
Math Ration Johns
Ninja Arm Hotshot
A Hart Smooth Jinn
A Harts Ninth Mojo

Alyse Carlson (Oh, these are good!!!)

Rascally Ones
Larceny Lasso
Solace Snarly
A Sensory Call
A Crayon Sells
Carnal Yes Sol
Salsa Con Rely
Sly Lace Arson
Aces Snarly Lo

So what are your anagrams?


Cruella Collett said...

Hahaha, oh this takes me back to the days of "Harry Potter and the Pillars of Storgé"... Dobby, the anagram loving villain...

Anyways, I think your tart ones are my favourite. How appropriate! And I'm flattered to have you as my imposter ;)

Old Kitty said...

Only one anagram for Old Kitty:

Dotty Ilk.


Take care

M.J. Nicholls said...

You forgot Watery Tart = Treaty Wart. Mwahahahaha!

Among my anagrams are Chloral Minks, A Smirch Knoll and Hack, Slim, Lorn. If those three words don't define me, no three words will.

Mason Canyon said...

Here are my favorites for Mason Canyon
Caymans On No
Cayman On Nos
Cayman No Nos

Have a great weekend and you'll be back on track in no time.

Thoughts in Progress

Tessa Conte said...

AH-HAHAHA! Just had a go at that anagram machine thingy, omg that's funny.

Here's some of the best ones...

for my pen name:

Ace Stetson
Cassette On
Ascot Teens
A Scone Test
Cats See Not
Acts seen to

My real name:

Thy Bony Apathies
He! Antipathy, boys!
Phantasy Hob Yeti
A! I bypath honesty...

and my personal favourite:

Hit by a pantyhose!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry your week of eating was messed up, but I will take that plate of food in the picture, followed by the Ninja girl. Okay, maybe the Ninja girl first, then the food.

Hart Johnson said...

Cayman No Nos! Mason, that's fabulous! You might be a tart!

Dotty Ilk is good, too!

Mark--Very apt!

Tessa- those are FABULOUS--Love the 'Hit by a Pantyhose'!

Alex-probably you should offer the food to the Ninja girl, or she might just kick your butt...

Lisa said...

Well, I'm in trouble. Foodwise and anagramwise.


Denial Slog

Ellie said...

These are crazy good! I will have to try this out~ Begin again, Begin is my middle

Chary Johnson said...

Love the anagrams. Since we have the same last name, I won't steal any of yours. :P

I also fell off this week with pizza parties at work and chinese take out. However, I did not drink any soda except for some gingerale when my stomach was unsettled the other day. It's been mostly one small cup of coffee in the morning (to get my engine started) and then water all day.

Marjorie said...

FUNNEST thing ever!

Here are mine:

Marjorie Napier

A Rear Joiner Imp
A Rare Prime Join
A Jean Pie Mirror
Ajar Mirier Open
Area Rejoin Prim

Astrea Martinez

Reanimate Tzars
A Tzarinas Metre
A Mantra Zestier
A Restraint Maze
Amazes Reran Tit
Amazes Errant It
Amazes Art Inert
Amaze Art Insert
Narrate Tam Size
Marina Rate Zest
Tzarina Stare Me
Tartan Maze Rise

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! Great stuff.

My best one involves me being a gansta that likes Sunday trips to the spa:

Spa Be Yo!

Hart Johnson said...

Lisa- Denial Slog? Nice!

Ellie-*snicker* Nothing like a message hidden in your name!

Chary--Here's to better luck with the diet this week, eh? And I think most of my favorite names need the T, so have atter!

Oh, Marjorie, those are GREAT! I like the ones having to do with the Tzarina, but the Restraint Maze is HYSTERICAL!


Al said...

What a time waster the internet can be.

Sorry I blame it on you.

Ellie said...

Okay here are a few of mine: Line Swell On
Ewe Inn Lolls, Line Sell Own, Line Ell Snow,
Linen Sell Ow, Wine En

RaShelle said...

Oh boy, too fun!!! Ahem Swank Roller, Karma Hollers New

February Grace said...

OMG that thing gave me way too many to read let alone repeat LOL

I LOVE "Larceny Lasoo!" that sounds like a GREAT western cowgirl character...dang, you have got to use that in a story someday even if just a flash piece it'd be glorious!


Sugar said...

Oh wow! I got over 4000!
Sugaring Whit
Sugaring With
Arguing Whist
Arguing Whits
Aughts Wiring
Aught Wirings
Waiting Shrug
Sugar Whiting
Sugar Withing
A Gushing Writ
A Surging Whit
A Surging With
A Urging Whist
A Urging Whits
A Gusting Whir
A Whitings Rug
A Whiting Rugs
A Withing Rugs
A Rushing Twig
A Hurting Wigs
A Hurting Swig
A Wright Suing
A Wright Using
A Wights Ruing
A Thugs Wiring
A Gush Writing

The first few..tee-hee

I am with you, its a new month..a fresh start. I'm totally starting over too!

Lola Sharp said...

Hey, first, there's something wrong with your comment box...I had to click on THIS post (only) to be able to leave you a comment. Weird.

Anyway, dude, I gained so much weight on that chowder-eating Maine vacation--and I just can't seem to muster up the will power to diet it off. I'm not a good dieter. I'm an excellent eater. Fortunately I always remind thin, but age and chowder seems to have caught up with me. It blows.

I'll make you a deal, I'll work hard at it this week and report back. K? I'll even get on the evil treadmill.

I LOVE that you're a ninja!! I wish my name would work out a ninja. ;)


Hart Johnson said...

Love some of these! They're fabulous!

Lola-You've got a deal! Report back, and I will try to get back on track this week too. Always helps to try together!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Oh that's WAY too entertaining, Hart!

Elizabeth Craig=Gab Realize Itch :)

Geof said...

I suck at Anagrams but I would love to see what you can come up with using my lengthy and non-traditional name. There's all kinds of letter/word action just waiting to explored there.