Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Long Way

So I made some serious progress this week... the fitness and the writing... and learned a lesson I think relates to BOTH about what NOT to do...

First the Good News

I did the arm and shoulders thing 3 times.
I used the exercise ball 3 times.
Only 2 diet cokes
I wrote 3+ chapters.

YAY Progress!

Now the Lesson(s)

I think I get easily sidetracked, ye know? Like... I can't do all the things right at the same time. But when I do stupid stuff, I get annoyed.

Typing. NOT Editing

You know I write long-hand, yes? Naked in the bathtub. That's me. I am writing chapter 17 right now, but TYPING 10 because frankly, there is more competition for my computer time (blogging, Facebook, Grey's Anatomy) than there is for my writing time (Sudoku and reading notwithstanding, but the one doesn't take long, and the writing I like every bit as well as the reading when things are flowing)... The typing... erm... Don't like it.

But when I type I DO correct some wording things... heck, I had a stretch in there this time where I was writing in present tense (not clue what kicked THAT off, unless it was rum *shifty*) so I do minor editing as I type. What I need to remember NOT to do, is PLOT editing. Every time I do it, it is because I've thought I forgot something and am now trying to FIX it, but every time, I DIDN'T forget to WRITE it, I just forgot I WROTE it, and then I have this inconsistency string. Grrrrrrr.


I ate MOSTLY what I was supposed to this week but DIDN'T count points... pound back on. I KNOW the gig. I just need to DO IT! In my defense, we were hiring at work (found a great woman for the job and she's accepted—YAY!) but that meant messing up breakfast (normally oatmeal, which helps my frame of mind for eating right—I eat it at 10:00 most days, because that seems to be the middle grown—pretty hungry by then, but if I eat earlier then I want lunch unreasonably early). This week it was bagels at 9 (before interviews) which means I am starving early for lunch and in the wrong frame of mind to keep eating right. The extra obligation in my day ALSO makes me more stressed at work (the stuff still needs doing, and I need to be more efficient (far fewer blog visits between tasks—sorry) which all contributes to really wanting a cocktail when I get home... whereby any non-point counting gets undermined. 6 points worth of COCKTAIL on top of eating right and on points will undermine all but the best days. THAT is why I need to count. Otherwise I just let those slide and they add up over time.

And How Are those things related?

I know, I claimed they were... And I think they ARE, just sort of obliquely. Mainly just because I KNOW what to do, I have LEARNED these lessons before, but sometimes I have this willful forgetting thing where I don't do what I need to.

And Have a Great weekend!


Lisa said...

Way to go on the progress! That's great! And for the life of me, I cannot force myself to count with any consistency. Nor do I manage to dig out a notebook to write down edits instead of tinkering when I should not.

These lessons have to be learned over and over to become habit, I suppose. Have a great weekend.

Jan O'Hara (Tartitude) said...

Hart, I'm in exactly the same boat. I have the motivation of sharing the same air as a bunch of amazing writers this week and I still got into the desserts. What can we do, though? Back on track today. Oatmeal, writing, a walk. Kaizen!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Sometimes we don't need to be taught as much as we need to be reminded of things we already know ... but shove in the dark of our minds to do what we know is hurtful to us.

Have a great weekend, Roland

RosieC said...

I'm exactly the opposite with the writing. I hate writing by hand. Maybe we should trade. I'll type for you and you can write by hand for... wait, that won't work, will it? I'd just end up being your secretary.

Never mind :)

Happy weekend!

Old Kitty said...

Awww Naked Tart!!! I am in AWE at your long hand story writing!! And in your bath tub too!! So wow!!

And yay for your progress!!! I don't think you did too badly with the fitness/diet thing - they were just necessary glitches in a very stressful situation! But glad that you have now hired a fab new employee and so that's ok now!!

Have a great weekend! And YAY AGAIN!! for those 3+ chapters!!

Take care

KarenG said...

I don't know what it is about counting the points! It works when you count them and doesn't work when you don't!!

RaShelle said...

Hey Hart - First I wanted to say yesterday, my comment about you crawling through the window - I believe it was your skills baby. Luck, to me, is being in the right place at the right time and being PREPARED for that moment (I think that was an Oprah thing). Hee hee. We create our luck, which is what you did. You were ready to seize the opportunity and you've the talent, so there ya go.

Congrats on the progress you've made. Awesome!! And I love the fact that you write long hand. =D

Ben Schmitt said...

Wow, you write by hand? That takes great confidence to do so.
I always type, because then it's easier to find spelling errors, I have a million good resources on the internet, it's faster to type, and if I'm stuck on a synonym, Microsoft Word is there to help.

Missed Periods said...

I never thought I would stop writing by hand, but now I am full computer. I do like the idea of writing in the bath, though.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

It's really hard not to make plot corrections as you type. I had to constantly remind myself until it because more rote. I think you've done an awesome job this week!

Ezmirelda said...

Good luck with your writing and your dieting! :)
I haven't tried writing in the bathtub yet but it looks like fun.
Lots of inspiration can come from writing In a different environment.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I hand write as well, Hart. Just not naked!

Hart Johnson said...

You guys are so awesome! Sorry I've been so absent today... between exercising, housework, and watching stuff with my children I've been offline pretty much all day... but I've LOVE all these comments. Thank you SO MUCH for encouragement.

Rosie-You're hired! *snort* Oh wait... taking it back, eh?

RaShelle--I think it is so true that being READY when the luck happens is HUGE.

Ben--wouldn't SEND something that hadn't been then typed and spell checked! My brain just needs to process via hand.

Missed Periods-WELCOME! Don't think I've seen you here before. And I will possibly some day transition, but not until I give up stats by computer in the day job. If I don't do that, my brain tapped at the computer will remain analytical.

Elizabeth--it IS hard, isn't it? And THANK YOU!

Ezmirelda- I like the bath because the hot water relaxes me, which taps something creative.

Alex--I think you SHOULD write naked. But you probably know that.

Boonsong said...

Your bathroom references are doing wonders for my marriage!
But really, "I write long-hand, yes? Naked in the bathtub. That's me. I am writing chapter 17 right now...": Oh come on.... I'm a man.... with all the thoughts, feelings, and weaknesses of manhood. You write something like this and it takes me another ten minutes to get back on topic.

Thanks for a great post
Have a niceday, Boonsong

Hart Johnson said...

*giggles* Boonsong, you crack me up. Writing in the bathtub is rather hard on MY marriage, as we only have the one bathroom, but I'm glad to offer inspiration *snort*