Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Author L.E. Harvey

If you've been paying more attention than I usually do, you may have noticed Lauren (aka: LE Harvey) and I had a near miss two weeks ago... I fell down on sending a reminder, and she was away when the reminder finally came, so the blog didn't happen, but we managed to get the horses back in the stall and get it together, so TODAY, you get to meet Lauren! HA!

You can't imagine my delight, when I got her blog material and she's got a cross-dressed author photo in with her stuff. You may not know this, but in a former life, as Lady Tamadriel, I was a woman dressed as a man dressed as a woman... I LIKE my cross-dressers! So WELCOME Lauren!


Author Bio 

L. E. Harvey is an author from Harleysville, PA.  Nationally published for the first time at age fourteen, L. E.'s background is in non-fiction, though she has now ventured into the exciting world of fiction writing.  For more information on L. E. Harvey, her writing and more, please check out her website at www.leharvey.com

Book Description

Unbreakable Hostage is the story of Lareina Oliveira.  Bright and beautiful, Lareina is a stunning Ph. D. student.  One of her classmates is taken with her beauty and he quickly becomes obssessed with her.  Unable to withstand her constant rejections, he loses all control and kidnaps her.  Lareina is held hostage and tortured for days on end while the LAPD, her family and roommate search endlessly for her.  Lareina uses her wit and knowledge of algebra to help lead everyone to her rescue, but will they get to her in time?

Guest Blog:  On Trendy books

     Twilight.  That is a word no longer associated with an actual time of day, but rather a series of books.  We can't think of it as an adjective or a noun.  Now its' all about vampires and warewolves.  I will openly admit that I have not read the books.  Not because I don't like them, simply for the fact that there is an infinite list of books I have yet to read.

     My partner is an avid Twilight fan.  I have seen the movies with her.  They are certainly enjoyable.  They're not good for me as a writer, though.

     I, among countless other writers, pray for the day where at least one of our books will be turned into a movie.  If we're lucky enough, it will be a big hit.  J. K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer are two of the very few and very fortunate scribes who have seen this dream become a reality.  I envy them.  When I watch the movies with my partner, I can't help but dream of seeing my books have big previews on the red carpet.  Not a good idea for someone with an imagination as vivid as mine!  LOL.

     These incredible success stories also add pressure on the writing and publication end of things as well.  We all hope that some big name publishing house will simply eat up our book and give us the press and exposure that Harry Potter or Twilight have had.  We all want to see our books in the large chain stores as well as smaller venues across the globe.  Every writer hopes to create a phenomena.

     So, since Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer, J. K. Rowling and the other select few writers who enjoy fame are so few and far between, what are the rest of us writers to do?  Write.  To become a major blockbuster movie is a rarity.  Even if I never get to see my book go on the silver screen, I'm still creating the best stories I can.  My books may not reach millions of writers, but they will still touch the people who do read them.  Trendy books are great, and they give us something to aim towards when we write.  Readers love them.  Trendy books have a great place, but so do the less trendy books.  So go out and read a fun trendy book, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  Perhaps after that book, you should try picking up a lesser known writer's book.  You might just be pleasantly surprised!


Charmaine Clancy said...

I like the look of Unbreakable Hostage - great concept and cover!

As for Twilight - I've never been trendy in my life (old dorko from the school days), so why start with my writing? If a book of mine was to be made into a movie, well, the only one I have finished is my diary (wouldn't that give my mother some new ammunition!)

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

That's usually the way with a trend--you're surprised when you get hooked, but it's a trend *because* it has a hook!

This looks like an interesting book--thanks for sharing it!

Dawn said...

Great title and cover - I'm adding the book to my TBR pile.

I can appreciate the commercial success of Twilight and after reading the books and watching the movies (I have a teenage stepdaughter) I admit I "study" them for marketability rather than craft.

Hart Johnson said...

I've typically been an anti-trend gal myself--oh, sure--would love to START one, but not follow (Harry Potter notwithstanding. However, with a teenage daughter, I definitely pay more attention, and Dawn, i think you nailed it... Twilight was MARKETING genius. The trouble with marketing genius, is you have to already have a product ready when the trend hits to be able to take advantage.

Thanks for coming by ladies!

Cheeseboy said...

Sounds interesting. Who says that algebra has no real world use?

Talli Roland said...

Great post - thank you both! The book sounds like a great concept, and I love the title. Interesting thoughts on trends. (Sorry for the brevity of the comment - my stoopid computer is taking 30 seconds to type on letter! ARRRGGH!)

LTM said...

Excellent post--and the book sounds awesome! I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one for whom TWILIGHT has a discouraging effect when I write... it's hard to imagine achieving that level of success, but it is the dream, no?

good stuff~

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm in the same position as you, LE - I just want someone to enjoy my book!

Hart Johnson said...

Cheeseboy-Algebra ROCKS! *cough*

Talli--HATE it when that happens!

Leigh-I think those giant successes are such flukes... just getting to 'published' is the current dream!

Alex-you got it--almost there!

B. Miller said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing LE's book. I guess I could be considered a "trend" reader, because I enjoy HP and Stephen King. (HATE Twilight though. BLEH) I think it's all just a matter of being in the right place at the right time... after all, 300,000 books are published in America each YEAR, so just getting published is almost like winning the lottery. Right now I'm not hoping for anything else. I'm fully aware my first novel is nothing but a stepping stone to a better career as a writer. Now if I could just get somebody to bite. ;)

RaShelle said...

Hey Hart - The thing that's so crazy about the Twilight series and even the Harry Potter series is that they weren't trendy at the time. Steph Meyer and J.K. Rowling didn't have agents or a publisher clamoring for their books when they first put them out there. It's one of the things that keeps me going. Any one of us COULD be the next BIG thing - LOL - Yah never know.

Unbreakable Hostage sounds like a great read!!

Ellie said...

Hi Lauren, It is nice to hear your views. Your book looks great and will be added to my long list. I will get to it~ Thanks Hart for introducing us to L.E. I think there is room for all writers, exposure is key~

Hart Johnson said...

B. I tend to like some portion of the teen trends... it is probably just the romance focused ones that irritate me. And I bet somebody will bite on your novel when you're ready--you are making great progress with the shorts!

RaShelle--JK Rowling's story keeps me going too--that something THAT fabulous could take so long to find a publisher. Meyer, I think got published too soon--those books needed several rewrites.

Ellie-totally agree with room for all!