Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Deuce Gets Mooned

I should probably explain 'The Deuce' first. See, I live in a big town fulla GEEKS (of which I am proudly one) and Ann Arbor gets shortened to A2 (A Squared) all the time—it's extremely convenient for things like the corner of envelopes or writing somebody directions. Well the local teens have just ignored the 'A' thing altogether and have focused on the TWO and so Ann Arbor becomes the Deuce.

I know you've heard me talk about reality never coming here before, but SURReality seems to make a show now and again, as it did with whip guy and the chicken people. Well this week we've had a big dose of it.

You may KNOW that Sunday and Monday were this months full moon night—if you were a werewolf, I'm not sure if your third night transforming would have been Saturday or last night, but I am VERY clear about the two... Let me e'splain.

Mental Health Central

I'm going to be a little obtuse here, for the sake of privacy, but one of my daughter's friends had a mental health crisis this week and chose HER to reach out to. She in turn reached out to me and I made a call to the mom who had actually just been pulled in by the teen, so all's well that ends well, but it was a sort of scary event.

What I DO want to share, that I can't emphasize strongly enough, is that while some teens really DO need medication for very REAL mental health issues, the warning about teens and anti-depressants—and suicidal thoughts and tendencies, need to be taken VERY seriously. A teen who needs them is a teen who ALREADY HAS some issues, but no matter HOW STABLE they seem, no matter HOW MUCH things appear to have been improved, they need monitoring, communication, and a support system.

This is NOT her first friend this has happened with. It's REAL. Resort to meds only after behavioral and cognitive things have been tried, and then WATCH CAREFULLY and open up lines of trust.

Nuff said.

Crime Spree

Then, Monday night, my son and his friend come home for dinner at about six, leave their bikes (son actually rides MY bike, as he kept blowing out his Scwinn brakes) in the front yard and come in to eat. Twenty minutes later, my bike is gone. Somebody walked up into our front yard in BROAD FREAKING DAYLIGHT and stole my bike! This is Ann Arbor—things like this don't HAPPEN here!

And worse...

I went downtown around seven o'clock to pick up my daughter who'd been hanging out with friends and on the way home, three houses from home, she points out a 'tussle' of some sort. “What do you think is going on there?”

There is a struggle, a fight of some sort—physical, and it looks like the bigger person is trying to choke the smaller one. My car gets closer, as we have to drive right by, and I stop and yell, “Hey, do you need help over there?”

The pair break apart a little, the woman jerks free, stumbles a little (pretty sure she's high), and the guy says, “It's none of your business.”

I respond, “You can't just assault somebody. I'm calling the police,” as the girl stumbles off down the street.

I get home, call the police, describe what I saw. Hubby, who'd been talking to the neighbor thinks I've called about the bike, “sheesh, no—I called about the ASSAULT IN PROGRESS. I totally FORGOT about the bike.”

So hubby proceeds to do his Gladys Kravtiz thing, walks around talking to neighbors, warning the little old ladies to keep their garages closed (for the bike thief) and asks a couple questions. He found two OTHER people who'd witnessed this assault and CALLED the police, plus a young woman who saw but hadn't been sure what to do. The assault moved down the street a little (in the construction lane of what normally is one of the Deuce's busiest streets- and the police took 30 freaking minutes to arrive—had the been even ten minutes earlier, it still would have been going on.

So I'm ANNOYED at the slow response—that girl could have been raped or dead by the time they got there. I SUSPECT they thought the people would disappear into the woods and be hard to find, but WORRY that it sounded like a domestic dispute and they figured it would work itself out. Hello, NO!

I know there are people who might think a woman on drugs gets what she deserves, but I happen to think people who think that deserve a little time in a jail cell with a big guy named Bubba. Nobody deserves violence. Ever.

So that was OUR little excitement. Anybody else have any full moon stories to report?


Boonsong said...

Nudity, inuendo, violence, depravity - This is the kind of filth that we've come to know and love. Let's have more of it!
Great post. Mrs S says thanks too.

All the best from the Salacious Somboons

Marjorie said...

I agree drug addicts are real people with feelings and families. They need help not disdain. I only wish it wasn't so hard to get it for them. Usually, they just get thrown in jail and treated them like scum because they have a problem. It's pretty sick actually. I mean instead of wasting state and federal money to keep these people in jail why not at least put them into an involuntary rehab and really dry them out and require real counseling and such. You know I'm big on this subject because of my family issues with drugs. It's easy for some people to label someone a loser because they are an addict. The truth is they have NO idea how hard it is to break an addiction. I'd like anyone to ask themselves if the've ever had a hard time giving up their morning cup of coffee. If they have imagine it a million times worse than that. Then multiply by two and they might get the faintest inkling of an idea about addiction.

Oh and then there is the matter of these slow police. Really, the chick could have been killed. Goes to show the chauvinistic attitudes the police still have about domestic violence. *grumbles* *rant over*

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Oh my gosh! What a crazy day! I certainly agree with you about depressed kids getting emotional support before being put onto drugs. Those drugs will do them more damage in the long run. I know that first hand! (not me, my ma).

Well, yeah, got some crazies but prob not good idea to talk about other family members' problems online! Yikes. Some horrible revelations coming out on my end. Hence the TRUST post on Monday! I hope you get your bike back! :o(

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

See, now that you're a crime writer, you're just getting good material thrown at you from every corner!

Hope you find your bike. :)

Ted Cross said...

I don't recall those days at all. Was there a full moon?

Hart Johnson said...

Boonsong--I aim to please!

Marjorie-I am SO WITH you on the drug issue--treatment facilities for addiction and mental health aren't much more expensive to run than prisons, and in many cases reduce future crimes... and I've loved some addicts, so I know where you are coming from *hugs*

Jessica--those reveals happen from time to time, don't they--I am behind on my reading, but will get over and check out Monday's post. Hang in there... and practice the serenity prayer--there is a lot of power in learning when to say 'not my stuff' and step back.

Elizabeth-there's a twist to keep it in perspective!

Ted-maybe ought to look around for some mangled bodies, my friend? Or does your wife know to lock you up?

Jan Morrison said...

Quite a day! I would be so frustrated at the police taking so long but at least the guy knew you weren't going to back down and that might have helped.
I have my own full moon sh*t going on for sure. We got home on Monday night and my sweet patootie and I had a major fight. Two days on the road with 'the family' made me crazed. The step-son has decided that he is tired of me 'picking on him' so will only come out of his room to eat food I've prepared but not with us or get his dad to drive him places. Is this OK? He was fine on the trip because he wanted to go but now he can't be in my presence. I want to throttle him. I do. And I can't say so on my own blog because my dad will read it and fret! So I get to say it on your blog full of violence. So I'm feeling very moony. And by the way I totaly agree about the meds for teens. As a psychotherapist I can't prescribe and I'm glad - there are a frightening amount of kids who WANT to be prescribed meds for some sort of street cred thing. It is a nightmare for sure.

Hart Johnson said...

Jan, I'm sending you hugs! I'm so sorry about the family crap. The step-parenting thing is full of big gaping pits--I know that. My mom remarried when I was 14, so I grew up with it--both having a step dad and seeing my mom be a step mom--without the other parent supporting, the step-parent ends up the bad guy (or has no enforcement credibility)

If it's any consolation, my full fledged daughter would prefer to trade me in half the time.

And next time you come to ONTARIO, TELL ME. Though I do get the chaos of family vacations.

Dawn said...

And to think, my new stepmom was concerned about the symbolism of getting married with a full moon - and that was before the beer ;-)

I do hope you get your bike back!

Old Kitty said...

OH my giddy aunt!! What on earth is happening over at Ann Arbor?!!? Oh good grief! Thank you Naked Tart for stopping that assault on that poor woman - I'm so glad you were there to do something!! My goodness! Well done you!!

I'm so sorry about your bike being stolen. Sometimes some people are just stupid and mean and selfish! I'm truly sorry. :-(

And again - oh thank you for helping your daughter's friend! She came to the right people - you and your family cared and that's a big deal in this world these days!

I hope the full moon madness disappears asap and give you guys a break!! Good grief!

Take care

Hart Johnson said...

Dawn-I don't think I would be worried about symbolism, but knowing ahead of time, I might have worried about fights breaking out. People who work in hospitals and bars know the full moon really does bring out the nuts (or the nuttiness in otherwise sane people)

OK-I wish I could have helped the girl more--dumb police--probably should have sent my husband after the guy, but I didn't see him until I was getting off the phone with the police, so I sort of thought the couple would be gone by then.

And I'm happy to help my daughter's friends, if I can--I'm just glad she trusts ME enough to ask.

Thanks for the luck on the bike guys--I don't have high hopes, but maybe...

Cold As Heaven said...

Living in a geek town sounds great to me. I usually get along very well with those guys >:)

Cold As Heaven

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sometimes I think we are drugging these kids too much.

Helena said...

What a day you had! But it sounds like you did a lot of good. Some friends of mine have to keep their bikes inside because one was stolen from their fenced back yard. And kudos to your hubby for being a Gladys Kravitz and you for being the supermom in a crisis. When the police can't even bother to show up, then we really have to rely on each other.

B. Miller said...

Weirdness begets weirdness, so it doesn't surprise me you're surrounded by it... ;)

(And if you're wondering if I'm calling you weird... yes. Most definitely. It's a compliment.)

Thanks for what you said about taking the mental states of teens seriously. I know I would've done a lot less damage to myself when I was younger if someone had been listening.

Have a fantastic hump day!

(Oh, and is that Daniel Radcliffe?!?!)

Hart Johnson said...

CaH-I really love my geek town most of the time.

Alex-I agree with you. I think instant gratification and parenting aren't very compatible because there is NOT an instant fix for teen issues.

Helena-thank you! I often pick on my husband (usually laughing) for his nosiness, but it really does help to know 'what time it is on the street' (how he puts it when he's pretending he's cool.

B. *snort* yeah, okay... weird is fair enough. I think being a teen is rough no matter how you slice it, but add to it mental health obstacles, peer bullying, identity issues, academic problems or parent problems and it can be so toxic... talk and listen. I try to just say the truth as I know it, and let my kids know I'm not judging, just trying to tweak the rutter a bit so they stay out of dangerous waters.

Yes--Daniel Radcliffe in Equus.

RosieC said...

Man, you've had your hands full, haven't you? Whew.

Love the pic, and happy for his role in Equus. I had trouble dealing with my obsession before he turned 18...

PS--If you have a chance, stop by my blog to pick up an award :)

Ellie said...

A Big Box store I frequent was evacuated. In the optical section of this store. A man(former boyfriend)had taken a woman hostage. Each time someone came to the counter to inquire about something. He stabbed her. This happened for two hours, before the situation was handled and the woman now remains in critical care. I wonder was
the counter high and they couldn't see him stab could this happen?! Sick and twisted seems to be more common as our world deals with issues, natural disasters and etc. I was shocked...

Hart Johnson said...

Rosie-I tend to think of Daniel as sweet rather than hot (the twins and the kid who plays Oliver Wood, more toward the hot thing) but I always embrace butts, and naked is liberating. Will stop over!

Ellie-that is TERRIBLE! How totally horrifying! You gotta wonder how NOBODY could have been up to being a hero. I know in cities people assume it is somebody ELSE'S problem, but people need to be willing to step up.

Lisa said...

Yikes. I think it was pretty calm here, but I know it took me forever to fall asleep.

Lord, I'm dull.

Deb and Barbara said...

Oh my god, Hart, what a day! While shocked, angered, and worried for your pepes, I'm glad things worked out okay. I heard many crazy full moon stories, but thankfully survived unscathed!

Hart Johnson said...

Lisa-dull is GOOD compared to this kind of stuff! Be thankful!

Barbara-thank you! Two days past now, and back to normal Ann Arbor unreality.