Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tart's Guesting PolicyTart's Guesting Policy

Think you may want to be a Guest Tart?

You may have noticed I have guests now and again. If you HAVE noticed, you probably are not going to have any problem qualifying if you'd like to BE a guest. If this is new information... you probably want to read carefully.

Who Is Invited to Guest

1)  If you are a regular reader AND I KNOW IT, meaning you are a follower and comment now and again...


2)  You have an event or milestone coming up (i.e. Book release, short story release, BIG contest, Naked Celebration of any sort, especially if you agree to promote the Naked World Domination movement)

Then I am HAPPY to work out a time for you to guest.

If you are NOT a regular reader, there are several guidelines. [note, if you read regularly and I DON'T know, MAKE SOME NOISE! I am a trusting sort and will believe you unless you are a butt kisser, then I get skeptical—but a little evidence of why you read would convince me] But if you are NOT yet a regular reader, you need to:

a) Read several posts with comments to get a feel for who I am and who likes to hang out with me. You may or may not think this is even where you want to be. I AM a bit wacky.

b) Write in a genre I read (if this is book or short story related)... I just can't get excited about things that are too 'sweet' unless you are already a friend of mine... (I can get excited about most anything if I know the author well enough to like them) I don't normally, though, host romance or erotica EXCEPT for friends (either of those that ALSO have thriller, noir, mystery... okay... just not straight—I just don't buy the concept of a man answering anything all on his own). I don't host religious undertones unless they are about the DANGERS of not thinking for yourself—I don't mean to offend—it just isn't me, and any readers who are into it would have been scared off by my man-butt mania. This probably isn't the place to find children's literature readers (since we're all naked and all).

I am much more interested in dark stuff... Thriller, suspense, mystery, Dystopia, YA on the dark side, Fantasy on the dark side...

If it is an EVENT and I don't know you... better be pretty darned epic. Or YOU better be marginally famous (like in my blogroll or with bestsellers)

c) THINK about what you might have that MY readers might connect with. They are FABULOUS, but they read me because they either WRITE or find me AMUSING. You might connect at a writing level (or with great info for writers), or because you are amusing. Are you? Can you connect on one of those levels? Blogging is an acquired skill—most can do it, but if you haven't committed to your OWN blog and networking (in a way that builds your own readership) chances are you need to take this question very seriously.


If you want to be REVIEWED, PROBABLY you are out of luck. I am just too darned busy. But if you've been a long time follower... if we've established a bond, whether through the blog exchanges, email, facebook... and you are willing to send me a free copy (because I live in poverty), AND I HAVE TIME, I've been known to make exceptions. I will be honest in my evaluation though. My readers wouldn't trust me otherwise.


If you qualify, one way or the other, what I look for in guest authors is:

brief bio and author photo
book blurb and cover art
your blog written for MY readers (not something recycled from elsewhere)--this is why it helps so much to have followed—you already know what they like.

(all sent to me 48 hours (at least) before we go live)

If that all sounds copacetic, then email me at hartjohnson23 (at) gmail (dot) com with 'Guest Blog?' in the header.  It is best if you are scheduling at least a month ahead.  Sometimes I have nearer dates, sometimes I don't.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Don't let her fool you - she's as sweet as a kitten.

Just kidding.

I always make noise here, Tart.
And thanks - my book isn't gritty or dark, so I appreciate your hosting.

Hart Johnson said...

I like Sci Fi, Alex, and you ARE one of my blogger buddies--I just have been getting requests, so I thought I'd post something OFFICIAL to refer to.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Hart Johnson cracks the whip! If I know her, under the school marm get up, she is wearing fishnets and a pink boa.

Old Kitty said...

I for one am an avid and virulent and fanatic supporter of the World Domination Naked Movement.


Take care

Cold As Heaven said...

I think your posts are best when you write them yourself >:)

Cold As Heaven

Hart Johnson said...

CaH--I think there are a lot of readers who feel that way--my guest posts have lower readership UNLESS it is somebody I am really excited about--then I think the enthusiasm carries. Harry Dolan and Elizabeth both had GREAT hit numbers-but Elizabeth is one of us, and I was just so darned excited about Harry.

Erica said...

Hello, new follower here! I would really love to guest blog, or have a guest on my own blog. I think I will begin working through your archives to see if our styles gel. It sounds like they might, I'm in the midst of a dark, gritty, coming of age novel. No title yet, but the working title fluctuates between Once a Wild Child and Rebel in Remission. I write How-To's with a twist as well as posting chunks of my WIP on my blog "A Novel. . .Hypothetically Speaking"

Mark P Sadler said...

Love your blog.. love Robin Cain.. I've seen her with her clothes on.. reviewed her book on my review blog
and I will be a guest blogger for you at your whim. I love getting naked and visit nudist resorts in Florida annually said...

Hey, could I have somebody guest post for my guest post on your blog?? I don't look so good naked. I have a manbutt and all... well, that's about all, actually.

JMims said...

You had me at Man-Butt mania.

Jade C. Jamison said...


Might I just say that I love (I mean LOVE!) your sense of humor!!!

Your writing buddy, Jade