Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Public Enemy #1

You know how you have these fabulous intentions and these detailed plans, and you are SURE you are going to succeed? You have the goods—talent, persistence, STAMINA... But somebody keeps getting in your way? Sound familiar? Well I've SPOTTED HER! I now KNOW who she is! The person who keeps getting in my way with all her wily... erm... wiles... Are you dying to know?

Thank you Mari for your sleuthing! I couldn't have found her without you!

Seriously though, this site Mari found, when SHE was being HER own Public Enemy #1, she came across by plugging 'Nudify' into google (see what a good friend her Public Enemy #1 is of MY Public Enemy #1? It really is quite shocking we haven't conquered the world yet). I love a business with a sense of humor...

In Good Company

Seems a lot of us have been blogging about overwhelmingnesstion... errrr... Too much on our plates... Helena at Becoming Layla joined me in the overwhelmed category...  and Jessica at Alliterative Allomorph did the same...

I have seen great advice to get past it.  Patricia Stoltey gave some very Zen ways to take a short break and then get back to task. Mari gave some good ways to AVOID doing what I should, and Tara reminded us WHY I do what I do.

So I thought maybe the answer was to spread a little writerly love. I found this at Lola's Place:

My Lesson

I managed to get out of my own way and accomplished several of the things on yesterday's lists. Oh sure, there is still PLENTY to do, but when I put my nose to the grindstone, work an hour, reward with a limited break, work an hour, reward... I got two BIGGIES at work out of the way, plus some of the home stuff... And I ate on points! (and there was much rejoicing)

Today (tomorrow, from when I am writing) is my first 'double delivery' of Thing 1 to swimming at 5 am, but I am just going to match her for my exercise mornings—it will give me an extra workout each week, which can hardly hurt.

So I just wanted to thank all you wonderful friends who, from the same boat, managed to encourage me anyway!


Katy Foster-Dugan said...

My first though was (while entering the site and getting ask my age) was who is actually going to click 'No I'm not of legal drinking age.

And my second thought was 'Why the hell did I never think of the word nudify before.' It has a lot of brilliant uses.


"I don't understand why I didn't get the job. I just can’t understand what went wrong."

"I know Bob you were perfect for it, you have all the right qualities. Walk me through the meeting. Did you put all your charity work on your resume?"

"Yeah, people always respond well to my work with Homeless Yachters of America.”

"Did you mention you went to Yale?"

"First thing."

"Did you remember to nudify before you went in?"

"Oh, God I didn’t."

"You were applying to be the coach for the States Champion Naked Volleyball team how could you forget to nudify.”


In looking this over I realized that it is exactly one hundred words and constitutes my first ever drabble however unintentionally. To bad it wouldn't work for this weeks Burrow challenge.

Ted Cross said...

I envy you for getting some work done. I don't even have the excuse of feeling overwhelmed. I think I am just down a bit on the whole publishing industry. I know I need to start writing again, but it is hard. It's like knowing you need to hit the gym but continuing to watch TV instead!

Hart Johnson said...

Katy--FABULOUS Drabble! I love it! And that is the PERFECT 'feel better' when somebody has something go wrong... 'did you remember to nudify?' *snort*

Ted-easy to feel down--it is a frustrating business! I seem to get like that when I am in the midst of querying. Maybe work on an unrelated writing project for a while so you can get back to it fresh.

Dawn said...

Yay for getting work done AND for acknowledging Public Enemy #1. We have similar foes :-)

Cruella Collett said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, the post was hilarious, but the DRABBLE! "Did you remember to nudify?" I LOVE IT!!!

And yes. I live in a permanent love/hate relationship with my googling abilities. I can't live with it, can't live without it.

Oh, well. I'll try not to give myself away...

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

Without a doubt I have always been aware that I was infact Public Enemy #1 and try (operative) to snuf her out. Doesn't always happen but I know when she is creepin and lurkin around so I can at least take a decent swat at her.

Ellie said...

Me, too..I'm my own worst enemy! Love this...great pic by the way! I am envious of your hair; YOU are a beauty~

I need to bad self needs to get off this computer and march her butt up the road! Walking is another goal...lose lbs before holidays begin...

Hart Johnson said...

Dawn-our foes are all in cahoots, methinks!

Mari--DID YOU REMEMEBER TO NUDIFY?! Yes. My new catch phrase. I LOVE IT!

Erica, don't snuff her out!!! That would be tragic! Just find a hot boy toy to tie her up *nods*

Ellie, thank you! My hair is fairly unmanageable, but I like the curl, for the most part (the gray, not so much) Totally with you on losing the pounds befor the holidays!

arlee bird said...

I keep planning to make a daily schedule for everything I do, but so far I haven't made the time for schedule making in my not very scheduled life. But I really need to do this so I can get better with disciplined writing and other things that I need to do.

I need to stop going to blog parties and events. But it's so hard to resist sometimes.

Tossing It Out

Helena said...

You look great! And so healthy and happy. And that makes this grouchy troll feel much better.

Thanks so much for mentioning me! Now go give yourself another reward for getting more done before noon than I do in a week. (I'm not a morning person and it really shows...)

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Isn't that the truth? I think most of us are our own worst enemies!

Congrats on getting some work done but not overdoing it.

Talli Roland said...

You're gorgeous!

This is why I love blogging - because just when we feel overwhelmed, we find out others are feeling the same and giving great advice on how to deal with it!

M.J. Nicholls said...
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M.J. Nicholls said...

An overwhelmed Tart? Is that possible? You are the sort of person who, in one day, could talk down a bridge-jumper, bake a delicious pie for everyone in France, write nine books, and STILL have time to blog!!! You are insane! In a good way! I hope!

ViolaNut said...

I still say it's making lists. Naked, of course. ;-)

Cold As Heaven said...

It's remarkable what you can do on the blogging side, just by using all these gaps when nothing happens; waiting for a computer program to load, compiling computer codes, 10 minutes free before a meeting when you can't get started on anything, and so on ... and to google nudity, that's a nice idea. I've never tried that >:)

Cold As Heaven

Hart Johnson said...

Lee- NO! Don't stop going to blog parties! How much fun would THAT be?

Helena, Thank you! Am pretty happy... mostly healthy... and THANK YOU for telling me to reward myself!

Elizabeth-I shouldn't celebrate too soon--today hasn't been nearly so productive... *sigh*

Talli--it does help to commiserate in company, doesn't it?

Mark *snort* Tarts maybe... not pies. I plead guilty to insanity, though not the vast productivity you are attributing to me.

Leanne- NUDIFY! nudilistify? listinakeding? naklisting? I know there is a word here... we just need to hammer it out...

Deb and Barbara said...

I also want to point out that you also found the time to post the cutest picture ever (I mean the one of you ... here). Well done!

Lisa said...

I love that photo of you!

Sometimes the best way for me to knock things out is to stop planning and just get to the doing. This works for writing as well as cleaning the bathroom. I just have to remember this when I'm wallowing in overwhelmed.

RaShelle said...

You are such a cutie!! I'm always getting in my own damn way. And Nudify??? Eeek. LOL You're doing great!!!

Hart Johnson said...

Barbara-that is one of the few pics I didn't have to scour for... I don't have a ton of them. (thank you!)

Lisa-It's TRUE that just getting started does an awful lot... I've been trying to just pick a couple projects each day and GO!

RaShelleYes, NUDIFY! HA! You're all naked! So there! (oh, I feel Thursday approaching)--thanks!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry, nothing deep here - my first thought was "Hart is cute!"

LTM said...

you are a superstar! And what goes out comes back, right?

And what are all those butts about??? lol! I thought of Pee Wee... Everyone I know has a big butt... :D

Hart Johnson said...

That's okay, Alex. If everybody thought that, life would be beautiful!

Leigh, YES. I have a big butt! *cough* NUDIFY!

Cheeseboy said...

I am going to spread blogger love and nurture your writing by stating that I love your posts and am always interested in what's next.

I'll probably do that tomorrow.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Thanks for the plug for my "take a break" post. Everything you say here applies to me. I don't know how we get ourselves into these deadline and schedule messes. Sigh.


Old Kitty said...

Awww Naked Tart!! What on earth was that nudify site?!!? LOL!!! I had to quickly shut it as I'm at work!! LOL!!!

WELL DONE for accomplishing things on your list!! Good for you! As for the rest, they'll just have to wait their turn. :-)You're in control!!!

Take care