Monday, March 22, 2010

Technical Difficulties

This is a good news bad news thing:

BAD NEWS (I always do bad first... I prefer to get that out of the way and anticipate the good):  I am both under deadline (though it's been met, so technically I'm NOT anymore, but it DID take up my blog time this morning) AND my work computer has a virus, so the five minutes here, five minutes there variety of blog isn't happening either.

GOOD NEWS:  I sent my four cozy chapters to my AGENT today!!!!!  So I am happy dancing about that, even if I'm pouting about my computer issues. 

Hopefully I will be fully back on track tomorrow...


B. Miller said...

BOO virus!! YAY chapters to agent! How awesome! CONGRATS! Thanks for letting us know what's up so we don't worry. :)

Hart, I'm curious as to how you found your agent? Maybe you could use that as some blog fodder soon.

Not Hannah said...

Bleagh...about the technical crap. But YAY about the chapters. So proud of you.

Watery Tart said...

B. and NH: Thanks so much! I will at least have my OWN time for blogging tomorrow. In fact I should have a couple days to get back to my stuff before I hear. (work computer=their responsibility to fix--have another to work on, but lots of work to do)

B. Will definitely add it to my blog list--I don't want to jinx it until I know if it WORKED or not--my contract is only for this cozy gig at this point, so if the editor says yes, then I have an agent for the project. If the editor says no, it was a near miss, BUT even if the editor said no, if the agent thinks it was a strong attempt, I will ask if she's interested in any of my other stuff (though I am currently thinking it ALL needs a rewrite).

Andy Leigh said...

BOO! and YAY!

Since I've had a Mac, viruses have been a thing of the past. Virus free since 2003.

YAY again for the chapters!

TreeX said...

I read this when I first got my Mac and started to DL stuff:
"Do I need virus protection? Short answer: No. Long answer: while this might feel weird for people coming from different environments, soon you'll come to regard viruses as "Bad-things-that-happen-to-other-people": Windows people."

Jan Morrison said...

Yay for sending your chapters. To your agent? You have an agent?????

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Glad you got them sent off okay! Fingers crossed for you.

Computer viruses are the *worst*. Hope yours goes away soon.


Watery Tart said...

I know, I know... if anyone ever lets me pick my OWN darned computer, I will GET a Mac. My husband (helpfully but not) has bought our last two when he knows NOTHING about it. He's TRYING, but I wish he could say "I know you need, why don't YOU go buy..."

Jan--the agent agreement is just for this Cozy audition gig--if I get it,she will be my agent for the series, and THEN, ideally, she will look at some of my other stuff, but I haven't even asked. I feel so fortunate to have ended up with this audition (Elizabeth, you're a super star!) That I want to prove myself before asking for more.

Elizabeth, thanks! Heard back this afternoon--Ellen will be out of town for a few days, but it sounded like will read while she's gone and get back to me late in the week.

The VIRUS is on a work computer--THEIR problem... Just annoying to not be at my work station all day--I run back and forth a lot for things I need, plus am in a 'common room' rather than an office, so can't listen to YouTube or Pandora.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Virus in my office too, and on the server. Luckily, I never got down to saving my files there, so am safe!
And YEAH about sending the chapters off.