Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Reader Appreciation

It’s THURSDAY! You know what that means!

I thought maybe, even though nudity NEEDS no excuse, that we should have a PURPOSE to our party! So I am sending out a big giant THANK YOU to my first readers.

First First Readers

These would be the people who read my stuff back in the day… my Harry Potter homies. Tara was my FIRST first… always a special one… Natasha took that and said “WRITE SOMETHING ORIGINAL!”

Of course that leads to The Burrow---the endless reads and feedback on CONFLUENCE early chapters. I LOVE YOUS GUYS! (that would be the Bronx plural of you).

First ‘Knew me whens’

Erin-you were my first old (well, no older than me—she is a college friend) friend to read. And Mr. Geurtsen—my high school history teacher. It is scary to send something out there to non-writers—people who know you personally.

And my SUPERSTAR friends who are doing reads of LEGACY and my Cozy chapters…

Michelle and Leanne turned around LEGACY with SUPER speed… (I promise to start editing pretty soon). (love having speedreader friends!)

And once again Leanne with the Cozy, along with (soon) Stacy and Elizabeth…


Some readers are great at catching plot holes, or pointing out where you confuse. Some are great at micros stuff (grammar, spelling). Amazing Mari helped point out PACING. Some point out fact inaccuracies (Thanks Michelle for PDX fact checking!).

I am learning (and expect to learn much more soon) the ins and outs of a new genre.

There have been lots more, so sorry I didn't give everyone by name... Just know you are FABULOUS!

So I am toasting the helpful people out there who help make the books we write BETTER! Now lets wrestle in some pudding!!!


Helena Soister said...

It is indeed scary to send your manuscript (like a beloved child) out for critiquing. But what a list of supportive people/readers you have! You really are very lucky. I've got only a few friends and one relative who've read a portion -- not all -- of my stuff, and then I feel like I'm calling in favors. Of course the great friends you have, Tart, have gotta be a reflection of you.

Helena Soister said...

I shoulda said Hart, not Tart. Course Tart sounds cute too.

Watery Tart said...

Helena-I am a-okay with being called Tart! And I AM really lucky; I know that. The writer's group is an ideal situation because then you both get and give feedback, so you don't feel so much like you're imposing. (and honestly, I feel like I've learned almost as much critiquing as GETTING critiques). I strongly recommend finding a group (or even forming one)--find people who write in your genre and do some trading. Definitely worth it!

Sugar said...

I almost couldn't wait for the pudding! And I have not yet got to the point of being able to send things out..but I am almost scared too..Congrats to everyone that has been allowed to read your writing..I bet it is fantastic!

B. Miller said...

It's wonderful of you to recognize your "first" readers! They're so important in our process and they definitely deserve the credit for helping us create our masterpieces.

Cruella Collett said...

Yay pudding! And you're very welcome, Hart-Tart ;)æøå (just testing - I've been having æøå-issues on Facebook, but luckily it isn't spreading...)

Watery Tart said...

Sugar-you'll get there. It helps to sort of identify them in order. My earliest first readers were (and remain) FABULOUS cheerleaders. The encouragement helps you keep going and growing, but you eventually need a more critical read--someone who will tell you the truth....grow some more. THEN you need some professional eyes... that is the stage I think I'm at--I have WONDERFUL readers to tell me the truth, but I need some experienced publishers on the list (why I'm so thrilled to have Elizabeth's help with my cozy chapters---she is on her fourth--two published, one in press, and one (two) in progress, so she has a layer of knowledge my beloved OTHER first readers don't.

B. They really ARE the best, aren't they!

Mari: æøå Hey, I did it too! *splats pudding*

Rayna M. Iyer said...

* glares *
Enough of thanking me on your blog, Tart. I want my name acknowledged in print!!!

Thank you, TT. I am just lucky I happened to be the first to tell you to write something original - it was too glaringly obvious that you should be doing nothing else. And it is because of The Other Prince that I think you would be a great cozy mystery author - in addition to being fabulously creative, you are amazingly disciplined.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

(Elizabeth is now guiltily thinking about her own 1st readers...who *definitely* need some appreciating!) You're sweet to thank everyone, Hart, for reading your WIPs. First readers are great because each one seems to critique differently and we get such good feedback.

Looking forward to your chapters!


Anonymous said...


Was fun to do it. Have finished Confluence too and will get some comments to you soon, although as you've said it is very close to needing a professional eye.


Watery Tart said...

Natasha-no glaring--when CONFLUENCE Finally has a publisher YOU are my dedication.

Elizabeth--somehow I think you don't actually forget to appreciate anybody.

Michelle-I'm so glad you saw the appreciation blog! Looking forward to more feedback and VERY glad you don't think I'm delusional that it's getting there...