Thursday, March 25, 2010

Projectus Interruptus

[Y'all know sometimes on Thursday I go a little insane, yes? You've been warned.]

My first book took quite a while to write. There were several reasons—I was still writing a lot of fan fiction at the time (which gave me feedback at a lot heavier rate) but mostly it's because I think I just didn't really know how to go about it. There were several STUCK periods where I made nearly no progress, then suddenly I would get going again.

My second, third and fourth books though, went MUCH faster, taking six weeks, ten weeks and thirty days, respectively (although that NaNo book had a week of hole fill after that and probably another month of the same will be needed when I get to editing). I guess I thought I'd come to know how to write a darned book.

Conspiracy though, has been plagued by interruptions, some self-inflicted... okay, all self-inflicted... I started it in December and then though “Doh! Have to give CONFLUENCE a polish for Amazon!” After that was done, I went on to fill the NaNo holes, query CONFLUENCE, do a little Beta reading...

When I got back to it, I had lost my train of thought (blast it, anyway!) so while I wrote some more (maybe five more chapters), I never hit my groove, exactly. I decided to give LEGACY its first polish.

Then I glanced at CONSPIRACY for about thirty seconds and ended up with this cozy opportunity...

*sigh *

Lucky Number 5

My whole life 5 has been my favorite number. I like 23 too (my birth date), but of course 2 and 3 add to five, something I had an innate sense of before I knew anything about numerology. CONSPIRACY, is supposed to be my fifth book. Maybe I am pinning too much on it, but it's got that GORGEOUS cover and it is the final, climactic book in my trilogy, so it seems FAIR to put a lot of pressure on it, doesn't it? And isn't it going to be cool to be able to say I wrote a trilogy?


I finished chapter 17 last night. Took me four nights, which is longer than normal, but I know getting back into the swing is that way. Eighteen is from a different PoV and may similarly take some time to get into the character's head, so I am thinking about giving 18 amiss and jumping right on into 19—the story strands won't connect for about four more chapters, so that seems reasonable, to keep the momentum going.


I always have to make a plan. That isn't to say I stick to my plans—that is more hit and miss, but if I don't HAVE a plan, then I NEVER stick to it... if you see what I mean... So my PLAN, is to write the next chapter (thinking it is 19) before I get my cozy feedback from MY AGENT. That will require editing, but hopefully not real rewriting (meaning I hope it is 'maybe try this', and editing feedback rather than, 'holy crap, what were you thinking? Dump this character!) If I have to rethink much, it will throw me off again. If it is a job I can do at my computer, the momentum on CONSPIRACY shouldn't be interrupted too badly.

Once that is turned around, then presumably I will have a little while for the EDITOR to say what works and doesn't, then HOPEFULLY I will get to sign the contract for the cozy series and THAT will become first priority. In my dream world, I will have reached the final climactic sequence (maybe around chapter 25—figuring 3-4 chapters for the action and one or two for the wind down)--because THAT seems an easier place to jump back in after writing...

BUT WAIT! That makes this COZY my 5th book! NOOOOOOOO!~ That's not the plan! Okay, I just need to dig in there and finish this...


*cough* Okay, I am going to treat finishing CONSPIRACY like a NaNo project and just go Balls Out while I wait for feedback, then turn around the cozy edits, then go Balls Out AGAIN, while I wait for that OTHER feedback. I have thirteen chapters to write, and I sure as heck ought to be able to do that in... oh, give it 3 weeks:

My tricksey math to reach that is half a chapter per weekday, full chapter per weekend day.

Say it with me: To HELL with laundry! Bathrooms don't need cleaning! Children can get their own darned lunch!

*Tart aims self at Writing Vortex*

[Book cover designed by Joris Ammerlaan]

It's Thursday, don't forget to get naked!


Jan Morrison said...

Have I ever told you that I love that you use the word 'tricksey'? Have you ever noticed that the golum from LotR is like the house elf who's name eludes me in HP?
The thing with numbers is that it is supposed to aid you and encourage you - so fool around until you get them right and then LET THEM GO - you don't know what order your books will be printed in - their conception is the number to watch and in that way Conspiracy is your fifth, no?

Rayna M. Iyer said...

With an awesome cover like that, Conspiracy has to be your best. Come on Tamster, you can do it!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Oh, this is funny.:) Hurry! Hurry!

The nice thing (maybe) about Berkley and the deadlines is that they're basically telling you when to get stuff done. Otherwise I'd be playing with other book ideas, editing something from years ago, jumping between 2 projects at once: no chance of doing that with deadlines that come up so quickly.

Good luck getting Conspiracy finished--it's good to have something to work on while you wait, anyway!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Watery Tart said...

Jan--Dobby is to NICE elf that helps Harry so much, and Kreacher is the dispicable one, up until his redemption in DH... But yeah, Gollum has a couple words that really appeal to me: Tricksey and Sneaksy are my favorites.



So fifth but the third is only half written (and the 4th was my second book finishes... HEY! I can cook these numbers however I darn well please! Sort of like taxes! *cough*

Natasha, thanks for the encouragement! (that IS a nice cover, isn't it?!)

Elizabeth--yeah... that deadline thing is my rush. I feel like I should be able to do it fine, but it DOESN'T leave a lot of padding for writing other books (I hope I can fit in some EDITING now and again)

Sugar said...

Go! Go! Go! you doll! You can so do it!

Helen Ginger said...

Shoot, I already say that and I'm not writing nearly as much as you!

But I'm cheering you on - Go for it!

Straight From Hel

B. Miller said...

You can do it! I'm in awe of cranking out that many words so fast. I hope to get there someday... right now, though, my full-time day job takes up so much time and energy it's hard to do more than 5-6K words a week... though I try. And try. And try. Keep going, I believe in you! Great post!

Watery Tart said...

Thanks everyone!

B-actually most weeks that is about what I write, too, at least it is all I count on. When the muse hits I can maybe do 1500-2000 a day, but I've got the day job too. The only times I've ever written faster are my NaNo and when LEGACY practically wrote itself.