Monday, April 22, 2013

Squirrels, Song and Smith's Shoes


Squirrels may be very commonplace, but they still make me happy. Michigan squirrels are quite fat. I think it is the 'in case it's a bad winter' thing. Squirrels in places with mostly mild winters don't need to store enough fat to survive a long spell with nothing to eat, but here they are mostly pretty good sized. The Red Fox Squirrels are most common. Like this little fellow here.

Song of Ice and Fire

OH, to be obsessed... SERIOUSLY obsessed. I love when literature mercilessly does this to me. I think about this world and these characters ALL the time... I want to talk to like-minded others about them... I submitted to the more expensive cable for it... Anybody who knows how cheap I am knows this is a very big deal.

The Starks are OF COURSE my favorite, my VERY most favorite being Arya, whose journey is fascinating, terrifying and amazing. But Martin does an amazing job ESPECIALLY of writing PoV characters who are NOT the heroes—of infusing delusion so even as the reader knows it for what it is, it's clear the character doesn't get it. It's some seriously brilliant writing.

I especially love, that on the re-read, I am spotting all this support for favorite theories. There is symbolism, symmetry, foreshadowing... Just freaking AMAZING.

And... ONE WEEK, until my buddy and fellow Burrower Tara (aka: Amber T Smith) Releases 
If the Shoe Fits

The blurb: There’s nothing wrong with Ella Gibson’s life— it just isn’t very exciting, despite being surrounded by lingerie. Working for Cardiff’s top modelling agency should have been glamorous, but most of the time Ella is running around with memos and cups of coffee. It’s a far cry from living the dream, but skirting the edge of her fantasy life is enough.

Then comes the day when her cat starts to talk, claiming to be Ella’s fairy godmother. As if that weren’t crazy enough, the pesky puss becomes a fashion advisor and behavioral expert, too. Add an evil ex-stepmother, a hunk called Charming, plus a looming party-cum-ball, and you have all the elements of a classical fairy tale. There's even a couple of ugly sisters—the fact that they are two gorgeous gay men being neither here nor there.

Ella’s not your typical fairy-tale princess though, and it will take more than a discarded glass slipper to get her man. It’s quite possible she may have to curb her enthusiasm for cursing a wee bit, not to mention her love of vodka. And can Muse, her surprisingly straight-laced feline friend, overcome her prudishness long enough for Ella to sneak a kiss or three with her intended beau?

My Review:
I had the good fortune to be a pre-release reader on this book. This fun twist on the Cinderella tale was just right for my slightly twisted sense of humor. It was laugh-out-loud funny, and I gave it the full five snorts on the laugh-o-meter.

Ella is a common receptionist for a lingerie company with a penchant for swearing and underwear mishaps, but she is good-hearted and easy to like--just ask her sisters--a pair of gay male models who double as her best friends.

Enter Muse... a cat... and a new sort of Furry Godmother... Muse has decided Ella needs a little bit of a makeover if she is ever to catch a suitable match. A manners makeover, in addition to the other sort. The Cat's prudery, the 'sister's' helping on this makeover project... it all is just REALLY fun and hysterically funny.


Old Kitty said...

My cats love squirrels and many a morning is spent with me screaming at them to leave the poor squirrels alone! LOL!! The squirrels in London parks are very very bold - they climb up legs and sit on your lap!! Very sweet!!

Yay for Amber!! Love Muse the cat - prudish and proper feline!! Hope Ella does as she's told cos we all know who rules in the feline-human relationship...!! Take care

Amber T. Smith said...

*squee* Thanks for the shout out, Tami!! Sooooo excited!!! One week!! Gaaaah! :D

And I LOVE Game of Thrones! Arya is one of my favourites, too, though she ties with Tyrion, who is fantastic. Hubby has the same favourite characters... such an awesome series. I still haven't read A Dance with Dragons yet, but I want to start the series again as it's been a while since I read it.

Diana Wilder said...

Hm...something to read, I see. Sounds good!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

That's a real chubby squirrel!

Excited about Tara's book!

Alison DeLuca said...

I love squirrels, and the chubbier the better. In illinois we used to see big fat guys, and Mo was the name of the black squirrel at the school where I taught Spanish. When Mo appeared, the lesson was over.

And If the Shoe Fits - LOVE IT - gorgeous cover, and I simply adore the ugly sisters already. Must have it.

Teresa Coltrin said...

I love squirrels too. I mourn when I see them killed on the road. Poor little things.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Tara!
Sure someone's not overfeeding those squirrels?

Tara Tyler said...

what fun a to z posts!
my fave is rascals! nice choices!

Tara Tyler said...

ps, loooove game of thrones & arya!
i'm afraid to read the next one with all the twists this season coming up!

Jai said...

Arya is my favorite. I love the whole series and have read it repeatedly.

Helena said...

Humor is my weakness, and Amber's book sounds like a hoot so I'll be checking it out.

Sigh - don't know the Song series at all 'cause I just never got into fantasy much. But maybe I'll break down and wade into it someday.

I like squirrels too, but I get pissed at them when they eat the birdseed I put out. So I give the squirrels their own food, but that's never enough for them them because they're such ravenous little beasties.

Rhonda said...

Squirrels only seem commonplace because you see them. I moved to New Zealand 10 years ago, they are not here. My girls still love seeing them when we travel.

Visiting from AtoZ #41

Amber T. Smith said...

Just stopping by again to say thanks to Tami for the promo love on my furry fairy tale! And thanks, too, to everyone for their interest and congrats! Super excited about the release - yay!! :D

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Hart .. love the photos - I can't say I'm a huge fan of grey squirrels - but they are delightful to watch.

Tara's book looks a great deal of fun - it's added to the after A-Z list ..

Good luck to her .. cheers Hilary