Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jackie, Jean & Joel

So instead of writing a blog post last night, I had a cocktail and shortcake with Jackie and Jean. But those are J names... and today is a J day... and our little trio is special. And yes, you may take that multiple ways. But the way I'm going to TELL you about is, THIS is my Couch to Keg team.

Regulars know the story, but I hope you'll forgive me in telling it again.

In September, two of my neighbors and I got to talking about needing some exercise and decided to take it on together. We chose the Couch to 5K program because it seemed manageable (still seems like it ought to be, but never mind), and so we started. (we really need a pic of the 3 of us)

Kevin is ALSO a farm duck. *cough*
And then, on one of our cool down walks, we saw our other neighbor Kevin. Not a single member of Kevin's family has a J in their name. But Kevin is nevertheless, a very friendly guy. He and I often talk microbrews, as we are deep appreciators of good beer.

So when we told Kevin we were the Couch to 5K team, what HE HEARD was Couch to Keg. And heck. Who were we to argue with such impeccable logic. We exercise so that we have room in our diet for a couple cocktails. That is just the honest fact of it.

We never GOT to 5K running, but we are STILL, 8 months later, walking pretty regularly. So this is a good thing. And it is a GREAT thing to have gotten closer to these two fabulous women. I adore them.

And now Joel

Joel is our dog. He got a haircut last Saturday and HOLY COW, since the last time he was low on fluff, I swear he's lost about 8 pounds (which means probably 20% of his weight). He looks so good!

Before:  18 months ago. And the fur is not ALL the extra

After--isn't he svelte?
The really big deal, though, is how much better he feels. We changed his diet last summer after a bout of Pancreatitis to home made:  brown rice, chicken and green beans. He LOVES it. But he's also lost a ton of weight. He now runs more, walks farther, dances around more, and you can really just tell. (We also give him carrots for treats--switched those years ago).  He is, we think, 9 or 10, and he seems MUCH healthier than he has since he was only 3 or 4.


Kyra Lennon said...

LOL, isn't the reason we all exercise so we can eat and drink more bad stuff? Couch to keg - love that!

Christine Murray said...

When I was jogging I left out the keg...I think that was the point where I knew my health kick was doomed.

Joel is so adorable. He looks like a real character.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Doesn't even look like the same dog.
Couch to keg? I guess the rest of that would be couch to keg to floor.

Old Kitty said...

Awww lovely Joel! You are looking svelte and slimline just like your most NAKED Tart and her fab neighbours!! Yay! take care

Journaling Woman said...

Sweet little Joel. He's looking good.


Sylvia Colette Branch said...

It's funny, I started focusing on how pudgy my pup was getting...(completely ignoring my own pudge...) benefited us both :)

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

My parents have a very fat dog. He needs to be put on a diet, but my parents are not healthy people. They like their junk food too much.

Patti said...

Joel looks like a completely different dog... If I had showed up on your doorstep before this, and seen him, I would have thought you had a new puppy... Hahahaha!!!

Now... if only there were a KEG at the end of a 5K... or at the end of the HM or something...

JCS said...

Love this post today, especially the farm duck (I smell a new top search term, ha!) Joel inspires me to eat healthier as he has transformed into such a hunky pup! Oliver is getting jealous of Joel's hot bod! Thanks for the shout out to your couch to keg team too! I couldn't ask for a better couple of walking and drinking pals!

Hart Johnson said...

Thank you so much, gang!

Alex-I suppose if we drank the whole keg, we would, indeed, end up on the floor.

Sylvia-great you could tap that! I wish I was better about it.

Michael-yeah, we were bad until Joel had health trouble--that was our kick in the butt.

yeah, patti-you've EARNED your keg!

YAY, Jackie! no reason for Oliver to be jealous! He's such a cutie.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Yay for Joel and keeping the weight off! He looks so handsome!

Laura said...

hurrah for great friends. I always thought your couch to keg team was about walking to the pub - doh! and that's one handsome dog. Mum and dad's dog is mad for bananna!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Hart, it has been fun playing catch up on here today. Glad that you group is holding together and that you are all having a good time on your walking adventure. Joel looks great!

Kathy M.

ViolaNut said...

Y'know, if you get all the way to 15K, you could do the Utica Boilermaker, 'cause that actually does have free beer at the end (I've done it 4 times), AAAAAAAAAAND there's usually a llama around mile 5 (I kid you not. He comes out from the zoo.).