Sunday, April 8, 2012

Graphics Guru

The three covers for my trilogy, posterized

Anybody who has been around here for a while has heard of my friend Joris, who does AMAZING graphic work for me. 

He and I met in 2005 on Harry Potter discussion boards (HPANA) and he was, at the time, in the Dutch equivalent of high school, so I have watched him grow from a cheeky know-it-all to a fabulous young man. He's currently working on a master's degree in history, but on the side, for the University, has worked formally with a design department making posters for various university events, and he's done... I believe 5 book covers for me, along with a few blogfest posters and buttons.

Additionally, he did the GORGEOUS cover for Marian Youngblood's book, Shasta: Critical Mass.  I mean look at that!

So anyway, Joris is now OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  He created a homepage/blog this weekend that has links to his work, so I strongly recommend, if you have a need for a poster, book cover, etc. that you give him a look and see if he might be able to meet your needs.

Joris Ammerlaan

And Joris, best of luck to you with this venture!


  1. Thank you, Tami!! I wonder though, was this always planned for the G, or did you do some last minute rearranging? ;)

  2. Joris - I'm already a fan and this has cinched it. What a good post Tartlette! And my anxious ocd soul is happy you're back on track...ha.
    It is SNOWING HERE! A blinking blizzard. Tomorrow I'm going to Florida even if I have to snowshoe to the airport...

  3. Good to see you're promoting a friend. You're right, these are god covers. I hope he does well.

  4. Really great work.
    Nice of you to pass it along.

  5. We love Joris already!! His artwork is most NAKED and lovely! yay! Take care

  6. Joris-honestly, I was at a loss for G, so you saved me! teehee. I had almost decided on gingers, but there is still R for that. You know me. I never plan that far ahead. And when I do, I always change plans, so it was wasted time to have planned... erm. Other than book writing, I mean.

  7. WOW! I'm impressed! does he do illustrations for books as well? Fantastic! and I'll definitely check him out!

  8. Good luck Joris - beautiful work!

  9. Thank you all for all the kind words! I really hope I'll be able to make this into something.

    It's funny, we were just talking in the car about my doing book illustrations as well. So far I've mostly made posters and covers, also because I'm not very confident yet drawing human figures in different poses. But I would certainly be willing to give it a shot :)

  10. Awesome, I just bookmarked his page. I'm a graphic and website designer too and I always love being able to connect with fellow designers. We are a tight knit community just like the writing community.

  11. Love that work! I have always wished I had graphic design skills...


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