Wednesday, December 28, 2011

World-End Fitness Plan 2012

Is there a POINT in getting fit for the world to end? Wait... I don't believe in that... And REALLY, if there is that black hole axis tilt matter Roland blogged about (which I found totally fascinating, you should go check it out), then in fact being fit might be highly beneficial to survival... I mean we wouldn't want to be too thin—need the fat stores to survive in the scarcity mode, right? But strong is good. Flexibility adds to resistance to injury...

Every year I intend to get fit, but this year I have something going for me. It's an even year. Why does that matter? I don't know, don't ask me. But it does. I think every successful weight loss I've ever had... like approaching goal, successful, has been in an even year.

Now writing is a pretty big obstacle with this fitness thing. At least for fitting it in with day job and family life. I can be pretty darned obsessive, but it seems I only have time for one obsession in my life at a time, and for the last six years now, writing has been it. The influence of that on my butt has been disheartening.

Back to Weight Watchers

In spite of the need to not be THIN, it is also important to not be FAT... you know... for the speed in the case of the Zombie Apocalypse, but also, I have a BOOK coming out this year! If it is to be my only one before the world ends, I need to look GOOD!

I can do this if I... you know... DO this... it is a mind set thing for me. My online membership lasts until January 15, I think, and work has a real time group starting up, which I may join instead. I will decide by the first. I may need the accountability of it.

But I also know I fell apart this last time the week before Thanksgiving. I hadn't been using the diary, but I'd been following points until I was suddenly thrust into holiday mode. And NOW? The next food holiday isn't until the 4th of July, when one of the featured foods is watermelon. I think I can manage that one. Oh, sure...there are margaritas for El Cinco de Mayo, and Valentine's Day might involve some chocolate. But really, those are single day events and manageable. It is the November/December holiday stretch that is so hard.

So I can do this.

Counch to Keg

We've done a brief hiatus, it seems... but very brief. Really this has been a great exercise plan. I love exercising with a friend. We just need to get back to the RUNNING part. We've been mostly walking since the heavy coat season started. I will continue this exercise effort though. It really is something that has never disappeared and having friends to do it with helps.

The Bigger Obstacle

Flexibility and strength... you see, the problem with these is they require me to be stillish... and when I am STILL (or even stillish) what I want to be doing is WRITING. But I know as I age, these are the things that keep my balance, so I don't FALL (and falls in the agerly, are bad, yeh?) and support my bones so they don't break (see: falls). Besides that, more muscle means higher resting calorie burn which means I can EAT MORE (which is really the goal of all this, right? *shifty*). Seriously, though—this stuff counts more and more, but I just hate it. The only way to fit it in is to schedule it. And I think the best PLACE to schedule it is between dinner and heading out for couch to keg... that is about 20 minutes, five days a week, and if I alternate strengthening with stretching...

I just need to remind myself this is NOT cram in the blog or facebook session time. I mean, YES, double check we are on for exercise, but it is the perfect time slot. I CAN'T really get into some other project here. Perfect, right? So there it goes, shoved right into my schedule.

Any of you have fitness plans? Give a shout if you want to set up a little mutual support!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You CAN do it!
And what if the world doesn't end and it's a zombie apocalypse instead? Remember what they said in Zombieland - rule number one is cardio!
And that picture of the woman is freaking me out.

Melissa Bradley said...

I've got to get strong and fit myself. I do not want to be zombie snacks. But also I really do need to be healthy, I want to look good as an old lady, not some broke down woman.

Stacy Gail said...

Yeah, I'm with Alex on this one -- that pretzel chick is a technicolor nightmare. O_o

I'm getting back to the low-carb thing in the New Year, so I'll be right there in the trenches with you! Luckily my day job is of the athletic variety, so I get plenty of stretching/cardio without being fully conscious of it (greatest way to work out, ne? :P)

I'm like you -- the November-December food binge gets me every time. God save me from those tempting Hershey's kisses wrapped in festively colored foil. (they taste better when they're wrapped in red and green, you know)

Laura said...

I have zipping up the trousers issues after the whole festive-munchy-mode. My plans have gone as far as checking that there IS still an exercise bike under the mountains of clothes in the corner of my bedroom... but I'm still not so sure about using the thing :)

Michael Offutt, Supra-Genius said...

Okay you sold me. I'm ready to sign up for weight watchers.

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

I hope that woman isn't a relative :)

Love the word "agerly." -- much better than elderly.

I've been getting fit with the goal of my grandson's wedding before my eyes. I don't want to look matronly (or risk getting hurt on the dance floor). I have lost 32 sitting pounds and at my age that's cause to celebrate.

I know that Hart the Tart can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. Go Hart!!!

Tonja said...

I think the calendar is ending, not necessarily the world.

My plan is to do 20 minutes of cardio a day and eat more healthy food. I want to lose 2 pounds a month over the next year - very doable. Just small changes.

Old Kitty said...

The zombie apocalypse can wait a while longer.

And yay for more NAKED goals! You can do this - yes you can!

I love that bendy woman! And she does it with a smile! Yes, that is not a grimace, it is a beautiful smile!

Take care

Catherine Stine said...

It's more pushups and other hard-core exercises for me too. I was okay at Christmas, but I put on 1 1/2 pounds from too much turkey at Thanksgiving. Determined to shed it asap!
Good luck with your fitness quest.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I like your plan!

My plan involves trying to remember to walk the dog. And, since I write in my head as I walk, not to talk to myself while I do it! :)

Matt Conlon said...

You can do it!

...I NEED to do it. I've had so much garbage over the last few weeks, I'm actually craving things like salad...

Clarissa Draper said...

That's my plan. I want to lose weight right before I die. Just remember, change underwear daily to avoid further embarrASSment. Have a happy week and see you in 2012.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

our fitness is actually pretty good. We do cardio 4x a week on our treadmills and we take up racquetball in the winter. Though i have decided to dig deeper into my treadmill programs to see if i can manually program it for a Couch to 5k thing.
I know you've had good luck with weight watchers. Has it always been the online version? Or was it the actual meetings? Because it's a pain that you can't figure out how much it will cost unless you go to a meeting. Does that make sense?

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

DAH!!!! i NEED to lose weight! the first, the first. if i have a set date to focus on it, i do better!
but i'm like you, i get obsessive about projects and it's difficult to find time to obsess about other projects while the focus is there. ohman, ohman... i need to organize out a plan!