Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zipping It

[Note:  all images are Google images and nobody I know]

Halo fine peoples! Today, in addition to being probably my favorite holiday, is also a WRAP for a couple things.


I technically won here, but I have some hesitation saying so because while I blogged every day (the rules) October was a crazy BLUR and I didn't get around to nearly as many other bloggers as I should have. I had a fair amount of growth in October (follower-wise, I mean), but I think most of that was do to the Blogger Crusade and Guesting stuff... I am behind with the blog tag tit-for-tat thing, and I have some making up to do.

So if you dropped in HERE for the first time in October, and I MISSED IT somehow, PLEASE give a shout. It's my intent to follow back followers and to comment back on commenters... and when things are regular, to get people into my blog roll.

Editing Marathon

I have managed to SUCCEED getting LEGACY edited for this particular draft. I have a fair amount of writing and editing to do in the NEXT draft but I have a very detail list of what needs to go in WHERE—a full plan for how to get it REALLY DONE. So I am pleased there. I will do THAT in December.

The Cozy: all my changes from peer readers are in (and there was much rejoicing), and I have read out loud 250+ pages of it. While I have 50 more pages to read and all the CHANGES from the read left to put in, I think this was pretty darned good work. So feeling good there, too... Though it means today is still SWAMPED.

What that means? Today's blog is SHORT! Just a couple little monsters to share.

I WISH I'd been carrying my camera Friday. I went to the library to return a couple DVDs and they were having a pre-school Halloween parade-- dozens of tiny people in costume. They seemed to be mostly animals and bugs (there might have been a 'no scary costume' rule—I was surprised though at the lack of Disney or Superhero characters. But the BEST? An ARMADILLO!

Everyone have a fabulous Halloween!!!


Colene Murphy said...

Congrats on finishing October strong with these cute little monster pictures! ha!

TreeX said...

I've made it a personal rule I'm always carrying a camera -- I missed a red rainbow once which I really hated missing... (sunset+rain+sun=fiery, red, hellish rainbow on dark foreboding sky tinged with fire)

Good luck on the editing thing ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

We made it through NaBlo! Glad you gathered some new followers and potential naked minions.

Mary said...

Looks like you've got a lot of work ahead. No time to get into mischief? :)

Happy Halloween.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

There's always time to get into mischief. It's getting out of it that's a pain!

Cold As Heaven said...

Great. You made it. I'll try to post every day in November instead >:)

Happy Halloween and good luck with your editing (with or without clothes on)

Cold As Heaven

Old Kitty said...

Yay!!!! You did it!! You blogged for the whole month of October!! And even got NAKED!! Woo-hoo!!!!

Well done you!!!! Are your sure these little cherubs aren't yours?!?!? The fab monster adult in the last pic looks suspciously Tart-y!!! LOL!!

Awwww!! Yay!!!!!! Good luck with your revisions and edits!! Take care

Donna Hole said...

Wonderful accomplishment. I'm so bad about blogging, and even commenting lately.

Nice wrap up of the month. Good luck with November.


Hart Johnson said...

Thank you so much everyone! I promise to try to get back to commenting a little tomorrow when I take my couple writing breaks... I really appreciate all the congrats and karma!

*smooches all around!*

Rayna M. Iyer said...

An armadillo??? Now that would be something.

Erin said...

I love how you said nothing about the impending doom that is tomorrow.