Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tart Twins

As an only child, it may shock you, but I keep discovering twins... Oh, I hear you Poo Pooing me... twins are sets of TWO after all, and how could I keep accumulating more, but they are each twins in different ways, so today I though I'd honor them...

Tam & Tam

My first twin was a name twin. We met when we were all of about four... that is... those are the first interactions I remember—you see, our moms know each other. And were are not only both Tams but when we met, Tammy Anns... (I rebelled and changed my first name spelling for first grade). We sort of knew each other all the way through and friendly, but we ran in different circles, had different classes... so until we got to high school, we didn't hang out much.

In high school though, we had biology together and sat together... and at a time my OTHER friends went through frequent rounds of bitchiness, it was really NICE to have somebody fresh to hang out with... and by fresh, I mean... like me. Man, we had fun. We had the freedom to be a little ridiculous in ways I know I really couldn't with my other friends, and we laughed A LOT.

Tam & Toiya

My next twin I met the first day I moved into my freshman dorm... I arrived the first day of move-in and my roommate not until the second, and so I sat with my door open to meet the other girls on my floor and the first two to pop in were Geri and Toiya... and Toiya had the unusual distinction of being AS TALL AS ME! (that is rare to this day, but in my home town it was pretty unheard of)--especially not among hip, fun women. It didn't take long for Toiya and I to begin introducing ourselves as twins. People's expressions were half the fun, as you can probably SEE why we usually surprised them a little with the news... We sure had fun though.

Leslie and her Evil Twin (can you see the Tart influence?)

This one began in an online writing forum where Jason [the third Burrower in this story)--Leslie and I were already friends, but didn't know each other well—but I digress..]. Anyway, Jason said he liked blondes with glasses. And I said (being me), “Say... I'm a blonde with glasses...” And then I clarified about NOT actually being blonde anymore, having the uncolor hair between blonde, brown and red, and that it was rather fluffy... but I identified blonde, from when I was a kid.

Leslie chimed in that she ALSO had fluffy uncolor hair and glasses, and added, “don't tell me you're six foot, too...”

DOH! I'm 5'11”! Leslie and are are indistinguishable!

My Thursday Twin

Natasha, who most of you know as Rayna, and I discovered our twinhood rather slowly. We met discussing Harry Potter theory, writing... and what Natasha and I share largely is PERCEPTION. I've never met someone who looked at things so closely to the way I look at things... who, given the same information, makes the same attributions and comes to the same conclusions... it was only later we learned we were both born on the 4th Thursday in June.

It continues to amaze me how two people who externally seem so different, can look at the world so similarly... Natasha also holds the distinction of being the first person, once I'd come out as a fan fiction writer, to say I needed to write a REAL book, and she invited me to my spot in the Burrow.

Silly Simon

My most recent twin is a man. You heard me. I have a MAN-Twin... That makes him a MAN-TART. (I think he embraces that) Simon seems to share my sassy, devil-may-care approach to... you know... stuff... it just seems what I say, he agrees with and what he says I agree with, and we both are... sort of out there...

Now this list is not to limit all the fabulous like minds and kinship feelings I have for MANY more of you... There are dozens of people I feel particularly close too, and far more than THAT that I really enjoy interacting with often... this is just the set who have some deep way they are REALLY LIKE ME... Twin material...


Old Kitty said...

Awwww such wonderful diverse and lovely and gorgeous and naughty twins!!!! Yay! I think we all need our twins in our lives really and truly.

My twin is the complete opposite of me - male, 6ft 2 and fabulously gay! Me I'm 5ft 1, female and erm... boringly straight. LOL! Oh but we have such a connection - it's mad! Take care

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Man-Tart. Simon has a new nick-name!

Mary said...

In your true fashion, these are definitely some "rare twin sets." Glad Rayna nudged you onward.

Ellen aka Ella said...

I love it when souls connect; I have met a few, that just seem to know your thoughts or say similar things or share the mind's eye view!

Fun post; Man-Tart, really cute!

I love the fun vibrant photos! Leslie or Tart is
standing in front of my closet...seriously!

Wow, Model Chick, you are tall; I'm so jealous!
I live in "The Land Of The Giants", my best friend in school was 5'11; I'm 5'1. My husband is 6'4, my son 6'2 and my daughter is still growing...

erica and christy said...

This sounds so fun! It's important to have support - and all the better if it's from a twin! I'm 5'10 and was born on the fourth Wednesday of June - so close!!

Marieke said...

Great post! Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful twins! :)

Ezmirelda said...

It's funny because I saw someone that kind of looked like me last Friday, haha :) but she was a lot taller than I was.

Hart Johnson said...

Jenny-that sounds like a perfect twin! too funny!

Alex-I've called him Man-Tart before. I think he likes it *snort*

Mary-Thank you! Yes, I owe Rayna a lot for that push!

Ellie-your closet? Wonder how she did that!? Most of my high school friends were pretty medium height-wise, but there were a couple shorties... Hubby isn't as unusually tall as I am, but he IS taller than me. Son will be the giant. He is 5'8" at age 11.

Erica-seriously? What DAY? I am the 23rd Natasha the 24th. (and Jason--another burrower is the 22nd)

Marieke-thank you! I love them!

Ezmirelda-it is funny to find those look-alikes, isn't it? I haven't found many... may be why I collect them!

Jemi Fraser said...

Love your twins! All terrific people :)

Karen said...

I have twin boys - that's the best I can do!

Talli Roland said...

Man Tart! haha! Look at you and your lovely twins. You're lucky to have found people you can relate to.

Missed Periods said...

This reminds me of that one episode of Seinfeld when Jerry fell in love with Janeane Garofalo because she was just like him. He realized that all this time he had been looking for himself.

Kassy with a K said...

Yay twins! I'm a twin of a girl who collects twins like you do. :) I was her FIRST twin though (starting in 6th grade), and throughout high school we used to try to convince people we were truly twins, which we managed to do on occasion despite looking absolutely nothing alike. Good times.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

And not an evil twin among them! You're lucky to find so many friends like you. :)

erica and christy said...

Hart - I was born on Wed., June 25. And my mom's a twin, so I have that (well, not my twin - she has her own real one :)

Simon C. Larter said...

W00T! I'M A MAN-TART! Yes, you *have* called me that before. I'm fine with it. It makes me sound kinda...edible? *grins*

But seriously, who *wouldn't* heart a gal who espouses nudity at every opportunity, who appreciates a good IPA, who revels in the sublimity of silliness, and who lobs scimitars at passersby, thereby providing bases for systems of government (Help! Help! I'm being repressed!)?

Also, no lie, and apropos of Toiya, I was once unofficially adopted by a 5'2" black grandmother, when I was a strapping lad of 21 and working room service with her at the local Hilton. She'd leave messages on my machine saying, "Simon. It's yo maw. I need a ride to work tomorrow." And things like that. We'd drink together at ghetto bars in Camden, where she lived. It was awesome.

And Elizabeth? I *am* the evil twin. I even have the smiley to prove it. >:)

P.S. I'm the short twin. It explains my attitude. #NapoleonComplex

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Wow, Tami, you do collect Twins, don't you? I have only one, but she is so wonderful, I do not want any more.

And yes, I too am amazed at how two people who are superficially as different as the two of us, can react in such similar way. Maybe some of it has to do with the relationships we each shared with our mothers and our mother's mothers.

Simon - you have to fight me for the right to be the short twin. I am 5"3' if I streeetcccchhhhhh

Simon C. Larter said...

*reaches for switchblade*

*remembers he's got an extra inch or so on Rayna*

*reconsiders fighting*

*decides to go drinking instead*


Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

Yay for twins! I really enjoy being a twin, but we're always finding people that are our "long lost triplet"

Cold As Heaven said...

I like the evil one. A little bit of evil is nice, provided it's good at heart >:)

Cold As Heaven