Thursday, October 7, 2010


(financial flattening and flamingos)

I don't talk about this much. Only a few of my closest peeps have heard me grumble in any detail about money, but we've lived on the precarious wire above not quite making it on the one side and really not making it on the other for most of our married lives. I have a good job, but hubby, between mental health issues and lack of training has had a lot of trouble holding anything. Two years ago, in 2008, he was laid off and we committed to him going to school to learn an employable skill (YAY!)

But our precarious position became that much harder. Then last year, the University had a wage freeze, so I didn't get my measly 3% increase that has NEVER matched the cost of living increase.

A lifetime of decent credit made 'getting by' work for a while, but I have to admit, the prospect of my first advance check seemed like a dreamy answer to at least some small portion of my financial questions. But I got this deal in JUNE. The contract was signed in August (already snails pace).

FINALLY, last night, the advance check came (I drove downtown to deposit it same night). The scary thing is it was BARELY in time. I have been mondo stressed over this.  Man, am I looking forward to paying all my bills right when I get them for a couple months!

Fictional Paths

I also have some groundwork to lay for being a PUBLISHED author. I need to pay for my web domain (and figure out how to make a website), I need to buy the tax software so this doesn't end up COSTING as much as I MAKE on it (because I understand the deductions are pretty darned important for making the money go further—like even deducting the little corner of my basement that holds my computer and provides such scary inspiration... too bad I can't deduct the bathtub... darned those other people who use it!

Facing Fears

So I did something that is possibly reckless yesterday. I entered the contest to guest blog for Nathan. You know, THE Nathan... well other than THE THE Nathan (whose butt is pictured here)... but the literary Nathan. I probably won't get it and nothing will come of it, but I have great fear of being a wannabe. I really HATE the kiss-ass, “MEEEEEEE” thing that sometimes goes on among his commenters (not all--most seem normal, but there are some regular irritants in there). But still, I felt compelled. I think it is because I want to be like my long-lost twin Simon who earned Nathan recognition and a bizillion followers (not that I admit to being after followers EXACTLY, but I do wanna be like Simon...)

Anyway... if it gets posted THERE, I will send you. If it DOESN'T, I will eventually post it HERE...


Missed Periods said...

That is one cute butt!

Now that that's out of my system: Yeah on the advance and good luck with the guest blogging gig. Keep us posted. (Pun intended.)

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Yipee on getting the cheque.

When do I get to see your cozy. Having devoured almost a dozen cozies in the last two months, I am starting to think of myself as a cozy expert.

Charmaine Clancy said...

Good luck with the Nathan thing... sorry keep getting distracted by that butt - how is that actress keeping eye contact? Where was I? Oh yeah - and big congrats on the cheque thing!

Ketutar said...

I agree with Charmaine. All of it :-D
You should really stop posting this distracting things in your blog :-D

Simon C. Larter said...

Hee! Thanks for the link, good lady. And I totally hear you about the ass-kissery over on Nathan's site. I might have an account in the forums, but honestly, I just can't be arsed hanging out and taking part in the discussions. I'd rather be writing (or, um, tweeting).

Way I see it, no amount of sucking up in the forums or in the comment section will help grab Nathan's attention. But a well written story and kick-ass query will. So...guess what I'd rather put my energy into?

But good luck with the guest postage! I hope you get the spot. I'd even comment! ;)

(And congrats on the advance arrival! I feel ya on teh money thing. Whoo!)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hope you get the guest post gig with Nathan!

KarenG said...

So glad you finally got your advance check! Not to mention how cool does it feel to get. money. for. writing. I love when that happens. It's validation for all the hard work. I stay away from celebrity blogger/agents but good luck with your efforts. If you blog over there, I'll definitely read it. Yours, not any of the other stuff.

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on the check and I'll keep my fingers crossed while sending positive thoughts for the gig on Nathan's blog. Nice photo (the flamingos of course).

Thoughts in Progress

Old Kitty said...

GOOD LUCK with the The Nathan contest!!!! I have everything crossed for you!!! Good luck too with laying the foundations for being a published author! All the best!!! Take care

Hart Johnson said...

YAY! Thanks all for the Luck, co-celebrating, and butt appreciations!

Natasha-SOON! (hopefully Friday--only 50 more pages)

Simon--EXACTLY! And brown nosing isn't really ME anyway--it makes the nakedness look ridiculous, even if I DID think it would work.

Seriously--thanks to ALL of you!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I'm thinking the fellow doesn't even read his comments...I dunno, maybe sometimes he does because he'll make reference to something in them. But that might be because an intern pointed out something in the comments.

Glad you got the check! Good luck on the blog thingy.

Jennee said...

Ugh, money. I know what you mean, I've been just getting by since well, I started working. Good luck with the Nathan contest too!

Carol Kilgore said...

HUGE congrats on the $$$ and fingers crossed for Nathan to recognize greatness in your words. Love flamingos :)

Cold As Heaven said...

I hope you get your stuff published,and that your books sell like ice cream in Hell >:)

Cold As Heaven

Hart Johnson said...

Elizabeth--good call--I bet it IS interns weeding through those! Man, if I were an intern, I'd make so much fun of people *shifty*

Thanks, Jennee and Carol!

Hart Johnson said...

CaH-Ha! You snuck in there while I was being indecisive! Thanks for the karma! Ice cream in hell is a good thing!

Aleta said...

Yay for the check coming in and in the nick of time.

Ok, I had to laugh when I saw the butt picture - nice! Looking forward to reading what you submitted for his blog :)

Talli Roland said...

Love love LOVE that butt!Or arse, as I've been told to say on this side of the pond. I know what you mean about ££. I struggle a lot with our situation too. Getting my first royalties cheque was an amazing feeling. Savour it! And good luck with Nathan's contest!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

**HUGS** Hart, my heart goes out to you. Times have been hard, indeed. I'm happy for you and your adventures in your authorship. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

You may not feel it or realize it, but you're a strong, good woman. I'm proud of you for being the lady you are--that's what your hubby needs.

Take care of yourself and good luck on your Nathan thing.

Holly Ruggiero said...

I pray things get better soon. Everyone I know is in a similar boat.

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Carolyn Abiad said...

Good luck on the Nathan post! All fingers are crossed for you here. :)

Clarissa Draper said...

Sorry, you lost me at... Whose fine bum is that!? Entering into contest (*sigh as I look at bum*), that's great (*sigh as I look at bum again*) I hope it goes well for you... (*sigh as I look at bum again*).

Have a great bum! Ahem, I meant day.


LTM said...

woo! Advance check--ROCK ON!!! And woo--Nathan's butt. Very nice... ;p

good luck--I hope to see YOU on NB's blog soon~ <3 (and if not, I have my doubts about him... ;o)

Hart Johnson said...

Oh yes... a little Nathan ARSE can be quite distracting... I get it. I suggest you all inoculate yourselves by looking every day... Because I'm your Tart, and it is my job to look out for you that way *snort*

*hugs back to Elizabeth* Mr. Tart and I need EACH OTHER. My own failings are of a different sort, but we are very complimentary... I'd be a neglectful, free-form parent with delinquent children without him.

Holly--I will definitely take you up on advice there! LOVE a free resource! And I definitely do better with somebody who KNOWS something to field questions.

Clarissa--that was Nathan Fillion before he got the Castle gig! It is from Firefly, which you can still watch on Hulu, I think.

Thank you so much for the luck, everyone!
*loves blog readers*

Clarissa Draper said...

I love Castle! My husband loves Firefly and has all 1 season.


Hart Johnson said...

I could pretty much watch Nathan Fillion fold socks and be happy, though the 'writer solves mystery' of Castle is a bonus. And Firefly had the butt thing... teehee

RaShelle said...

Hart - Yay!!! on getting the advance check. Happy, happy day. $$$ - Ugh, I hate it even when I think I have it (and that happened once for like 5 minutes). Hope you get the Nathan gig! You know I'll be over to support you!!! =D

Anonymous said...

The best of luck to you!

Very nice pic, but it threw me off. I had to reread the post to remember what it was about.

Deb and Barbara said...

It's all fear, isn't it? Fear of financial ruin, fear of failure, and fear of not getting the recognition you deserve. It grinds through all of us (certainly at one point or another).

You are a great example of fearlessness, to keep going where you need to go despite the conundrums and complications. Good luck with all!!!

Helena said...

Sorry for the lateness of my comment -- being a day late and a dollar short is the story of my life.

I really sympathize with your job/money situation. I know what it's like to be flat-out broke (hope that experience stays in the past), be unemployed, and just plain go through financial hell -- and I don't have the family that you support, which makes you phenomenal. CONGRATS! on your well-earned advance. May wealth and success soon shower down upon you and your loved ones.

Robin Cain said...

It's seldom when something on the multitude of blogs I read moves me enough so I just HAVE to comment, but your reference to the "ass kiss MEEEEE thing" on "the" Nathan's site made me laugh out loud. Thanks for saying it like it is AND making me chuckle.

Nick said...

University wage free? Tell me about it. We haven't had a raise in years. But everyone's in the same (sinking?) boat, huh?