Friday, January 15, 2010

This & That

My writing mojo has returned, and that’s a good thing. In the last two nights I finished chapters 7 and 8 of CONSPIRACY, so I am officially ¾ of the way through the trilogy (both chapters had sat half done since about Christmas when I decided to get my NaNo and CONFLUENCE off my plate… Bad idea to edit a different work mid-book… won’t do that again unless I am under deadline. It REALLY threw me off.

I’ve written some silly stuff in between… Ondway is going well, and I’ve got some fan fic stuff written (that is what I do when my WiP Muse refuses to show her face, because it is easier to slide into for me… gotta write no matter what, eh?)

But my Blogging Muse seems to have vanished since the return of Xavier, so since I can’t think of anything entertaining to say MYSELF, I am going to share with you a few great things I’VE READ this week.

A Blog that tickled me

I love someone who calls it as he sees it. The Rejectionist is just such a guy... I find it so reassuring that all the rest of the queriers out there are nutters.

Blogs that goosed me

Jan and I became friends because she’s a fellow Tart. I noticed her blog title (Tartitude) and we struck up a conversation… turns out we have a fair bit in common. Also turns out SHE CAN WRITE! This amusing little story is a parody romance featuring Sarah Palin and Nathan Bransford (I kid you not *snort*) She wrote it a while ago, but I just discovered it this week.

My friend the Beer Wench went to an adult trade show (she writes erotica, so I think she is writing it off)—there are some hysterical pictures, my favorite being the bucking penis ride (BUWAHAHAHAHA!).

Edie is the literary agent I am pursuing by sending a gigalo name Raoul every Thursday. She is still not responding, but one day she will be mine. It’s darned hard to get representation though. Here’s why.

Blogs that just made me think, so I thank the authors

Jan (different Jan… what do you know… if you want to write blogs that appeal to me, one option is changing your name…) is going through the Buddhist paramitas this week and relating them to writing. I’m not much on ‘inspirational’—most of it rubs me the wrong way, but I LOVE this stuff. Buddhism is so much gentler in their life prescriptions, and the recommendations really make sense, and Jan applying them to writing is right on.

Natasha is my Thursday Twin and my first friend to REALLY encourage me to write… like write for real. She is so often encouraging me, that I sometimes forget she is also just getting started with all this writing stuff. This is a blog you should FOLLOW, because at least once a week, she gives me something to really think about—most often what I take for granted, living in the US like I do. Reality in India is different. This week it was this post, but there are a couple EVERY week.

And then this one from Blood Red Pencil got me thinking about RULES. Damn, I hate rules. (not BRP’s fault AT ALL, they are just the messenger and doing a huge service helping writers, but…) I particularly hate rules when they are prescribed by people who are trying to get rich by formula, which is I think what this whole “well this genre has to follow these rules’ things boils down to. Why can’t we just write good BOOKS and have them published?

When I rule the world, the only rule for publication will be that it is a fabulous read.


Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Tartlett! I am happy you are digging the dharma. And all the other sites look interesting too. I'm in a bit of a funk myself writing wise - not sure of what I'm doing, too many directions and a severe lack of sunshine are doing me in. But I'll get back on the horse soon. Maybe now while my not so sweet patootie makes dinner - yep, I'm a bit miffed at him. Asked him if he wanted to go to a cd release of a guy I know and he just flat out said no. grrrr..he can be such a blockhead sometimes.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I love your blog roundup! I've had the week from Hades, so need to catch up on some bloggy reading...this is a great starting point. Thanks!

Mystery Writing is Murder
Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

Watery Tart said...

Jan--no problem--I really am loving all of those angles! (and I'm married to one who can be a pain and never wants go go anywhere fun, too).

Elizabeth--your blog always goes on my 'most helpful' list! These were sort of different twists though, so I hope you enjoy them!

hope101 said...

Watery, holy smokes, thanks so much for talking me up and linking me. I'm honored!

Our muses sound similar. Mine prefers to work on one project at a time, and since I try to put up three blog posts a week, she's been stamping my foot when I want her to work on my mms.

Congrats on finishing chapter 8. That's gotta feel good.

Watery Tart said...

Hey, no problem, Jan! It was an excellent story! I can do the blogging and the ms, largely because I type the blog and handwrite the ms, so the two things don't seem connected to me. The editing though causes this whole brain transformation--ACK!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Thanks Tami. That was really wonderful of you link to one of my current favourite posts.
As you can see I am catching up on my reading, which is why I was so late in coming in.