Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sweet Infamy

Bonus Points for the Naked World Domination Tour

I think everyone likes being amused, and I'm no exception, but I probably take the most delight from the completely unexpected amusements in life. I had one of those moments yesterday.

The Build Up

I've added a few stat counter tools to my blog [see to the left] because it's fun to see which things people check out, where my readers live, all that good stuff. It is interesting to note things like... when I am buck naked people don't necessarily comment, but they sure read *snort * (repression is alive and well)

I can tell what portion of readers are Tart Virgins, and who are repeat customers (I run about 38% new and 62% repeat, which seems relatively reasonable to me... you want people to come back, but you also need new blood or you don't grow.

I've had readers from places that have made me completely scratch my head... places I've had to look up on maps... I've had readers from Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Paraguay, Sweden... and those are just the places I don't KNOW anyone. There is Austria, Australia, (Adelaide, Melbourne AND Sydney) Canada, Greece, The Netherlands, Norway, and all the countries in the UK (yes, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in addition to plain old England). It is a little wacky. I think the most amusing though, is a repeat reader that LOOKS like he is in the middle of the ocean until you zoom in... (Sao Tome and Principe is my guess... hard to be specific on the map I get)--a Portugese name, but the island is off of Africa—Gabon to the east, Nigeria to the north.

The Clincher...

There is one more tool though, which I only recently discovered. You can see where your last ten viewers were referred from. Now I've had viewers referred from the obvious places. Direct, I am guessing are people who have me bookmarked. I get Facebook and Networked blog referrals. I've had referrals from blogs, Mystery Writing is Murder, Quiddity of Delusion, I'm Not Hannah... and then things I don't get at all (google image search—why does that lead to ME? I don't have any named images.)

But yesterday at work one of these links took me to Google Blogsearch.... in Portuguese... I was the Number One hit (in Portuguese, mind you) for 'Nudist Group'. I think it's been a VERY long time since I've been so amused. Being the place people go when they want to be NAKED has been my goal all along, so I think I can declare a GRAND success.

Sadly, I seem to have dropped to #2

The search page for 'nudist group'

If you want to see the page in Portuguese:

in Portuguese

So to all of you who are already, or considering getting naked... thank you... my reputation thanks you. Because if I can gain enough infamy, I can certainly get a darned book published...


Joris said...

UK is the United Kingdom, Tamster, which means England, Scotland, Wales and NORTHERN Ireland -- The Republic is part of the British Isles, but not of the UK, and hasn't been since the revolution, Home Rule and all that jazz, remember? ;)

Glad you have such a happy audience though ;)

Jan Morrison said...

Yah, get that right you silly tart you! Just kidding. Can a person help it that a place is called by times - The British Islands, Britain, the UK, England and so on! Up with Ireland though! It is the best. Because beer is good and I like a place where the babies and the dogs smoke. Really - what could be better?

Shaharizan said...

When reading this, I automatically thought of Rugrats when Tommy says "Nakie is good, Nakie is fun. Nakie is NAKIE!!!!"

Great post!!!!!!

Terry Odell said...

I've got a sitemeter account and can look at stats like these -- it's great fun to see where people are from (and being geographically challenged, it's often places I've never heard of). What's even more fun is looking at the search words they use that send them to your blog.

I will look into these new stat counter options.