Friday, November 13, 2009


While I’m rather at peace with my own propensity for mayhem, characters that won’t behave sometimes make me think they’ve been staying in the Castle Anthrax. [for those of you unfamiliar with the Castle Anthrax, you can go here]

You see… my NaNoWriMo characters made a jail break last week. I was able to hold them to the overall plot for a while… well actually I sent them to Guantanamo… long story… but now there is no way around it. They are causing me headaches and it is interfering with my mojo, and there is just no other way to do it… they need spankings, the both of them.

I guess I knew the middle would get hard (it usually does). I planned for it, hitting 25K on Wednesday and only intending to be to 30K by Sunday, but I am going to need to plan in extra power walks this weekend if I am going to get these two back in line, and fast.

On better writing news, the Trilogy is moving along… I am rounding the halfway mark and it is going nicely. I finished chapter 16 last night (of 30, I think) so it I can keep going, I should finish it well before Christmas, giving me some down time to write the LAST book…

Miserable January is just MADE for editing, wouldn’t you say?

And Now Some RANDOM Stuff!
(paying digressionary pennance)

The Nudist Movement has crossed species:
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy has no hair
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy, was he?

I normally don’t approve of fur coats, and I would never ever condone fur over nudity on a human, but I think I need to go on record as telling this poor guy to put his fur back on…

Reality Loves Me: I may not be having any luck getting my novel published (though I still have that partial out… 5 weeks now), but the scientific world seems to love me lately. My boss and I have had two manuscripts accepted this fall and I sent a revision today that should also make it. Guess I’ll take my fame where I can get it.

And eleven years ago today I went on bed rest: You see… my children are an impatient sort… can’t wait for anything…even being born… so even though my son wasn’t due until December 6, he started challenging me about that… His birthday is next Wednesday, 3 ½ weeks early, and maybe I’ll interview him for it… I tell people that when my daughter was born she got my Chi (life energy, for anyone unfamiliar with Eastern Medicine)—I was drained and actually ended up with an herbal prescription to get that back. My son got my memory… I haven’t had one since… he has it instead. I’d like to blame testosterone… in fact maybe I will… but their personalities both go with what they denied from me ever after… funny how that works

(the pic is a year old, but I'm a bad, negligent mother without a vast supply of pics on my computer... so here are the childings...


Tundiel said...

Ellie took MY energy too. It's funny, because it really makes sense when they say that carrying a girl in your womb is far more draining than carrying a boy. I was ill for most of my pregnancy on Ellie, and my hair and nails were AWFUL. She definitely drained all of the good stuff (and still does on most days).

I'm roughly in the middle on my NaNo and am experiencing problems too (which is why my word count hasn't changed for two days). I need to hit 32k by the end of tomorrow if I want to keep to my personal target, so that's almost 8k that needs to be written. Erk. Still, will dutifully plod away...

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Cute, cute picture! They look like you....must be strong genes you have!

Your NaNo characters have had an exciting week, it sounds like!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Watery Tart said...

Tara-my hair got thick and curly with Natalie (in fact it's been curly since--never really was before that) and I was much more 'ill' with Sam (I actually think that may be a later pregnancy thing) but yes--girls are definitely more work! Good luck with your NaNo! (and if you hit your 50K you WIN, even if you finish the actual BOOK a week or two into December, so don't get discouraged)

Thanks Elizabeth! On paper my husband and I 'look alike' (coloring, height) though our bone structure is really different--my daughter is my spitting image but 'brighter' (blonder, better skin tone, brighter eyes) where my son actually looks like a cross between my husband and I--that dimple is his very own though.