Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear Blog

My Dear Beloved Blog,

It's not you, it's me. I hate to do this to you. I'm sure we have something we can salvage, but I have fallen badly for another, and I feel sure I need to let it run its course. You see... you are stalwart and friendly, and are willing to tolerate my occasional bursts of madness... but he is... fast and sexy, and frankly, quite popular--I know that shouldn't matter, but the fact that he is so interested in me is flattering. I haven't had an adrenaline rush like this since... well since Legacy practically wrote itself.

I know you're detecting a pattern here. I am fickle and want the rush of the moment. But it doesn't mean I don't love you; I do! And I swear I will be back to full devotion one day soon, even if only to rush off again. I just felt I should let you know where things stood in the meantime, so you didn't worry.

I will be back when I can. Love to you always,

The Tart


So insanity aside... NaNoWriMo has begun and I've started writing. I'm sure you're all dying to hear my progress, or not, but that seems to be all I can conjur to the forefront of my mind at the moment. I wrote 5000 words yesterday with the intention that that would allow me to stick to 1000 words a day during the week. If I write more, I write more, but I've decided I don't want to completely dump my other projects, so that was what I felt was a reasonable compromise. (I wrote 750 words on my WiP last night, for instance)

My first line I am extremely please with: "I slept with Bill Clinton."

My main character is 'testifying' before a grand jury for a murder she has committed, though she has told them they don't have clearance for her to tell the truth and so she has no intention of it. She is responding to how she got into a program at American University in The United Arab Emirates...

The general idea behind the book is that she works for a super-secret agency charged with making sure American secret service, diplomatic, etc. are paranoid enough about being watched that they don't do anything they are not supposed to do (as defined by the US Government)--conspiracy stuff... I'm having fun.

One big change on this project is I've decided to write via computer... I've been a long-hand advocate for ages, but I want to verify this, and I think the content (half told from the persepctive of a CIA Psychiatrist) can bear the clinical tone.

ANNNNNNNND.... This just in!

I learned a new word this week--it is a Tart word if ever there was one. From here on out, all Tart Rituals can be assumed to follow this protocol: SCYCLAD is ritualistic nudity. It is apparently Wiccan, but I don't mind borrowing.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Ms. Johnson! I started NaNo myself yesterday. I struggled over whether to set aside my current projects or not, and after much debate, I decided to devote the month to my NaNo-novel. I applaud you for managing all your projects concurrently. Good luck with them all!

Tundiel said...

*snort* Love it, Tami! I am endevouring to remain faithful to my own blog, though whether the urge to stray will take hold is another matter....

The plot for your NaNo sounds awesome! Mine's pants, between you and me, but I'm still having a go.*snorts again*

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I wrote 2500 words yesterday as a lurker.

Great premise for your story...and good luck with the computer.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Watery Tart said...

Sage-good luck to you! I may go back to setting aside the WiP, but it is part of a triology for which I need some expertise on the 3rd novel--expertise which happens to have Christmas break off, so I am hoping the WiP is done by then so I can use my source for the 3rd while she is available... (that is my main motivation--we'll see how it works)

Tara-I PLAN to blog 4 or 5 days a week still, but it will be challenging, as my former typing time has just become writing time--THAT is what seems to have gone by the wayside... typing progress...

Elizabeth, good for you! And glad you like my premise! I came out of a conversation with my friend Courtney... that all intelligence people seemed paranoid... then I got to thinking... maybe there is a REASON...

M.J. Nicholls said...

Quickly (as I'm running a bath here) -- you might be interested in this resource:

Basically, it's every BIZARRE oddity in English language from A-Z. Fuel for the fire!

Go NanoMoFo thingy!

Patricia Stoltey said...

I am writing along although not an official NaNoWriMo participant. I took the first two days off to do other chores, and plan to write like crazy for the next four days. I hope.

Your story idea sounds great. I love to read suspense novels and thrillers of all kinds.