Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Ship Tart

Ahoy mateys! Welcome aboard. The tart's ship be one of frivolity and cheer, pirate or ne, and ye'll not be wishin' to return to land any time soon!

In-Jokes that Take Over the World

There are so many details about 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' that I love that I am sure I will forget some of them. The idea began in OREGON (note that would be a favorite detail), Albany to be specific, but we can hardly hold that against them, a little fantasy is necessary to forget the stink of the paper mill. Two guys playing squash start throwing pirate insults at each other and decide it should be a national holiday. HING! That's an EXCELLENT idea (maybe we are overshooting trying to get a day every week, though we seem to be having great success with DELUSIONAL THURSDAY. But what I'd really like, is for the NAKED WORLD DOMINATION TOUR to take off. Then we'd be in business.

But when I read this article yesterday and saw how they chose the day... Cap'n Slappy had just divorced... his ex-wife had a birthday (as most do) and the day was stuck in his head, no longer paired with a relevant reason to be there. That is possibly the single most effective coping mechanism I've ever heard!

I think my favorite detail though, is that it is so silly, yet everyone has seen enough movies to give it a go—no special skill required, no knowledge of arcane history, no belief in a certain deity or public figure. And it is like Halloween (you can dress up and take on a new persona) only you get to seek rum instead of candy!

A Lesson

(Are you serious?) Am. This holiday, much like the beloved Hurray Hurray the Eighth of May (National Outdoor Intercourse Day) was spreading ever so slowly until they found an advocate with a following. Dave Barry made this day a phenomenon. Famous guy. Newspaper column with readers. Voilá!

I think all of us hoping for book success knows what a powerful, already famous advocate could do for our chances, if only giving us the weight for somebody to actually read the whole freaking book. I got two more rejections this Friday. I've decided the hard copy rejections are drafted with more care. The take the time to say something a little nice... give a little more reason. One blamed the current market which meant a grand influx of queries, so a need to be pickier because she couldn't manage as high a proportion as previously. Another at least bothered to say my submission was interesting. It's hard, but I will go on. The longer I'm at this, and the closer I get to finishing LEGACY, (which I have a PERFECT agent picked for, if she'll have me) the more I think maybe CONFLUENCE needs to be sold AFTER the trilogy... such is life.

But if anyone famous wants to advocate... give a shout!

For today however, it is Talking Like a Pirate and a little later, seeking out some rum! Wouldn't want to be forced to walk any planks! Ahoy!

[author's note: somehow seems fitting this is my 69th post... Captain Jack—call me!]


Joris said...

Har har har!!


Joris said...

You forgot a label "naked" btw ;)

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I think grown-ups need more days like this. Everyone always has a blast for Halloween, and Pirate Day is a lot of fun, too.

As far as rejections go--ugh. Just try not to take them personally. There's no telling what's going on behind the scenes at these agencies and publishing houses. I kept most of my rejections in a drawer. I'm not sure why! Think I might get the shredder out.

Mystery Writing is Murder

M.J. Nicholls said...

I got a fabulously helpful hardcopy rejection last month. Trouble was, it took six months to arrive.

Yes, e-mail rejections are useless. Make them walk the plank, matey!

Jan said...

Two things - rejections are good - because you are destined to get so many so the earlier they arrive the closer you are to be published. I put mine up on the wall.
Second thing - In my world, every day is pirate talk day - arrrrrr matey! Come on up to Nova Scotia and we'll take you out to Oak Island and dig for treasure - or perhaps just to the bar for mussels - your choice!
arrrr, the first mate is scuppered and I'll have to make dinner myself.

Watery Tart said...

Thanks all! Definitely agree in the need for more playful holidays!

Jan-My family tree comes through Nova Scotia, so I will get there one day! The Welsh strand... my inner rebelliousness... a shipman no less, who was disinclined to continue service in his majesties Navy and decided Nova Scotia was a brilliant alternative! Probably WAS a pirate! I bet that treasure is mine!