Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for iTunes

Hallo, friends new and old!

My April A to Z schtik is to bring up publishing topics I don't know much about and ask YOU to fill me in. So there.

Ignorant Iguana needs your assistance
So iTunes...

I've never published on iTunes... Last time I contemplated it a person needed to upload from a Mac or Apple product. Now I have a thousand year old hand-me-down Mac, but it only runs for about half hour at a time before overheating. We've only kept it because it is (was) hooked up to our printer and so the kids used it to print assignments (pulled down from their clouds).

It is not a machine new enough or operable enough to format something I intend to publish. Or so I have assumed. But partly it also is one of those things with a learning curve, so I just haven't taken it on to find out... But I should know more...

Have any of you published on iTunes?

Do you still have to load from a Mac?

How different is formatting? (can I still use my Word doc?)

Are sales worth it?

Does it have any extra perks?

Go on, tell me about your iTunes experience. And then go visit some other A to Z bloggers!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

To upload directly to iTunes, you need an EPub version. You'll make a little more dealing direct, but you can also use Smashwords and other ebook distributors to sell through them.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No idea. But iTunes is where I go to get my books first.

Allyse said...

I am not sure how to post to iTunes. I hope you find someone who can because then you can teach all of us how to do it! Sounds like it might be useful!

As long as they don't charge a crazy fee and it doesn't take too long to upload it, I would think it would be worth it, but that's just me.

@AllysePanaro from
The Frog Lady

Em-Musing said...

Well, this is all new to me. I had no idea you could get books on iTunes. A I bought Word for my Imac. I hated Apple's Pages

Helen Hollick said...

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Ted Cross said...

I published The Immortality Game in iTunes, and yes I had to borrow a friend's Apple device in order to do it (which is something I have always hated about Apple, their love of being proprietary about everything). I hardly sell anything in iTunes, so it probably wasn't worth it.

Helena said...

My answers: No, no, don't know, don't know, don't know.

Clearly I am no help to you, Hart, though I wish I could be. But I'm glad a couple other commenters here have some advice and experience.

Fran Clark said...

Can't help you there but as writers I guess we need to familiarise ourselves with all the technology going!
Writing Women’s Fiction

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Sadly, we have to upload from an Apple device. Thinking you could use your kid's ipod, though?

But I do it through a distributor: Smashwords (sometimes) and Draft2Digital (which I'm liking better).