Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Truth About Letting Go: A Review

You guys know Leigh is one of my Thursday twins, yeah? Born the fourth Thursday in June? And as such, we have a great deal in common, but Leigh is undoubtedly far sweeter and more down to earth than I am. She is also a more attractive and better-mannered date, I can assure you, though she does have a silly streak. (She is also a little more neurotic, but everybody needs a foible, yes?). Seriously, though, she is one of my favorite people, and we've been critique partners for... has it been two year? I think it has; several books, anyway, so I had the good fortune to read an earlier draft of The Truth About Letting Go, which releases TODAY!!!

So I'm going to share a review today, along with some links so YOU can go buy it, too!!!

To Numb The Pain

Ashley's father the health-nut and local newspaper personality has just died of cancer. Ashley is devastated at the loss... and angry at the unfairness of it... and angry at her mother for coping so poorly... Her formerly idyllic (if slightly shallow) life is in shambles, and what she really wants to do is numb the pain with a little self-destructive behavior.

As she tries to cope, or rather avoid coping, she meets three new friends, two of whom she probably wouldn't have given the time of day before, but who might give her a little perspective, if she'd let them, and one, Colt, who is more than happy to burn up destruction trail, dragging her in his wake.

I loved the honesty of this tale. I lost my own dad when I was young, so the emotions and maladaptive temptation to dive into narcissism struck me as very real. The characters are well-drawn and I think Ashley's struggle and the back-and-forth she has to work through before she finally realizes what each decision means is very well written.

I think this book is relatable, and will appeal not just to teens who've lost someone, but also those struggling with the temptations because of other of life's hardships.

If you want to find Leigh, you can find her:

Blog: That's Write

And if you want to buy her book, you can go to:

Barnes and Noble

(and you should)

Happy Naked Thursday, friends!!!


Trisha F said...

Nice review, and this book sounds so great!! Congrats Leigh!

Alison DeLuca said...

Adding this to my Must Read list now. (Yes, I'm a permanent teen.)

Fantastic review!

LTM said...

I love this review. It's just exactly right. :o)

Thanks so much, TH! <3

Powdered Toast Man said...

Naked thursday and I came to work clothed?!?

I lost my father when I was young so I can relate to the book.

Shaharizan Perez said...

I totally have my pants on today. :(

The Truth about letting Go is interesting. I'll put it on my "Want to Read" list. :D

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Excellent review!

Hart Johnson said...

Thanks, guys! You definitely all want to read it!

Helena said...

Congratulations to Leah. Her characters and Ashley's situation sound real and well thought-out, so I'm adding this book to my list.