Friday, February 8, 2013

Cover Love: New and Coming

So I got to talking with Laura Howard this week and realized she was in the midst of a Cover Reveal Blitz! Here is the scoop:

Title: The Forgotten Ones
Author: Laura Howard
Genre: NA Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Expected release date: May 15, 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Cover Designer: Stephanie Mooney 

(Isn't it fabulous! I love how it looks like the flowers are floating up around her.) Wanna know more about the book? Here's the blurb!

Allison O'Malley just graduated from college. Her life's plan is to get a job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She doesn't have room for friends or even Ethan, who clearly wants more.

When Allison's long-lost father shows up, he claims he can bring her mother back from the dark place her mind has sent her. He reveals legends of a race of people long forgotten, the Tuatha de Danaan, along with the truth about why he abandoned her mother.

Laura is a mother of four who has loved stories her whole life (and got her writer legs steady with fan fiction, like moi). She blogs largely to help other writers get their bearings and succeed. This will be her first book.

And... something I've been totally negligent on, meaning to include, and it's OUT NOW... From our beloved Jessica... THE BOOK Already available and very intriguing sounding!

This book is not The Book. The Book is in this book. And The Book in this book is both
the goodie and the baddie.

Bonnie is five. She wants to bury The Book because it is a demon that should go to hell. Penny, Bonnie’s mother, does bury The Book, but every day she digs it up and writes in it. John, Bonnie’s father, doesn’t live with them anymore. But he still likes to write in it from time to time. Ted, Bonnie’s stepfather, would like to write in The Book, but Penny won’t allow it.

To Bonnie, The Book is sadness.

To Penny, The Book is liberation.

To John, The Book is forgiveness.

To Ted, The Book is envy.

But The Book in this book isn’t what it seems at all.

If there was one thing in this world you wished you could hold in your hand, what would it be? The world bets it would be The Book.

So one to buy, one to look forward to! How's that!?


Shelley Munro said...

Laura's cover is lovely. New adult is a hot genre right now.

Jessica Bell said...

You're awesome. Thank you! And congrats, Laura! Love the cover. Made me think immediately of the song and video clip of "Where the Wild Roses Grow", by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue. :-)

Nick Wilford said...

Beautiful cover Laura! Congrats.

And I've seen Jessica's book around too. Very intriguing.

Matthew MacNish said...

I lurve Jessica's cover.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jessica rocks!

Tina said...

Awesome covers, both of them. What the heck is New Adult? 21? Never heard of the genre, but wow, the premise is amazing!
The Book sounds scary. Reminds me of Tom Riddles diary which ended up being a horcrux...yikes!
Now I gotta read Schrodinger's Cat, too. Die hard Big Bang Theory fan here.

Tina @ Life is Good
Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge
@TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Jessica's book is such a unique concept.

Johanna Garth said...

Laura's cover is absolutely beautiful and I find the premise to Jessica's book so intriguing.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

The Book sounds very interesting, as does The Forgotten Ones. I want to read them both! I'm going over to check out Laura's blog right now.

Have a great weekend, Hart!

Kathy M.

Laura Howard said...

Thanks Hart! I appreciate you posting for me, and I'm honored to share the spotlight with the likes of Jessica Bell :D

Helena said...

Darn it, two more books I want to read! My stack and list just keeping getting longer...

Trisha F said...

I took advantage of this great offer already, so now I have two new Jessica Bell books to read! Very exciting.