Monday, February 4, 2013

Dae Dae, Mare Mare, and Lare

Or the Imaginary Friends Bloghop

Now I know a bloghop doesn't seem all that Digressy, but imaginary friendships do, and I am convinced I can digress adequately for the spirit of the month... See, already I've failed to get to the point!


Cat the Dreamer and Kyra Lennon are hosting for Cat's blogiversary. And it's EASY! Just share about the imaginary friend you had or wished you had (and when).

My son the Imaginary Friend (Sworder)
My imaginary friends pre-date my memory. I was little. REALLY little. [I mean seriously--look what I named them. How old could I BE?]  I was also the only child, oldest grandchild and on my own for play. Both my parents worked. I am shy and awkward... so why NOT make up a couple companions, eh?

Dae Dae was female, and counter to my actual inclinations at the time, Mare Mare and Lare were male (I was a little frightened of boys until my mid 30s). I don't remember blaming them for much, though I suspect they may have eaten a lot of candy from the dish at my grandma's house. And probably they spotted me as I used the back of the couch as a balance beam or climbed the bookshelves (thankfully the built-in sort, or I would have been a crushed child a thousand times over), but I DID spend most of my childhood climbing, dangling, balancing or tumbling (the on purpose kind).

I did a little research on the matter in college, and imaginary friends are most common among onlies and oldest children who are enough older that they have some time in there that their younger sibling isn't worth much as a playmate. USUALLY though, they come as stand-alones. It isn't clear to me why I had a troop of them, unless I was already intent on world domination. Gotta have people to practice on if you want to learn to be bossy!

On a side note, some of you may remember that my son IS an imaginary friend.


Old Kitty said...

Lovely to meet your most NAKED imaginary friends! Hello Mare Mare, Lare and Dae Dae!

Take care

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Interesting about it being an older child thing! Yes, I had one. :) And my younger sister didn't....

Adina West said...

I honestly don't remember having an imaginary friend. But I'm the second of five kids, closely spaced. That probably explains it. :-)

Hmmm, Old Kitty does raise an interesting point though. Were these NAKED imaginary friends, or did that particular world domination predilection come later??

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I'm an only child, but I don't remember imaginary friends. All of my stuffed animals would come to life though, so maybe that counts.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I remember that post about your son!
No imaginary friends for me. Then again, I was the youngest.
Be sure to stop by today, Hart.

Teresa Coltrin said...

I love your imagined friends and would love to meet them. :)

Shaharizan Perez said...

I found the research you mentioned quite interesting. It would explain so much about my imaginary friends/ backup singers and band. I was the oldest child for six years and then my little sister came along. Perhaps this explains why I held on to them so long.

Love the post! If you happen to come across Dae Dae one day, tell her "What's up?!"


Mark Means said...

Nothing wrong with imaginary friends...if nothing else, it shows...well, imagination :)

LTM said...

Can you believe I never had an imaginary friend? I know!

But I was always making up stories in my head. Long, elaborate stories that I'd add to and add to and... :D

Dae Dae is a cool name for an IF. And your son as the IF cracks me UP! :D <3

Tamara said... the names. When Chance and Kassi (my two youngest, now 14 and 16) were little they liked to refer to themselves as "Johnny and Joey" and they had a whole slew of imaginary friends they played with every day. I remember Hama and Kooka, and Ghost but there were at least five or six others. haha. your names reminded me of this. Good times!

Helena said...

I had several siblings, so I didn't come up with an imaginary friend until I was around 10. He was a ghost named Horace but I knew he wasn't real and he didn't last for long.

Love the Sworder's outfit.