Friday, February 1, 2013


Welcome to Digressuary!

Digressuary 1 Submission: My New Superpower

So know how the weather's been full of suckage lately? I've had THREE days this week I had to walk a different route to work, two for fear of drowning (okay, so maybe it is more a fear of having wet socks all day) and one for the very near miss of falling on my hiney... Well on ALL THREE stuff was falling from the sky.

Now I don't melt. And snowfall means it's NOT cold enough for a bundled, walking person to actually FREEZE. And you know... I USED to think it was only a very high maintenance person indeed who grumbled about rain or snow. I used to LIKE THEM. But I've taken up a habit and they interfere.

And there is the constant fear of this, which I've experienced
NORMALLY I walk to work and read at the same time. SOMETIMES I walk along editing instead. Do you know what books and manuscripts are made out of? PAPER. Do you know what PAPER hates? GETTING WET! You know what INK hates? Being forced to bleed in tragic blue lines so they no longer hold their original meaning. So I no longer care for stuff falling from the sky. Not rain. Not snow. Not bird poo (were y'all around when the bird pooed on my MS? True story). Not even leaves, but mostly because they are an indicator Winter is coming and I HATE THE STARKS FOR THAT!

You can maybe see why books don't like water
So my latest editing project, WHAT ALES ME, a nearly cozy mystery centered around microbrewing and Portland, is in 'first edit'. First edit for me is 'the read' in preparation for 'big edit' but I can't seem to stop myself doing small edits on the way. First edit is something I can do as I walk (unlike big edit which requires a lot more writing and must therefore be done naked *cough*).

And I've been FRUSTRATED! I want to edit. I need to edit. And wet stuff is falling from the sky! BLUERG! Or is it BLEURG!? I get those two confused.

I'd like rain again if this would happen
But you know... two days in a row, as I walked in my grumbly non-editingness, my BRAIN engaged and I filled PLOT HOLES!!!! GAH! And by GAH I mean w00t w00t!

That is huge. Know why? Because I LOVE my character list, setting, set up... but the murder itself was missing a little UMPH. And I umphed it! TWICE!

*cough *

Seriously, though... I need to remember to just WALK now and then. At least if I have holes to fill.

How about you? Any writing superpowers? Any OTHER superpowers?


  1. Wow - writing AND editing is a cool superpower. Hmmm... if I could mix editing with housework that would be awesome (still working on it though ;) )

  2. I'm full of admiration that you can walk and edit at the same time. I do a lot of plotting whilst in the shower and while dog walking and cycling. I'll let you know if I graduate to editing at the same time. You can get special note paper to write on in the shower. That might work for rainy days :)

  3. I wish I were coordinated enough to walk and read at the same time!

    Great post. :) My favorite part was your description of the WIP as "nearly cozy!"

  4. You know, I think that being able to walk and do stuff at the same time might be genetic. My mom does it, too.

    And HA! yes, with the housework, though it is actually one of my rare chances to watch TV, so I am not going to complain too much (note this means I rarely do housework)

    Shelly-I can't cycle AT ALL (or at least not past single gear bikes around Mackinac Island, though that's fun) but I am bad at that even without trying to edit.

    Elizabeth, just a little darker than cozies... a wee bit spicier (there is a love triangle)

  5. Amazing Tart!! You can always get one of those hats that double up as brollies so you can walk and edit to your heart's NAKED content with your umbrella hat! Yay! Take care

  6. If I was walking and editing at the same time, I'd run into everything.

  7. Congrats on umph-ing your murder! Crappy, nut-case weather aside, it must be cool to be able to walk to work. (I mean, in the summer time.) I get a lot of ideas when driving--and the problem with that is there's no way to write it down. While the logical thing would be to use some sort of device to record them, I feel stupid talking to myself in my car, so I just keep mulling it over until I can write it down. I only run the occasional red light...

  8. Last time I tried walking and reading I walked INTO things. But I'd totally do it if I could walk into the guy in the Lindsay tartan you've got there. :-D

  9. Kitty-I worry with one of those hats I'd decapitate people I passed... this might stem from feeling a need to use MY OWN umbrella as a shield from people decapitating ME--Michiganders lack umbrella competence.

    Alex, I think I have my route memorized--I only have trouble after a rain because there are branches that hang too low--THOSE I run into.

    Jen-you think DRIVING and talking looks stupid--you should see the 'read out loud' phase of my walking and editing! But people already think I'm eccentric--totally meet people all the time who recognize me for it.

    Leanne-I know, right!?

  10. Oh, my, SERIOUSLY?!!! You can walk and read at the same time? That is a way cool superpower. I can not do that. LOL

  11. Walking, writing, -and- editing? You're a superhero in my book, for sure :)

    Stay dry and have a great weekend!

  12. Walking and literally writing or editing (like not just in your mind)?! I can't even text and walk.

  13. Hmm, I've never thought about editing while I walk. I might have to try it sometime.

    Stay safe from falling objects :)

  14. That is a total writing super power! Seriously!!

    Umm, let's see. Maintaining extreme naivety while managing to still write hot sex scenes? I don't think that counts!

  15. haha...great Game of Thrones reference!! I laughed when I saw that. God that's an awesome show!!

    At any rate, hmmmm...I'd say all my writing superpowers come out when I'm half asleep--which is inevitably when I have my best ideas that I then forget upon waking. As superpowers go, it's kind of a lame one...I think yours is probably better. I need to go shopping at the superpower store for a new one...

  16. I walk all the time so I can think about my novel. It's like a magic spell or something, especially for plot issues. I cannot imagine reading or editing while walking, though. I'd be one of those people you see on the gag reel falling on my face after stepping off a bridge or something. :)

  17. You are very talented to write or read while walking. Be very careful, though.

    Can't wait to "nearly" read your "nearly cozy".


  18. I can walk and plot, but I can only keep one or two editing points in my head -- any more than that and I would have to stop and write down notes.

    But mostly in the morning when I walk the few blocks to the bus stop I just think about why I don't get up earlier so that I wouldn't have to run/walk really fast and not miss the bus.

  19. I never walk to work, but this week made it difficult even to drive there! Monday - late start due to rain/ice. Tuesday - no school due to LOTS of rain/ice. Wednesday - cold and windy, yuck. Thursday - very cold and windy, double yuck. Friday - 27 below zero. I don't even know what to say about that.

  20. I must learn this plotwalking you speak of. I am accident prone and this is hazardous to my health. Please help me! :D


  21. I am "Sleep-Deprived". That is my super-hero name. Fueled by caffeine in any form, I am able to shake off my arch enemy Narcolepse, who clutches at my ankles, trying to drag me down into the bowels of deepest darkest night...
    What? Where was I? Was I saying something?
    Oh yes. Ahem. I can go forego sleep and emerge at the end of a fourteen hour day ready to sit down at the computer and write some quality, heroic prose, yessiree...
    What was I saying? What tense was I in?


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