Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Months from Today...

I have tummy flutters. We are entering into the 'this is really happening' zone. On June 5th The Azalea Assault. My first published book, will be released. It came to my attention that the Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites finally have the cover included with the listing:

Barnes & Noble

I think this means it is time for me to very seriously begin planning. I know there are a bunch o' you who think I'm nuts that I didn't start this months ago... maybe I am. But I know myself and my ability to push through sort of has a time stamp. I've done some thinking... writing DOWN of the plan. But I have also had some obstacles to doing too much.

In fact some of those obstacles are still in place. My finances are sort of tied... So I have bookmarks and postcards I plan to order, but until I get my taxes back, I don't have the means to order.

My plan, on that front, is to concentrate on the geographic areas where I have ties. The Pacific Northwest and Michigan, in particular. I also want to send postcards to the Roanoke area. So in the short term it is time to make a list. The specific libraries and book stores I plan to contact need to go in a database so once everything arrives, I can turn it back around quickly.

I also had a nice surprise Friday... my first Advanced Readers Copies! Not a lot of them, but very exciting because they are THE FIRST! My husband is even reading one. I know this isn't that unusual for a lot of you, but HWMNBMOTI has deep suspicion of fiction. He generally only reads histories and the newspaper.

I was surprised it didn't have the cover. The only ARCs I've gotten have the covers, but then, those have come directly from the publisher... and there haven't been a ton of them.

So I guess the ball is really rolling. I am going to be a published author soon! I hope you all don't mind that probably the blogs related to getting a book out may increase. I've never done this before, so it seems to me it will occupy a lot of my brain and what I have to say.

To get started, I would TOTALLY love you if you would be willing to LIKE me or FAN me...

Facebook Alyse Carlson Fan Page  (I promise not to spam you--only real updates)
Goodreads (I guess marking it as 'to read' is best option here until I figure out how to set up an author page under my pen name)



  1. This is super exciting, Hart! Or is it Allyse..did I even spell that right? I love the cover! Can't wait to read the book!

  2. P.S. Forgot to say-- will assist you with your promotion by reviewing, blog tour, whatever you need!

  3. Those three months will fly, Hart - trust me!

  4. Thank you so much Karen! I can totally use the help! I will add you to my promo list!

    Thanks, Vic!

    Alex-that's what I'm afraid of!

  5. Wow, it's getting REAL! Flutters are totally expected.

    And spam away. Let's paint the blogosphere in pink azaleas.

  6. I saw your comment on my blog on Friday and wanted to let you know that you should go ahead and sign up for the Knights of the Round Table Review Group. It is now booked out through Labor Day. Get in there quick.:)

  7. Oh wow!! Formerly known as Tart!! Look at your ARCs and your bookcovers and proper Amazon listing!! Oh wow!! How exciting!! Yay for you!!! This is the bestes NAKEDest news ever! Yay!!!

    I have all my bendy bits crossed for you!!! Take care

  8. EEK! How exciting for you!! This is awesome! And what a charming cover!

  9. Yes!!! You are on a most exciting road. Anything you need in Buffalo, let me know.

  10. Congratulations!! Tummy flutters are definitely in order. Let me know if you need me to help drop of book marks or anything out here in the PNW!

  11. Congratulations!! That's AWESOME!

  12. Luanne-love that image! Painting it pink with Azaleas! Brilliant!

    Ciara-soon as I get an official okay!

    Jenny-YAY for crossed bendy bits!!!

    Thank you, Colene!

    Johanna-I totally will take you up on that! Thank you!

    Tonja- Thank you!

  13. So super exciting to get ARCs! Must make it feel really REAL. And that cover is so pretty. I look at it and think, "I want to go there."

  14. WHOOT!!! This is SO EXCITING!!! I've done all the friending and following, and now I can't WAIT to see it out there. Eeep!!! Geaux, Tami-Hart! ((hugs)) <3

  15. Congratulations with your book! Sure, I'll Like you on FB, next time I log in >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  16. Yay! I've added it to read, and I really am looking forward to reading it.

    For Roanoke libraries, go to It'll have a list of the libraries (upper right corner), so you can send them information about your book. I would contact the South County Library (Roanoke County) and the Main Library (Roanoke City) first. They will send out the info to the other libraries, and those two are the biggest. If you need any help, let me know since I'm in the area.

  17. Beautiful cover, Hart! Really excited for you!

    Consider yourself 'to be read' :)


  18. Congratulations! You must be so proud. And it already sounds that you're way ahead of my own (non-existent) plan to promote one's own book. You'll do fabulously well.

  19. Rachel-I prefer imaginary places myself! Other than that whole dead body thing, I mean. teehee

    Leigh-thank you!!!

    CaH-well you can hardly do it before you log in! teehee--seriously, haven't seen you there much lately.

    Cherie-EXCELLENT info, thank you!!!

    EJ-thank you!!!

    Helena-you just need to get a little aggressive. Your book looks SO GREAT!

  20. How exciting! Congratulations. I already like you, but I am going to make it official right now.

  21. Congrats on getting your feet wet. Lots of stuff to do, but I'm sure everything will get done over time.

  22. This is such a great accomplishment and I'm so proud to be your neighbor/exercise pal. I can't wait to read it!

  23. That is awesome- what a great feeling! And accomplishment! Congrats!

  24. YAYAYAYAYAY! Awesome!! Wooo Hooo!!

    Ok. Onto other things. I've seen some arcs without covers before, back when i worked in the used section of B&N.

    And i'm really interested in your plan. I'd love to see blog posts, maybe, on how you decide who to contact and how you actually go about contacting them, etc, because i have no clue on how any of that works.

    Finally - WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!


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