Monday, March 12, 2012

Sea of Sickness

Last week I had two sick days in a row. It is the first time I've taken two sick days for my own illness since 2000, so you know it isn't the kind of thing I do. I am both healthy and am not the kind of person to skip work for small things.

But man, whatever this bug was knocked me on my butt. It was a lung thing. And an ache thing.

But Sunday, after four nights of more than ten hours of sleep, and after many many iterations of boiling water with lemon, ginger, honey... sometimes whiskey... Down time. Out of the weather time.... by Sunday I was feeling MUCH MUCH better.

I am still not 100%, but I finally feel like I have an ordinary cold rather than Satan's revenge.

So What Does a Girl Do When She Feels Like POO for four days?

She edits! DUH!

I managed to finish my run of BEGONIA BRIBE, send it to my super duper buddy Stacy, and get started on my first revision of CHRYSANTHEMUM CAMPAIGN.

Stacy is AMAZING and has gotten 100 pages back to me already—catching all sorts of the gaffes I didn't catch that were caused by the timeline change. I am so thankful to have a friend able to back me up last minute.

Honestly, it was sort of nice to have a weekend where I didn't feel up to doing much so I could just be still... read... mark... enter changes... I am not back on track with my editing, but I made some progress.

That said, that is sort of all the time I have for blogging at the moment.

Anybody else catch this nasty that is going around?
Anybody else geeked for good weather coming this week? (Michigan is supposed to hit 70)
Anybody else making good editing process?

I wish all of you a happy Monday! (even if that is an oxymoron)


Cold As Heaven said...

I think I got this schwein-flu back in 2009 (never bothered to get it confirmed). I was incredibly ill for two days. But apparently this flu built up my resistance to infinite capacity. Since then I've never even caught a cold >:)

Cold As Heaven

Christine Murray said...

I got an awful dose at Christmas. Everywhere hurt and I was coughing so hard I hurt my ribs. Ugh.

Glad you're on the mend, and hope you feel like yourself again soon.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Sounds like a flu. :( Those are always the worst--with the weakness and the aches! Hope you're much better soon.

Yes, gorgeous weather here, too! Think I need to do a little yardwork.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I haven't been sick, but I haven't been editing either.

Old Kitty said...

I'm so sorry you're not well!! Oh dear! I hope you get better - our office is plaqued by this mad virus and it's doing the rounds! Yuck! Hopefully Spring will sort it all out!

Please get better - the edits can wait!! Take care

SA Larsenッ said...

Thank you for mentioning "She edits." The hubby and four kids have been sick on and off most of the winter. Last week it was flu-like symptoms. Mom escaped...or so she thought. I woke this morning all achy and nauseated. Ugh.

You just gave me courage to edit. Thank you!

Siv Maria said...

Glad you are feeling better! I had the same thing around christmas. You are lucky it hit you before easter and the full swing of spring!

Hart Johnson said...

CaH-I definitely think getting through an illness DOES leave you with some protection. i think it serves us all well to get exposed now and then.

Christine-I remember when you were sick--no fun at all, eh? And thank you!

Elizabeth-I always think of flu as including fever, which I don't think I had, and usually when I've had it, stomache stuff. But yeah, this was definitely worse than a cold.

Diane-teehee--well better not edit, or you might get sick!

Jenny-I hope it avoids you!

Sheri-I figure it the head isn't too foggy, it is a nice option.I was physically really tired, but my brain was okay.

Siv-yeah, I wonder if it started over there and is just getting here for some reason. Not sure how viruses typically migrate.

Sarah Ahiers said...

I love how you edit. Me, i would've sat on my ass and watched tv while napping.
I'm not sure i've ever used more than one sick day at a time...

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Hart, I am glad that you are feeling better now! Good for you for getting your editing done, even though you were so sick.

Haven't been sick with the flu, but when I was down those two weeks recovering from my oral surgery, I sorted through my barrels of Letsom Letters ... something that I could do laying on the couch.

Hope you have a wonderful week; enjoy that beautiful weather. We are still getting wind and snow.

Kathy M.

KarenG said...

I made it through this winter without getting anything bad (except an occasional case of the blue blahs). Can't believe you can edit with the flu!

Kimberlee Turley said...

One of the good things about being a stay at home wife is that I usually avoid catching the sicknesses going around--until I hit the grocery store.

Those cart handles are so germy! I always wipe them down now.

Hope you feel better. When I get sick, I tend to get sick bad, and I'm usually too miserable to edit or do anything remotely productive.

Johanna Garth said...

Trying to avoid the nasty. Wait, that didn't come out right! You know what I meant and I hope your nasty is fully on the mend!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

At least you were productive - I would've spent the whole time playing computer games.

Hart Johnson said...

Sarah-I DID run some Netflix in the corner of my screen. I get antsy though...

Kathy-glad you didn't get sick! Most years I don't but man, there was SOMETHING this year--possibly because there was no real winter to get the bad stuff. You sound like me with the gotta stay busy.

Karen-YAY for making it through! Winter blues are pretty easy to come by, eh?

Johanna-well if we are getting all innuendoey, I don't WANT to avoid the nasty!

Alex-I did some game stuff, and a lot of Facebook, so I am a capable time waster, too.

Tracy said...

Actually, I have not caught the bug but many of my students have and t IS nasty! Please take good care of yourself becuase what I've seen is that it comes back if you think you are over it and push yourself...take good care!

LTM said...

YES! Man! So sorry to hear you've been sick. I had the whole sinus infection turned coughing my guts up all night long last month. And took about a month for me to finally get over it. I kept going, though. What else is there to do?

Love those flower pictures. Can't wait to see Azalea~ <3

Abby Minard said...

Ugh that stuff seems to be going around! Hope you feel 100% soon! Man, when I'm sick, I can't even edit! I was sick a week or so ago and I just read, lol. So you've accomplished a lot imo! And we're supposed to get up to 80 here in MO!

Helena said...

You poor, poopy thing! I hope you feel much better, and I know just what you mean about kinda being relieved about not having to be up and busy and working. But instead of whiskey I would've been downing wine.

Enid Wilson said...

Hugs and kisses for you! I've not been feeling well for the past two months, ear ringing and then shoulder pain. I took medicine but I think the most important thing is to get enough sleep. I'll try your boiling water trick...

The Spinster’s Vow

Southpaw said...

I'm amazed you can edit while your so sick!