Thursday, March 29, 2012

I’m a Right Little Ray of Sunshine!

Another meme… or rather award… I know… it looks like I might lack creativity, but it is actually just that I am submerged in editing and so decided a few days of easy was better than a few days of nothin’.

This one is fun—I love answering random questions… I was given the award from Nessa at Life Love and the Pursuit of a Crawling Baby. Thank you, Nessa! And like I said, very fun questions, so here goes…

Favourite colour: Periwinkle, if we are being specific, but pretty much any shade of purple.

Favourite animal: really depends if we are talking admiration or pet. I’m a HUGE llama fan, and also love the variety of creatures that seem almost human-like in their ability to play—otters, meerkats, lemurs. And super cute ones: hedgehogs and sugar babies… Always thought my patronus would be a dolphin (I think because water seems like a safe place to me). For a pet though, I will always have cats.

Favourite number: 5. Has been since I WAS 5. Also a big fan of 23 (having a birthday on the 23rd and all. Note 2+3=5.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Really cold water. Is that weird? I drink a ton of it.

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I have a theory about Twitter that involves crack. I mean… I’m THERE, but I really don’t quite get it. Whereas I LUUUUUUURVE Facebook.

My passion: The writing. Definitely the writing. And PLAY. And that rocking place where they overlap.

Getting or giving presents: I know the politically correct answer here, but that isn’t me. I like getting them. Giving is something I really enjoy when I absolutely get it right, but I have a really hard time nailing that. I’m not sure if I don’t pay enough attention or what, but I have a lot of anxiety about giving. Whereas I appreciate pretty much anything.

Favourite pattern: Paisley? Polka dot? Something with whimsy, anyway. But not clowns. Something decorated in clown would scare me..

Favourite day of the week: Thursday. It’s all about anticipation. I love weekends, but I love to anticipate them more than the actual experience of it. Besides, Thursday was the first day to truly commit to being naked.

Favourite flower: Probably lilac because when the lilacs bloom they are PRETTY, they SMELL fabulous, and they never lie that spring is truly here (unlike those dastardly hyacinths).

So there you have it... Don't forget it is naked Thursday, so behave appropriately!


Old Kitty said...

I am fainting from the CUTE of the little baby hedgehog!

:-) Take care

Theresa Milstein said...

What a cute hedgehog!

I'm a big Facebook fan, but I don't want a Twitter account.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Is it weird I really like water and room temperature is all right?

Matthew MacNish said...

What did you say?


Sorry. Can't stop looking at that hedgehog.

Sarah Ahiers said...

ugh, really cold water gives me heartburn or something. I'll just take room temperature or slightly colder

Heather Savage said...

I love learning about people through interviews. Oddly, I can't stand those magazines and whatnot but I love the interviews of folks I "know" even peripherally. Cold water gives me goosebumps by the way.

mshatch said...

omg that hedgehog is effing cute as hell! What a face! And I love your favorite flower! I wish my house was surrounded by it :)

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats on the award! And the hedgehog is just so cute!

I love purple, prefer cats as house pets, and love the number 5. :)

RaShelle Workman said...

Hi Hart! Man, I've missed you. How are you? I love Thursdays, too. And that pic of the little Hedgehog is adorable!! Have a great day!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That little hedgehog is the ultimate squee!

Never thought much about llama until I saw The Emperor's New Groove. Now they amuse me.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Hart, how fun! Glad that you received this award so that we could find out what are the best presents to get you, lol!

Have a super weekend,

Kathy M.

Southpaw said...

That tiny little hedgehog is adorable. Little baby anythings are so cute.

Laura Howard said...

Hi Hart, thanks for all your help on Facebook! Is that hedgehog-real or not real? (Hunger Games plug)
I think I'd like my petronus to be a dolphin too!

Anonymous said...

I too prefer cats :) I have had sugar gliders (love them!!) and birds and fish and others, but, cats are my fav :) My fav day of the week is FRIDAY!! lol