Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Pangs (no spoilers, just whining and fangirl squees)

So Hunger Games started at midnight, eh? And I LOVED these books. And I can't go until NEXT WEEK! (need to wait for pay day *pouts*)


So I'm going to tell you what I THINK I will love about it. How's that?

1st I loved these books. But more importantly, I think these books are more easily translatable to film than say... Harry Potter... The reason being they are more linear. JK Rowling had so many peripheral details that were in it for the LONG pay off... that the movie-makers kept wanting to drop because they didn't know why it mattered...

These books were ALL out before the movie-making started, so THAT helps—they KNOW the long payoff. But it just is a more straight-forward story. There is no slight of hand needed to make them as compelling as they are, probably because at its core, Harry Potter is a series of mysteries.

I don't really feel like I should compare these books because I will never love ANYTHING like I love Harry Potter, but I think when we are talking book-to-movie translation, it is apt. And the Hunger Games BOOKS really are only about the 2nd series to get me super excited since Harry Potter...

2nd They could not have DONE BETTER than casting Jennifer Lawrence. I've only seen her in Winter's Bone, but that character has the same 'tough because I have to be, not because I want to be' that is both admirable and sympathetic—that gets at the subtle difference between a badass and true hero. Don't get me wrong--there are times Katniss is a real badass, but the reader KNOWS this is a show, and I think Lawrence has the chops to pull that off.  A hero is AFRAID and DESPERATE and pulls something out of their core that they didn't know they had. PLUS, I've seen several interviews with her—she was a huge fan of the series before she even knew they were MAKING movies of them. Holy cow, every time I see that trailer where she jumps out and yells, “No, take me! I volunteer!' I cry... sheesh... I'm crying just THINKING about it. The squeak of desperation to save her sister... That girl both CAN ACT and really GETS this role.

Not positive, but I think I'm underwater
3rd I read what Suzanne Collins had to say about where the movie embellished and she was thrilled at how they had carried forward the WORLD building stuff. This is not an 'other world' movie, so as narrator in the book, Katniss is a little sparse until she gets to Panem. Suzanne Collins sounds like she loved the interpretation and I am excited to see it. This is OUR world, a generation or two into the future where natural disasters have really limited population and resources (note what is now under water) that has been restructured in a totalitarian way--with a central government, circa Denver, and then districts that each provide a kind of 'good' that the central government distributes (keeping enough for itself and leaving all the other districts short)

4th My kids and neighbors (the couch to keg team) and maybe even my friend Patti are going with me. Patti and I have never met in person, but through a mutual friend have become good friends online and she lives just two hours from me... she thought it sounded like fun!

So I am really looking forward to this, but I have to wait for freaking PAY DAY!

Anyone go to the midnight showing last night? Are you excited about this one? When will you see it? Have you read the books?


  1. My son is very excited about this one, having read the series. Think we'll be going soon! And you make a great point about how it's better to make a movie when you know the entire series arc. Hard to imagine how the HP movies pulled it off as well as they did!

  2. Er... if I say no to all the questions will I be tarred, feathered and chased away with a big stick!?!?!? Yikes!!

    Yay for a most NAKED film, book series and gorgeous actress too! Take care

  3. I feel so out of the loop over here in Germany. Last night I heard a song that was from "Hunger Games" and didn't know what it was. Thank you, Your Tartness! I'm getting smarter and smarter every second.

  4. You make some great points about the books being more easily transferred to the big screen than some other stories. My daughter and I were supposed to go see the midnight show last night, but yeah...she had homework and it was just too late. Hoping to fit a viewing in this weekend!

  5. I wish! But, like you im gong to have to settle with reading what everyone thought about it until I can go see it next week:)

  6. this is making me want to read the book... before next week!!! Think I could start/finish by Saturday?

    I'm actually pretty excited to see this, and I don't get to movies often. I think HP7.2 was the last thing I even saw in a theatre. Pretty stoked to head on out that way and see it... :)

  7. A straightforward story translates easier to the screen because they don't have to leave out a ton of material.
    Lawrence didn't work as well for me in X-Men, but she was excellent in Winter's Bone.

  8. Nope. Hubs and I are planning to. Maybe Sunday while my son is camping with his best bud. I think movie and dinner sounds like a good plan. As a good friend reminded me, dates are good things to go on with your mate. She's going tonight with her hubs and she's read all the books. She's aghast to find out I haven't.


  9. Going to see it tonight! Can't wait!! and loved Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone!

  10. So the Capitol is around Denver? Damn, I had no idea. I live right in the heart of the future Death Star.

    You are so brave to be going to the movie so soon. I have this thing about being in really thick crowds, so I'm waiting a few weeks. But like you I figure I'll choke up more than a few times. I'm both eager to see this futuristic world made real and dreading the violence.

  11. I come to you from under a rock. I haven't even heard of the books, let alone the film. Sounds like I have some catching up to do! Better get reading, huh?!
    Hope you enjoy it when you get there!

  12. Until two weeks ago, I had never even heard of The Hunger Games. I guess that I had better read the books first before I go to the movie.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

    Kathy M.

  13. That trailer always makes me cry, too. But I haven't read the book yet. And I don't want to see the movie until I've read the book (easy to manage since I can't get out for more than an hour right now). And I don't WANT to read the book right now because then I'll probably want to read the rest of them and I just don't have enough food stocked away to manage that. Sooo... Enjoy your time out with friends next week, Hart! :)

  14. I read the series. And can't wait to see the movie, but I'm waiting for the crowd to die down so I can watch it in peace.

    The "I volunteer" line is the one that gets me every time.

  15. I loved the books and I cannot wait to see the book translated into a movie. I agree that it may translate perhaps better than Harry Potter. The imagery should be quite powerful. Great Blog!

  16. Loved the books and loved the movie. Jennifer Lawerence is really terrific. I have seen many of her interviews this week and she is a charmer.

  17. The map is neat, but I can't understand why the capital would be located right on top of the Rocky Mountains. Seems an unnatural place to put the capital.


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