Thursday, February 17, 2011

Delusional Doom Blogfest

So this may shock alla y'all, but sometimes I get a little reckless... And when other people are having fun doing cool stuff like holding blogfests, I think I WANT TO HAVE FUN AND HOLD BLOGFESTS! (It's my FOMS kicking in)  But then I look at all the planning and stuff and think... meh... that is SO NOT ME...

But then I thought... you know... in REAL LIFE people have these big fancy, expensive, catered parties with tons of planning, and those are A BLAST! And then OTHER people, on a WHIM invite all their friends over... maybe a couple people with instruments... potluck... buy a keg and ask people to bring their favorite mixed beverage... and THAT is a blast, TOO!

I am much more likely to have the second kind of party, and you know... why NOT have the second kind of blogfest?



Hencewith... (damn, I knew that wasn't a word) SOMEONE WILL MEET THEIR HIS OR HER DOOM!!!


When: The Ides of March (March 15) obviously
Where: Your blog and mine

Let me e'splain...

You can do ANY (or all) of the following:

Predict your own death
Predict someone ELSES death
Write your own obituary
Write someone ELSES obituary
Plot a murder of someone sorely asking for it, step by step

I don't care whether you do it by story, plot list, news article, PROPHECY (any seers in the group?). All I ask is that SAID DEATH be either very strange, unusual, bizarre...conspiratorial... or that the reporting be entertaining.

I am okay with gore, but if you choose to include it, please be considerate of other festers and post a WARNING.  And if you really ARE a soothsayer or seer, keep that stuff to yourself. Nobody wants to know... this is FOR FUN.

HELP! And if anyone has FAR more graphic abilities than I do (which means pretty much everyone), I would LOVE a volunteer to make a badge for it. Mine would look something like this:

(only legible)

So join us!!!

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HA!!!! This just in!  A BANNER!  Thank you so much Rosie!!!


  1. You already know your guy is Joris right? right? right?

  2. Shifty! See aren't planning blogfests fun? Now, do I want to write my own obituary? Or demise? Death by guitar...

  3. I'm so in you can't believe it. The last time I celebrated the Ides of March I disposed of my girlfriend and ended up married with two children but hey - I'm not scared! As long as I don't have to wear a stupid sheet as a toga. My cousin's had flowers on it. euuuuh.

  4. This is a new one for me! But I'm in!!

    New follower - I'll be back for more!

    The Survival Mama

  5. I like the idea. Doom works for me. *marks calendar*

  6. Ana-I know he's my guy, but I hate giving him last minute jobs and I thought of this night before last...


    Jan-BUWAHAHAHAHAHA! Talk about a scary omen! How about this. I PROMISE you won't end up pregnant!

    Survival Mama-WELCOME! Excellent! Glad you're joining us!

    Simon-Doom works for you? How'd you arrange that? You must give excellent benefits!

  7. Erm... death and gore... hmm. I'll have to see if I can work these into themes for one of my awful poetry...!!!

    :-)Or may I just get NAKED on that day?!?!!?

    Take care

  8. I have this posted on my blogfests page.

  9. This is too much fun to pass up -- I'm in.

  10. Hmm, doom. I like it! Maybe I'll post my rubber-band scene.

  11. Jenny-you don't suppose they have death by nudity, do you? Is that what they call exposure? *shifty*

    YAY! Summer, thank you so much!

    Mary-glad you're in!

    Nancy--you, too eh? YAY!

    VR--oooooh! Death by rubber band? Sounds intriguing!

  12. Oooh! Fun. Yeah, I can dig up some of my old horror-writing roots and join in. Cool.

    I could try and work on the graphic. I made the one for the HONE YOUR SKILLS Blogfest. Would you like to use the image you have posted here? And the whole thing? Or would you like it square? Let me know :)

  13. Thank you so much, Rosie! It looks fantastic! Glad you're joining us, too!

  14. Oh, you know I can't pass up a blogfest, especially one that the "Tart" is hosting.

    Sounds interesting to say the least... how M*A*C*O*B!


  15. I shall try and work this one in. Intriguiing. :D

  16. Sounds like fun. I might have to sign up. :)

  17. I will if my computer is up and running!! Please post reminders. :D I'm old.

  18. You know, I'm already on a hundred watchlists because of the crap I look up on Google for my books and blog...So, let me think about it.

  19. That's so funny I think the same way. It would be fun to have but all that work...

    Great topic for a fest.

  20. This sounds great, and I'm in! :D

  21. I like those spontaneous parties too. I've never written anything death related, so I'll have to see if I have it in me. What if someone dies in the parlor by candlestick? I'm brilliant!

  22. So, I'm hoping we can stretch the boundaries a little. ;)

  23. omg omg omg, I LOVE this. SO just signed up for it~ :D

  24. Death by chocolate...tee,hee
    I am considering your Ides of March, maybe Hides of March, my hide...
    Okay, going to ponder and then make my final decision ;-D I'll be back...

  25. Hi,

    Count me in, and I've snatched the banner and shall go post it up right away! ;)


  26. Okay, I signed up. I usually avoid ghoul pools and such but what they hey. I'm in.

  27. How can I possible pass this one up? Bwahaha!

  28. Saw this on Laura's blog. I'm in. I already posted the banner and pimped it out on my blog.
    No who do I want to kill off and how...

    Pamela Jo

  29. Muhahahahahaha...fabulous idea for a blogfest! I've added to my find a blogfest page.

    Ellie Garratt

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  31. will have to have a go! - this is for the one day? or is a continuing thing until then? - sorry if I have missed the obvious - sounds fun - who shall I kill - them - me? - in verse or hard factual prose before or after the fact - oh endless endless possibilities!!!

  32. YAY! So glad people are finding this, still!

    Anon-I'm not quite sure what you want me to do, but I will check out the link.

    Alberta--yes--just that day--just sign up via McLinky and then post it on your blog that day and we will all be able to go see it.

  33. This is just so deliciously twisted I couldn't possibly pass it up! Lol!

  34. Hi there,
    Just to let you know I have posted about your blogfest on
    and borrowed your description of what it's about - hope you don't mind and let me know if you want it changing!
    Can't wait to see what everyone does

  35. That's fabulous, Laura! Thank you so much!

  36. Ha, I too am game!!!

    Check me out!!!

    I am gonna visit everyone else soon!!!

    with warm regards

  37. I'll be blog hopping today. Sounds right up my alley.

    Draven Ames

    Another Slightly Scary Story

  38. I'm a little late to the party, but I posted my entry. It was fun! Thanks, Hart!

  39. oh this is a great idea :) I'll join in I have an hour left of the Ides of March :)


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