Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something Borrowed (The Tart Takes Requests)

So I've been trying to put together my 'Random' blog (Wednesday) over at Burrowers, Books and Balderdash, and... as a statistician... RANDOM has a very specific meaning to me (any individual option is equally likely to all others for selection)... I am applying it there, but differently (I defined my own set of alternatives)... HERE however, I thought... since y'all know me... it might be good for my writing discipline to take ALL SUGGESTIONS, put them in a database and RANDOMLY choose a topic now and again. That allows you to put topics to me and see how I can twist them in my warped mind... so that is an added bonus.

I will add all topics suggested to my database, and I will use a random number selector to determine what I HAVE to blog on. I will do it once a week, though reserve the right to hop days (probably will do it when I am stumped, or Sunday if I don't GET stumped... some weeks are better than others)... And I also reserve the right to commandeer a topic and post on it on an additional day if it is particularly brilliant.

I request you NOT choose something that I know nothing about, unless you want it to post on Thursday and have me just make stuff up (Misattributing IS my superpower, after all)... then again, there is some fun in that... So anything goes! What do you want me to post about?!  And if the topic isn't chosen immediately... it STILL stays in the database... so ask away!


Natasha said...


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

How media and building platforms?

Or shoes? :)

Cruella Collett said...


And okay, shoes...

Old Kitty said...

Leg warmers!

And shoes!


take care

ViolaNut said...


And how hard it is for them to find shoes. *snort*

Anonymous said...

A list of potential blog titles:

Naked World Domination and What it Means to Me
Why Stiletto Heels are Made of Awesome
Three is the Loneliest Number
I Can't Find My Socks
Who Moved My Keys?
Rock Climbing Drunk is a Bad Idea

Oh, and since it seems to be de rigeur at the moment:

Shoes! (And The People That Wear Them)

Hart Johnson said...

*giggles* Y'all are nuts! I may just have to take on shoes anyway, since it seems to be a universal request. Oh Simon... What a list!

I love it when you guys build on each other like that!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...


lisahgolden said...

Fun! Okay, here are some ideas:

A memory from when you were pregnant.
Bath oil versus bubble bath
Your favorite murders
If I could take a year off from my life, what would I do?

I'll stop now.

Ezmirelda said...

Writing in the tub...or shoes!

Hart Johnson said...

So Alex, what you do is take your clothes off.... *shifty*

Lisa-excellent! I like getting several of them.

Ezmirelda! Aha! Thanks, friends!

Cruella Collett said...

Just sayin'...

CA Heaven said...

I think you should write a post about Idaho, because I've never been there

Cold As Heaven

Hart Johnson said...

Interesting site, Mari--though my first spin got me genius, vaticanish and church, which I'm not sure I could work with, but the idea of the site, the things you can come up with... added it to my file...

CoH--Excellent! Nobody knows anything about Idaho!

Jan Morrison said...

1. Cruel shoes.
2. If you had to choose just one of these things to exist would you rather have Tuesdays or chairs? (a ? my step-dot asked me several years ago)
3. Why the 'bubbles' in so-called bubble tea are in fact nasty little tapioca thingys which aren't at all bubble-like?
4. dreams in fiction - either as a source of material which would be more acurately called dreams in author or as a device when you're stuck for your word count for the day. Your self-inflicted word count that no one but you cares about.
5. Did Jesus or the Buddha have a navel? This is more important than you might think at first and might need quite a bit of careful thought.
6. Why do some animals like to work hard (ants, beavers) while others are quite playful (otters)?
7. And then - that question that Kilgore Trout wanted so hard to find the answer to in the book 'Venus on the Half-Shell' - 'why are we born only to suffer and die?'
Jan Morrison

Helen Ginger said...

I'd like to see your recipe for making Sassafras Tea from scratch. Maybe do a video so we can see how it's done. That and Poke Salad.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh Jan, fabulous list, and my belly button fetish has been itching!

Helen, I think possibly you will be the one who stumps me, but I've put the suggestions in my file!

dolorah said...

I'll just watch the fun.

Hmm, maybe you should post on voyerism (I know, I can't spell)

Voyerism and nakedness go together pretty well . .


Erin said...

1. What if you couldn't turn anything upside down? (Yourself, nail polish, a paper, a pancake.)

2. Your opinion on glitter/sparkles in the world. My thoughts— it's like AIDS but for kids.

3. Ninjas or pirates?

4. Best villains of all time? Gaston, Voldemort, President Snow, Scar, and Doctor Cable to name a few.

And that's all that's popping from my brain at the moment. Now what I'm wondering is how I thought of those when every day I can't figure out what to blog about myself.

Unknown said...

Hey Hart - Why Where The Red Fern Grows was such a popular movie? I really struggle with that. The dog dies. How is that good? I'd like an explanation and haven't been able to revisit it since I was quite little and have been scarred.

Okay so I guess really my topic is: Are unhappy endings a good thing? Are they saleable these days?

And I have an award for you. =D

Summer Ross said...

Ok so I'm a new follower and I'm going to be different- Fairies.

Sue said...

shoes are lovely, so how about

1. Shoes in the bathtub while otherwise naked

2. Why we 'need' different kinds of shoes for different events, sports or whatever.

3. Sport gear that requires mega $ to 'look the part' and makes you look like a dork - think kayaking and those rubber skirts, cycling kniks

4. Why do people hang it on Idaho? I've been to Pocatello and it was kind of nice.

5. I'm with RaShelle and unhappy endings. Why? Why can't we be positive (particularly with school text books) and show kids alternative ways of reacting?

6. Chocolate fountains

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, EXCELLENT suggestions! I'm going to have fun with these! (except the ones that make me want to die *snort*)

ViolaNut said...

You're just afraid you won't be able to match my supreme random explosion from last week. *nods* Aaaaaand I'm just going to keep telling myself that. ;-)

TreeX said...

Mari, that spinner is fantastic! (and Tamster: your first spin would get you The Da Vinci Code ;) )

Anyway, topics:

1. Cats.

2. Insanity in the third world

3. Modern media and the selection of what is "news"

4. Book-series parodying famous series, and whether they're just tagging on to the success or have a valid point