Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bad For Me

I set of listy wisties, on things that are bad for.... THINGS...

Bad for the DIET

Time off
Chinese food for breakfast
Humidity (as an exercise obstacle)
Fatigue (as an exercise obstacle)
Self pity
Potato chips
Really good beer
Pool parties

(you may be able to tell I did NOT in fact get back on track this week)

Bad for the WRITING

Obsessions with catching up on TV series (Grey's Anatomy and True Blood)
Pool Parties

(Though in actuality, the WRITING is done, so the obstacles are interfering with typing and editing and I think I've been clear on how I feel about the editing...)

So I am leaving it short this week, as I am on my last weekend of VACATION and hopefully getting back to a routine will knock everything else back into line. (I can hope, yes?)


Cheeseboy said...

It is 8:47AM and now I am really craving Chinese food. And rum.

Boonie S said...

And "Bad for Everything": Boonsong.... but lovable all the same.

Have a nice weekend, B

Ezmirelda said...

That picture at the top make me hungry :}

Ella said...

Vacation is time out for your soul, recharge your batteries, and have fun~! If fun is chinese food, rum and movies. Indulge you will be back to your work horse schedule soon! Be free, ride like the wind into your time away, enJOY~

Southpaw said...

They might be bad, but they are oh so good.

M.J. Nicholls said...

Bad for you also: toad sperm, Gouda, crooked lips, a mother's love.

Old Kitty said...

Awww Naked Tart!! I love your bad things apart from Chinese for breakfast - lunch maybe not breakfast! And BOOOO to stress, self pity and fatigue! :-(

Pool parties sound fun!! What are pool parties? Rum and beer (not together) are good for the soul - well mine anyway (and great for banishing - albeit temporarily - self pity!).

I hope you get to at least re-charge your batteries while on vacation.

Take care

Unknown said...

I thought Chinese for breakfast was good for me?! I'll put that on my bad list. Check. LOL I kid. It sounds like you've been having a lot of fun - happy. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Hart Johnson said...

Cheeseboy-welcome to my world.

Boonsong, you are not bad for everything! Far as I can tell, you aren't bad for anything!

Ezmirelds-imagine how much worse that would be if you could smell it!

Ellie--thank you! I think I needed that permission, even if most of the bad behavior is behind me *sips rum*

Holly, the ARE or I wouldn't indulge! TRUE, DAT!

Mark, I was with you through toad sperm and then you lost me.

Jenny--the pool parties ARE fun, though I sit here uncomfortably full at the moment from over-indulging, but it was a great afternoon!

RaShelle--Chinese food is one of those tricky things... full of all the GOOD STUFF, so if you make it yourself, it is a pretty good for you option, but from a restaurant they add all that stuff that makes it TASTE even better and it becomes high in fat and the MSG keeps it with you for about a decade.

Al said...

Enjoy the recharge!

Boonie S said...



Hart Johnson said...

Thanks, Al! Hoping it will work!

Boonsong *snicker* shwelcome!

Anonymous said...

We all have those moments where we know we should be doing something useful and productive but just want to curl up with a good television show and some really good food.

Wishing you the best.