Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 9 of 22: Awareness Campaign for 22 Veteran Suicides a Day

Why isn't this getting easier? I used that low dresser again today... and it seemed harder than yesterday for some reason.

I am thinking I am getting fatigued... both physically and of the daily blog... But the cause is worthy, so I will continue to plug away.

Following up on the “where to find help” I shared yesterday, I thought I would also share some potential signs someone might be suicidal. These are from the Mayo Clinic Site.

Suicide warning signs or suicidal thoughts include:

* Talking about suicide — for example, making statements such as "I'm going to kill myself," "I wish * I were dead" or "I wish I hadn't been born"
* Getting the means to take your own life, such as buying a gun or stockpiling pills
* Withdrawing from social contact and wanting to be left alone
* Having mood swings, such as being emotionally high one day and deeply discouraged the next
* Being preoccupied with death, dying or violence
* Feeling trapped or hopeless about a situation
* Increasing use of alcohol or drugs
* Changing normal routine, including eating or sleeping patterns
* Doing risky or self-destructive things, such as using drugs or driving recklessly
* Giving away belongings or getting affairs in order when there's no other logical explanation for doing this
* Saying goodbye to people as if they won't be seen again
* Developing personality changes or being severely anxious or agitated, particularly when experiencing some of the warning signs listed above

Warning signs aren't always obvious, and they may vary from person to person. Some people make their intentions clear, while others keep suicidal thoughts and feelings secret.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Withdrawing is usually the first sign and it might be the only one sometimes.

Crystal Collier said...

I think if someone starts giving away their prized possessions, it's time to look hard and fast at what's going on with them.