Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 2 of 22: Veteran Suicide Awareness Push-Up Campaign: TBI

So I'm a little stiff and sore today. Poor me.

I've gotten home from work, put the dishes in the dishwasher and fed the dog. As usual. Changed clothes... And here I am.

Today I am putting my feet back six inches further than yesterday, and I have handy Adobe Illustrator at work to draw myself. Okay, so it sucks for drawing, but it is better for scale than paint, so I went with it. I suppose I could have edited in paint after scaling the wall and floor... am I over thinking this? All this work to get out of a video, but I will persevere... [for the record, here is my PLAN to build to real push-ups]

On to the push-ups.

This was harder from the outset. Something psychological about the mantle coming at my eyeballs instead of my chin. And the arms are at a slightly off angle.

Harder in the middle like yesterday.

And then somehow I was psychologically ready to be done at 20... almost took the step, then remembered... 22... 22 veterans a day. Suicide. This pain and effort is nothing.

I thought for my add on that today I'd give you some info on Traumatic Brain Injury (or TBI). This is a signature wound for the oil wars of recent years.

*  In 2015 22,594 US service members were diagnosed worldwide (meaning both those at home and those still abroad—all US military).
*  The peak diagnosis was in 2011when nearly 33,000 people were diagnosed.
*  The Army is the branch most likely to have these injuries.
*  They are most often explosion related (in the civilian population, these are nearly always accident—vehicle or sporting.
*  The mild version includes headache, memory issues, and irritability.
*  Moderate includes loss of consciousness at the time of injury and can include several weeks of confusion. Mental and physical deficits can be permanent.
*  Severe typically denotes a closed head injury with permanent deficits in brain function.
*  I looked everywhere for a RATE but all that is available is a count. This is frustrating, but I suppose influenced by the fact different people serve different amounts of time and risk would be spread in a strange way for this. Still—I find rates easier to interpret.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Hart - head traumas of any kind can be so devastating ... my thoughts to all who suffer ... and those that care and love an empathetic heart and understanding ... all the best - I'm probably not around now for a while - Hilary

Libby Heily Author said...

Head traumas frighten me, as they should everyone. I have a friend who is a PT who's worked with multiple people who have suffered a head trauma. Definitely no joke.

Andrew Leon said...

I should probably get back to push ups.