Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 10 of 22: 22 Veteran Suicides a Day Awareness Campaign

I made double digits!!!

Good thing today was a little easier, as tomorrow I go from dresser to chair...

But today... today I still broke it in two, but it was 16 and 6. That is better than the 11, 11, or the 12, 10 splits... Right?

Man, I am worried about the chair ones...
Me, tomorrow

But enough about Push-ups. Lets talk about Veteran Suicide. Source

* The rate of suicide by veterans has been fairly steady since 1999. The lowest it has been is 19 (daily count on average), but 20-22 is more common, so this problem has been around a long time.
* In Washington and Idaho (where I am from originally) more than 25% of ALL suicides are by veterans.
* Among the general population suicide is more common in younger people, where among veterans, rates are lower among younger people and more common in older age groups.
* Women make up a quarter of NON-veteran suicides, but only about 3% of Veteran suicides. Now half of PEOPLE are female, so women are half as likely as expected among civilians. Women are about 15% of Veterans, so they are significantly LESS likely here—instead of half what would be expected, it is only about 20%.

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Unknown said...

It's just heartbreaking. I've known several people who committed suicide--at least one of them a veteran--and the hell they are going through is hard to imagine. Thank you for these posts. People really do not understand how widespread this problem is.