Thursday, May 22, 2014

Naked Thursday!!!

It has been WAY too long since we've had a Naked Thursday around here, but you know what? It is the LAST day I have to work before we ease on into the post-memorial day SUMMER feeling, so I think we just ought to be NAKED!

What do I MEAN by Naked?

You just thought I was taking my clothes off, didn't you? Well I AM, but that's just the START. See, NAKED is an ATTITUDE. It is shedding all those false fronts and just being YOU, no layers of deception, no purchased false fronts, no status symbols. Just YOU, out there loving the world and life. (or not—Naked can be vulnerable, too—scary and revealing the BAD)--Wherever you are, that's okay. Just embrace it. Own it. And put it out there.


The Benefits?

Well there is no itchy, course false front... No BINDING discomfort.
You know the people who love you, love YOU and not some false you they think you are.
No need for matching or sorting. No WORRY about accessorizing.



Well when there is more of you exposed, there are more scrapes and bug bites.
Sometimes it can be awkward...

All in All I think you can SEE the way to go, but if you NEED to test it out... start with Thursdays...


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm all for naked!
Wait, not that kind of naked. Awkward moment...
All right, the real me is a sanitary freak. No five second rule in my world - it hits the floor, it's gone.

Diana Wilder said...

I have a word for you:

Two words:
Hidden cameras

3 words:
Friends dying laughing

4 words:
Ah, what the heck?

2 more words:

Tonja said...

I absolutely agree about the value of being naked (in the non-literal way). I never learned to put on the fake covering, but I am really fascinated by people who do it well.

Sorry I haven't been here (or anywhere) for a while. You have a lot of books up there in your banner. Congratulations!

Helena said...

I should be naked more often. Okay, not physically. That would be like... ewww... cellulite. But nakedly glorious! Nakedly ambitious! Nakedly fun! Nakedly crazy!

SittieCates said...

Yup! You got that right. Awkward at times, scary, revealing... nakedness comprises everything in life.

Tina said...

OMG, that picture is hilarious. Took me a while to get it...slow this morning...
Definitely joining you. I'm usually figuratively naked all the time anyway, might as well shed the clothes, too ;-)
Tina @ Life is Good
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