Friday, November 9, 2012

Nine and a Half Days

Isn't that a movie? No. There was 9 ½ Months... and How many days? There were a bunch of movies with days. And some with hours. Anyway. If this post were made into a movie it would be exhausting and a little bit boring, so you might as well just read the cliff notes.

Can I Just Tell You I'm EXHAUSTED?

No. Being me, I can't. I have to explain why. But I suppose that one line would have seemed measly and pathetic, so it's just as well.


I was really really good for six days, and have struggled a little since... Election obsession/fatigue/defense to be discussed later in the specific, but here noted. I just can't obsess about two things at once.

But as this section is about NaNo, I will go with it. Flow has had a few fast, right on spots, but mostly I've just been working at a normal mid-novel pace. Which is a little frustrating in a beginning when it should be flying. My timeline is more detailed than normal, though, so maybe that is it. And maybe I won't slow down in the middle. I can hope. The top right corner uses my BuNo Meter, so you can see where I am if you are curious.

A few of my blogging buddies are really rocking it.

If any of YOU are doing it and want to chat with FABULOUS PEOPLE, BuNoWriMo is using its discussion pages for NaNoWriMo and Writing Sprints R Us does sprints most days. I think you can just join both, but message me if not and I will invite you. I think for that you need to be my FB friend (Hart Johnson).


I am also doing my 'final before first readers' polish of MEDIUM WRONG this month. I am 100 pages in, which is just past 1/3. I will definitely finish the hard copy stuff, but the edits won't be entered until I hit 50K for NaNo...


Of course day three of NaNo I received the copy edits from my editor... ACK! Copy edits are FABULOUS... somebody has gone through and made sure I was consistent, has pointed out anywhere I was confusing, has checked my facts... this is such a CRITICAL step. But it is one as author I have to then go through and address piece by piece... and my home computer doesn't play nice with Word... thinking on it now, the MAC would—the kids use that more, so I didn't even think of it, but it has word on it. But my OWN computer has Open Office. So I did all my edity stuff... then had to RE-DO it at work where I have Word... *dies *

(yes, you may throw a pity party... or roll your eyes at me, whichever)

But that is DONE... sent it back to Michelle yesterday... and last I heard from her Penguin offices were closed... not sure if they are back or not... poor New York and New Jersey have really had a time of it.

Election Obsession

I honestly couldn't concentrate AT ALL on Tuesday and not much Wednesday. See... I CARE. And I'm an information junkie and a stats nut... and a social scientist.

Even SINCE then, I feel compelled to correct misinformation when I run across it. There are some angry people... I get it. 8 years ago the same thing happened to me. How could we re-elect that nut!? But you know what the VERY BEST thing I've found about it is?

This blog does exactly that... relates 2004 to 2012... because both sides have been on both sides of this... You should read this if you, or anyone you know, is unhappy:

 So Your Nation Has Elected a President You Really Don’t Like

Seriously.  Good stuff, regardless of affiliation.


Old Kitty said...

Glad you got your edits all done and hopefully the Penguin offices are up and running soon!

Of course you were all concentrating on the election!! I hope most US peeps were!!! And voted too! Yay!

I liked the blog piece you linked to. Oh but it's so logical and rational! LOL! Stop being so nice mr blogger man! LOL! I enjoy festering in my hot headedness and belief that all those who don't go hugging trees and like cats are heathens, darn it!!! Take care

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

It's been busy!

I've seen y'all's posts in BuNoWriMo, but have only lurked. I'm nearly halfway through with a project, so I'd be way too much of a NaNo rebel. :)

Last I heard (few days ago), they were back at work at Penguin. Not sure if that's changing with the new nor'easter.

Tonja said...

I've only had 4 good writing days, but got 7000+ words completed, which isn't terrible, but definitely isn't where I wanted to be. I'm procrastinating now.

Matthew MacNish said...

I don't do NaNo, because 1500 words every single day is more than I have time for, but still, I try to cheer on my friends, so: go Hart! You look to be doing pretty well so far.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Keep at it Hart!
And regardless of who won, we still want that person to do a great job. This is our country after all!

Hart Johnson said...

Kitty *snort* you crack me up. Don't show me the decency of people who don't agree with me! teehee.

Elizabeth-oh, you're writing like crazy, too. I know about you. And thanks for the Penguin update!

Tonja-you've had some challenges with childings, yes? You're doing great!

Matt-the support is very helpful!


vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

good job on the begonia copy-edit addressing! incompatibilities can be SUCH a PAIN!

Missed Periods said...

I just read "Your Nation Has Elected a President You Really Don't Like." I wish more people were that level-headed! I wish I were. I'm impressed by all your writing!

February Grace said...

Copy editors...where would we be without them? I think they deserve a national holiday!

Yay for your NaNo progress, and thanks for all the encouragement you've given me! I really do appreciate it and am cheering you on too as we plot and at times plod (at least in my case) through November, coffee in hand.

I salute you *raising mug*


L. Diane Wolfe said...

One of these years I'll do NaNo. But I couldn't juggle everything you're doing right now.

My computer plays nice with Word, but my husband dislikes the program so much, he doesn't even have it on his. If I send him something, I have to paste it in an email. I send some big emails.

Helena said...

You're doing a fabulous job on NaNo from the sound of it. Me, if I just finish the next-to-final editing of my manuscript in November, I'll consider myself a literary star.

Isn't it such a relief the election is over? But the clean up from the monster storm isn't finished, and that's what matters now.

Carol Riggs said...

Fun reading your smorgasbord of a post. :) Best of luck plowing onward with NaNo! You're braver than I. I wouldn't try that. :)

Caryn Caldwell said...

Wow! Sounds like you are having a crazy month! I'm so impressed that you can do copy edits on one book, a final polishing on another, and NaNoWriMo on a third. How do you keep it all straight?

Cold As Heaven said...

I think the US elected the right president. These Republican guys seem to be a bunch of ignorants when it comes to foreign politics and the world outside America. They start a war or two, and support Isreal (without knowing much about it). And that's it. (Remember the Axis of Evil; wow, that's really great foreign politics). Have you seen the polls from Europe? Typically 85% supporting Obama, 5% supporting Romney and 10% don't care. Even Putin was very happy that Obama was re-elected >:)

Cold As Heaven