Saturday, October 6, 2012

So You Think You're JK Rowling

Seven book series came to me fully formed on the train this morning.

Okay. It might have been in bed.
And the original seeds of the series might have been hovering on the horizon for about two years.

But the Pirate ship is a good addition.
As is overlaying a GRAND seven-book mystery on top of the self-contained books dealing with real teen issues.
And making the teen issues each a mystery of their own.

So all in all it was a good wake-sleep state progression of ideas.

And I officially have my NaNoWriMo project now. So that's a bonus.

And a potential publisher! On Facebook Jenny Milchman alerted me to a publisher seeking YA Mysteries: The Poisoned Pencil—stand-alone or series. I need to check them out more completely, as with small publishers there is a bit of 'buyer beware' but they look pretty good. I have a couple other works I can consider them for with stand-alones, though none quite clean, but I love the idea of a YA Mystery Series. Not Nancy Drew... More Veronica Mars... Only geekier. My kids aren't the shunned 'used-to-be-cools' but the 'so not cool they are resorting to fantasy to cope with high school'. (that would be the pirate ship part—well Space Pirate... called The Pleides—home of the seven sisters, all that.)

And that is why you get a rare Saturday blog... I was inspired.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Go for the geek, Hart!! And glad you are inspired.

E.J. Wesley said...

Ah, what do the stars tell us? This post made me :-)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I can't be JK Rowling. She has prettier legs. :-)

Go for your dream, Hart. Aim for the moon. If you miss, you'll still be heading for the stars.

Do small publishers get distributed by Barnes & Noble and BooksaMillion? Just wondering. Always in your corner, Roland

Stacy Gail said...

This sounds amazing! And don't you know that Geek is the new cool? ^_^ Yay for inspiration!

Hart Johnson said...

Alex-YAY Geeks!

EJ-hopefully something helpful!

Roland-they are better than mine, too. I think some small publishers have relationships with SOME booksellers but you need to break certain barriers to get into the chains. I will honestly probably try something more traditional first, just to see.

Stace-A good thing, too!

Thanks, gang!

Stephanus Sonata said...

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KarenG said...

Your posts always inspire me, because you have so much energy, and your goals are contagious too!

Ink in the Book said...

You gotta roll when inspiration strikes! I learned the hard way. Once, I had an amazing idea and I thought I would expand upon it in the morning. I went to sleep and in the morning I couldn't remember even a thought, much less the idea.

It sounds amazing, and maybe I'll see you NaNoWriMo!

Michael Di Gesu said...

A new genre.... HOW FUN! I am sure Her Royal Tartness will come up with a naked geek, floating through space on his way to a new high school at a Mars nudest camp. LOL.

Glad you are inspired and thanks for the tip on the publisher.

I am trying my hand at film noir style. Posting a few excerpts for Romantic Friday Writes... I hope to create a Novella from them.

Good luck on your project ...

Tamara said...

Inspiration is awesome. I just took a sixteen hour road trip and spent most of it plotting out like five books. haha. Sometimes I really love being a writer. What do people think about when they don't have stories in their heads?

Candilynn Fite said...

Don't you just love those moments??

Teresa Coltrin@Journaling Woman said...

Yay, Hart to be so inspired. You are in turn inspiring to us.


Mel Chesley said...

Geeks rule. 'Nuff said. But W00T! to the possibly having a publisher! That sounds good. :) And I like the idea, especially since you mentioned pirates. Heh! Even if they are space pirates, that's still good for me. It'll be fun to watch the progress on this series!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Oh, my gosh, Hart! I am not one bit surprised though. Too cool. Can't wait to hear more.

Kathy M.