Monday, October 15, 2012

Nineties Blogfest

The nineties were sort of a funny decade for me. It was my late 20s and early 30s and for all practical purposes, is the decade I grew up... kicking and screaming every step of the way. I had some life events that caused me to majorly check out of 'pop-life' yet there were other things I was sitting right smack in the center of.

My movies are the bit I am actually least attached to. I don't GO to movies hardly evern and see them late, so I never know when they came from. I love all of them I've listed, but are they my favorite of the year? Hard to know.

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[note: I will fill out the rest of this and add some images shortly. I had a social occasion last night and so am scrambling a bit this morning]

Favorite Song: Love Shack (B-52s)
Favorite Movie:  Wild at Heart:  We danced to Love Me Tender at our wedding because of this movie
Favorite Television Show: Twin Peaks. Hands down. It wasn't on long, but I loved this.
Big Life Event: Probably my engagement. October 5, 1990. We'd been at the Greek Festival in Portland that night... we met originally at the Greek Festival in 1988, so in a way, a two-year anniversary. This particular year, we decided to get married.

Favorite Song: Come as you Are (Nirvana)--I sank full force into the grunge era. I was in Portland fighting adulthood and MAN... Nirvana, of course is sort of the flagship for this movement and I think this is my favorite of their first album.
Favorite Movie: Thelma and Louise
Favorite Television Show: Northern Exposure: Now THIS is my breed of quirky.
Big Life Event: Two huge ones. First was my decision to leave advertising and go back to grad school. (meaning the reclaiming of my SOUL) and second was my wedding, November 30, 1991.

Favorite Song: Breaking the Girl (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Favorite Movie: The Crying Game
Favorite Television Show: Seinfeld? It's funny. I've sort of outgrown this show. I don't like it much in reruns, but I loved it at the time.
Big Life Event: Starting grad school

Favorite Song:  Creep (Radiohead)
Favorite Movie:  Sandlot/Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite Television Show: X-Files—this show makes my top EVER list. I loved how bendy it was.
Big Life Event: ??? Did I have any life events this year?

Favorite Song: No Excuses (Alice in Chains)
Favorite Movie:  Pulp Fiction
Favorite Television Show: My So-Called Life—Oh, man, talk about angst. This was a great show!
Big Life Event: Buying first house. Though the stand out was my 10-year high school reunion and the feeling that if I talked to people with children I might CATCH it... (the having children thing)

Favorite Song: Strawberry (Everclear)--this song about trying so hard not to fall back into addiction hit home on a number of levels. I still love it.
Favorite Movie:  Se7en
Favorite Television Show: Nowhere Man—he'd had his life and identity stolen... but why> LOVED this.
Big Life Event: Daughter born (see, I told you),

Favorite Song:  You Learn (Allanis Morrisette)
Favorite Movie:  Matilda: It’s possible I love this as the great relief from the Disney sap in kids movies
Favorite Television Show: The Pretender: This may have been an attempt to replace Nowhere man which went off the air, but it didn't QUITE cut it.
Big Life Event: I think there is sort of a life hiatus that happens with having kids... Especially as this year I was effectively a single mom.

Favorite Song:  Everlong (Foo Fighters)
Favorite Movie:  The Full Monty:  Hello. Movie about nakedness… nuff said!
Favorite Television Show: Homicide: Life on the Street—fresh angle, edgy. And who doesn't love Andre Baugher?
Big Life Event: Graduating from grad school. FINALLY and starting REAL job.

Favorite Song:  Good Riddance: Time of Your Life (Greenday)
Favorite Movie:  Shakespeare in Love
Favorite Television Show: That 70s Show: You'll not comedies don't make it often for me, but being a 70s kid... this show is hysterical.
Big Life Event: Birth of son.

Favorite Song:  Slide (Goo Goo Dolls)
Favorite Movie:  Eyes Wide Shut
Favorite Television Show: Roswell. You know, I didn't watch it at the time. You'll note several of my favorites from above continued running, but when I look at the line up, this is very high on the list of all time favorites. I just didn't happen to see it until more recently.
Big Life Event: Decision to move across the country


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

X-Files and Alice in Chains - you rock, Hart!

[Retro-Z] said...

I agree with Alex, you rock with Hart! X-files became a part of my world after another show I love ended.

Jeremy [Retro]
Oh No, Let's Go Crazy

Teresa Coltrin@Journaling Woman said...

Great list. I was VERY busy in the 90's and didn't go to many movies,so I haven't seen the ones you listed except Matila which I watched on DVD with my granddaughter a year ago.

Phil said...

Thanks for checking my list out...and I have to admit Seinfeld has aged really poorly. It's almost surprising since it felt so far ahead of the curve when it was new. Here's hoping Curb Your Enthusiasm ages much better. (Spoiler: it will.)

sydneyaaliyah said...

Love that you included your Big Life Events. Interesting stuff. My favorite year on your list 1994. My So Called Life made my list, too. And, Pulp Fiction. Greatness.

Buying a House is a great accomplishment.

Old Kitty said...

Twin Peaks!! I completely forgot - how could I forget!! One of the most NAKEDest of shows ever!! Yay!! Take care

Dave said...

I love Northern Exposure. Probably the most beautiful thing ever to appear on a television screen is Ruth-Ann's smile.

You've reminded me, I still haven't seen Eyes Wide Shut.

Thanks for taking part.

Dave Wrote This

Budd said...

Matilda was an awesome movie and it is timeless. My kids watched it last year and loved every moment of it.

Hope you plan on signing up for the Scare Me! Blogfest on Halloween.

Stephen Tremp said...

Wow! A very organized post today. Gotta get the B-52s in. We saw them last summer. They still have it!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

We bought our first house the same year! And we still live in it.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Great picks! I wish I'd caught Twin Peaks while it was airing, but I was at college and wasn't paying attention to when it was on. I always hear good things about the show.

Alison DeLuca said...

Pulp Fiction, The Full Monty, Wild at Heart, Northern Exposure - yup, yup, yup. I need a movie marathon now!

Johanna Garth said...

Awww, the Greek Festival. We were there last weekend. It's only about 5 blocks from my house :)

Eliza Wynn said...

We have a few in common, but I think Nowhere Man is my favorite.

Sarah Ahiers said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all your song choices!

Except Nirvana. I really am not a fan of Nirvana. There are less than a handful of nirvana songs i like

Cold As Heaven said...

I got most of the Nirvana CDs. Good stuff, but for some reason I don't listen to them anymore. Don't know why.

Wild at Heart was a cool movie, indeed >:)

Cold As Heaven

Helena said...

It's kinda scary how the 90 years are all blurred together for me. But what a pivotal decade for you! I miss Northern Exposure -- what a good, offbeat show that was. And Shakespeare in Love is one of my all-time favorites.

Heather Murphy said...

Great list! I miss Northern Exposure. That was such a fun show :)

Deniz Bevan said...

Love your 1994 and 1997 :-)
Good idea, listing life events too!

Dani said...

"You're killin' me smalls" - love Sandlot.

Come as you are is prob one of my fave songs by Nirvana.

Brent Wescott said...

"Everlong" beats anything Nirvana did. No offence to Cobain or anything, but Dave Grohl really knows how to rock a tune.

Stephsco said...

Your comment about "catching" the having children thing is funny, and oh-so-true when you're young and newly married! I also love The X-Files; some of it seems dated now but I'll always like it regardless.

Insomniac #4 said...

Wow, great list! Much more detailed than mine. You reminded me of a lot of great 90's things I had completely forgotten about. I probably should have read your post first, LOL!

I agree with a lot of your music picks, and some of your TV shows as well - especially My So-Called Life and Roswell. I watched a lot of Dawson's Creek back then, too. In fact I'm reminded of MSCL and DC whenever I watch MTV's 'awkward.' What can I say, I'm a sucker for teen drama :-D