Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naked Thursday


Since I’m not allowed to start Naked Thursday in the Common room, I figured maybe I could try it here now and again. Since it’s my first Naked Thursday in the Confessory, I am just going to throw a little party for some of the people who have helped, encouraged and kept me going, writer-wise.

I have to start with my writer’s group—The Burrow ROCKS. I LOVE these people.


Here are 5 of us in Cardiff last August, I’m in the middle, but make no mistake, that is MY big brown beer at the front.


And the same batch at our B&B with our Hogwart’s scarves, knitted by Leanne because she ROCKS (the same Leanne of the buff puff quill that is doing my post polish sparkle on CONFLUENCE).

And to prove these are the funnest people in the whole world… (because funnest IS a word when we are involved)


Here we are set to go to our French Taunting.

This is only five (and I recognize in that last picture, to get five, you have to count like King Arthur) of the thirteen of us, but these fabulous people are the core that keeps me encouraged, has the guts to tell me when something doesn’t sparkle like it should, and have been editing and advising, each to her own strength as I make this journey.

So Ladies (er… and Jason).. THANK YOU!

And Joris—special thanks to you too for always being my graphical go-to guy, whether it is a book cover or Lucius in drag I am looking for.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t also thank the FABULOUS people who have read and encouraged my fan fiction stuff (at HPANA: screen name Gnargles&Snorkaks). The format, posting, instant feedback, chatter—mostly about cross dressed death eaters, my naked world domination tour, and innuendo, led to confidence, belonging, and… obligation… I couldn’t stop what I’d started and thereby learned to finish… the last step in a first draft, and something I had never before accomplished.

And then I have a new couple batches to thank… my real life friends who have been so encouraging since I ‘came out’ as a writer, and the established writers who have been so helpful and encouraging as I transition from ‘pre-published’ *snort* to published.


Galen Kindley--Author said...

Your group does look like fun...and that's important in a writer's group as there can be so much...not fun. Of course, beer never hurts.

I didn't know you were an HP fan. I met Delores Umbridge yesterday at the credit union when I was trying to do a simple task. I wrote about her today on the blog. Therein is my point, blogging is therapeutic.
Best regards, Galen

Imagineering Fiction Blog

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Great group of supporters! That always helps a lot.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Carnimire said...

You are the Best, my Thursday Twin!!!!