Saturday, July 11, 2009

Accio Mojo!

So I have another super secret obsession besides Monty Python and writing, and I believe I’ve just given it away (though only to people who have also imbibed), but what I wouldn’t do for some mojo about now. Actually, I’m not sure it is lack of mojo so much as excess of life hassles. The shortening of CONFLUENCE (now below 170K) has interfered for a couple weeks now with my writing, so that IS a mojo matter, but now I am suffering major computer problems at home. The desk top, never great… a lemon among computers, chosen by the single member of my family who doesn’t use computers because he thought he was being helpful… has always had trouble, but recently succumbed to the big daddy of malware--the virus that attacks anti-virus stuff. AGGGGHHHHHHH! But I did a hard drive recovery and immediately put on new and improved Malware defeating stuff and scanned and rid the computer of an army of Trojans. More critically though, my lap top keeps freezing and every trick I’ve found on line seems to fail to stop the problem. I’ve got CONFLUENCE saved on a memory stick, but it is really throwing me off to not be able to count on the trusty laptop that has seen me so far. Finally though, an idea that had been nagging at me, a bizarre world young adult story thread in which I’d written a ‘hook’ but no more flushed itself into not just a book, but a series this morning. I’ve got a detailed outline for book 1, story ideas for 4 more, and character details for the four characters who will be almost sole actors in the first book (other than family, and because they are teens, a few peers). It’s a good idea. It draws on my Psychology background and what seems to be my primary M.O. otherwise (stuff that SEEMS paranormal or fantasy but in reality is something plausible and real). I’m excited about it. It has me writing again, which my Mystery novel I was working on seemed not able to do while I was in edit mode. I like the teen voice and teen problems, and I think I may be able to make a go of it. I’m pretty sure it will be an easier sell than CONFLUENCE, if only because it is easier to describe and is potentially a franchise… Wish me luck!


Kevin Morgan said...

OOh, laptop freezing fun. You know, alot of times people assume it's software related, or component related when it's really just dust related.

Laptop processors are working in a confined area and usually have a metal fan assembly over them, the side and rear of your laptop has the intake and exhaust.

Sometimes a good spray in there with a canned air will spit out some dust and end freezing problems. Sometimes you need to open it up to get it out.

If you've gone through all the software tweaks, removals, and tune-ups then that's a good next place to try. Otherwise you might be looking at a dying lappie!

Watery Tart said...

YAY! Thank you, Kevin! I have one of those here (work) I can borrow. I had no clue, but that sounds totally plausible.

Shaharizan Perez said...

Good luck Tami. Girl, I am so impressed you are on book 2. I can't even finish book 1.

*sends warm, positive energy*

I am also having laptop issues. It runs really slow and then freezes. I have Norton Anti-virus but when it scans, all files are normal. No viruses or trojans detected. :(