Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Man, I needed that.

The grant that we turned in at work last week resulted in some comp time, so I am coming off three and a half days off and it was heavenly! My buddy Patti was in town for the Detroit Marathon (she ran the international half marathon, which crossed the bridge into Canada at sunrise—AWESOME, and well done, Patti!!!)

Patti was ALSO attending several of the Skate America sessions, which really makes for a PERFECT houseguest... someone THERE to visit, but with other activities so I could do some of MY other activities (some obligatory, some fun).

So this weekend I got my chore time... I got to go to a neighborhood harvest party (more on this shortly). I drank wine with Patti and the Couch to Keg team, arguing politics, as Jean and I often do after several glasses (I love that I have friends I can passionately debate and still like).

What I DIDN'T do was any writing... I think I needed a total break... from ALL the work, both the one I get paid for, and the one I'd LIKE to be my vocation. I wrote a little yesterday.

After the fun stuff was done, I managed to get some real writing done. And some blogging... a book review I will share later this week... some personal paperwork annoyances I've been procrastinating for months. And a handful of pages of my WiP, which is currently 70 pages and needs to be 100. It's the first time I've sat down for quite a while that I really felt equipped to approach these things (that obligatory paperwork piece, in particular, is REALLY hard to face). I just was tapped. But now I feel better.

The Social Tart

I might identify...
Know how I'm awkward? If you don't know, I am. I act like I'm not awkward online... pretend I'm naked and outrageous... and I sort of am. I want that to be me. But that is NOT real life me. I am too inattentive for small talk. Too shy for real disclosure... In fact I confess to doing better talking to people after a few drinks. It's not admirable, but I own it.

But I live in a REALLY fabulous neighborhood. And I'd forgotten Holly, the party host, worked in such a totally overlapping area.. That sounds stupid, right... to not think about what your neighbors do, but she is a larger-than-life, super-friendly gardening enthusiast, so I KNEW she worked in violence prevention at the University... but it just didn't cross my mind how many of her associates would be related to MY day job (health equity)... Man, I met the most INTERSTING public health folks. Had GREAT conversations.

Conversations that felt 'on' which is weird. I'm not sure why that seems so strange, but it does. Maybe it is my insecurity about my social competence, but whatever the case, it felt good.

As For the State of the Writing

I am writing book 6. Book 5 is with first readers. 4 is with my copyeditor. So there.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sometimes we need the down time from everything. I'm looking forward to my vacation next month where I am away from it all.

Tina said...

I'm getting some down time starting tomorrow. The boys are all going hunting for five days. The house to myself! Just cooking for myself! I'm planning on going out with some friends, taking some undisturbed by carpool times naps, and just plain rejuvenating BY MYSELF.
I'm glad you had some time to do so yourself.
Tina @ Life is Good

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Good for you for taking the time off and enjoying it!

And it's so great to have people you can debate with and still like and respect each other. :)

jack welling said...


Seriously, glad you took a breath.

Maurice Mitchell said...

I'm glad you got to take time for yourself Hart. It obviously helped a lot.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

"Too inattentive for small talk" - LOL! I think that's me, too.

It sounds like you really needed some time of.

Timothy Hecht said...

My last vacation was in May of 2011.

I'v been downsized twice under Obama and being unemployed is NOT like being on a vacation.

I'm not making enough money now and I may never be able to go on vacation again unless someone teaches me how to make money from my Agent 54 blog.

Yolanda Renee said...

Ah, I know those days, hours, minutes, even seconds of solitude and peace. Awesome rejuvenation and definitely necessary!

So glad it was a good one!

Jan Morrison said...

Hi my deary deary deary-o! I'm connected after a couple of weeks of not. Is this a good thing? Not sure. But glad to read your blog and touch in on your life. I'm liking Labrador - it is WILDLY different. Later, toots!

Helena said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a few days off? I just got back from Chicago (3 nights, 4 days), which is my official vacation for the last two years. I really needed it.

What you say about feeling awkward when online you seem so outgoing -- I know just what you mean. Reminds me of the Divine Miss M, 'cause Bette Midler was a quiet, very smart (class valedictorian) nerdy lady yet she invented this stage creature she could turn into which made her a star. Much like you and your writing success, Hart -- from quiet to spectacular.