Friday, August 30, 2013

Mark Your Calendar!!!

I have a bunch of buddies with September book releases, so I thought I'd put them in order of release so you can just look HERE and keep track of what's coming...

September 2:  Jade Jamison (one of my reliable sprint buddies and first readers for my Shot in the Light Series) Is releasing Rock Bottom, sequel to the Best-Selling Bullet. Note for the release weekend, Bullet is only 99 cents--these are rock and roll... I want to say love stories... they are, but NOT typical romance... sexy (some erotica level scenes) but REAL... Your inner groupee definitely wants to read these.

Sadly, as an Indie, no pre-orders, so don't forget!!!

September 15: Witch Land: The Cindy Chronicles Book 2 (of 6) by RaShelle Workman

After RaShelle's wildly successful serial Blood and Snow (about Vampires) RaShelle is taking on Witches!


Life sucks. 
Possessing magic sucks. 
What doesn’t suck? Fashion, Cindy's boyfriend Gabe, and her best friend, Snow White. 

Cindy (Cinderella…shhh, don’t tell) was born a witch. It’s part of who she is. But there’s more to her than that. She loves deeply. And has a big heart. She’d do anything for those she cares about, including risk her own life to save theirs. 

September 17Alex Cavanaugh (who needs no introduction around here) is releasing CassaStorm.  This is the third in Alex's triology that began with CassaStar and continued with CassaFire. If you want to look in on the CassaStorm blog tour, details are here.

Byron thought he’d put the days of battle behind him. Commanding the Cassan base on Tgren, his only struggles are occasional rogue pirate raids and endless government bureaucracies. As a galaxy-wide war encroaches upon the desert planet, Byron’s ideal life is threatened and he’s caught between the Tgrens and the Cassans. 

October 1: Gwen Gardener  is releasing A Guilty Ghost Surprised. Okay, so not quite September, but very nearly!

An Angel Among Us

Paranormal happenings at the Eady household are the norm. Recently, things have become downright peculiar. Childish giggles at odd hours of the night lead Indigo Eady to her little cousin, Bryan, a guileless cherub spirit, complete with Spider Man pajamas and a set of faux angel wings. The problem is that Bryan died nearly three years ago in a hit and run that killed him and his mum. The driver was never found.  Now the gang must solve the mystery of his death in order to send him back to heaven.  But where to start when the trail is three years cold?

Indigo Eady

Indigo Eady is not clumsy. At least, that’s what she keeps telling everyone. Can she help that the overactive spirit community of Sabrina Shores causes her psychic abilities to short-circuit? It’s unfortunate that her cute friend Badger is often on the receiving end of her mishaps. At times, she is positively hazardous to his health. Even so, sparks fly in more than one direction.

Late September/Early October

Janet Oakley is the award-winning author of Tree Soldier and sets her historic fiction in my favorite locale, the Pacific Northwest. She's carved herself a niche with her books--she is a history expert in this area and most of the books on the time and place seem to lack the heart Janet puts into them. You should read one or both. If you like EITHER historic fiction OR the Pacific Northwest, you will love these.

Timber Rose:  1907. Women climbing mountains in skirts. Loggers fighting for the eight hour day. The forests and mountains of the North Cascades are alive with progress, but not everyone is on board.
Caroline Symington comes from a prominent family in Portland, Oregon. Much to her family’s dismay, she’s more interested in hiking outdoors and exploring the freedoms of a 1907’s New Woman than fancy parties and money. She plans to marry on her own terms, not her parents. When she falls in love with Bob Alford, an enterprising working-class man who loves the outdoors as much as she, little does she know how sorely her theories will be tested. Betrayed by her jealous sister, Caroline elopes, a decision that causes her father to disown her.

The young couple moves to a rugged village in the North Cascade Mountains where Caroline begins a new life as the wife of a forest ranger. Though she loves her life in the mountains as a wife and mother, her isolation and the loss of her family is a challenge. As she searches for meaning among nature, she’s ushered along by a group of like-minded women and a mysterious, mountain man with a tragic past.
Eventually, her relationship with her mother and sister improves and things seem to be taking a turn for the better. That relationship is tested again when her uncle and her sister's ruthless ex-husband muscle their way into the national forest, threatening the nature she loves, and more importantly, the man she loves. Though Caroline desires to reconcile with her family, she knows she must take a stand. 

TIMBER ROSE is about gilded society, thugs and big timber meeting the newly formed Forest Service, mountaineering clubs and a young woman's desire to make her own way in a changing world.

TIMBER ROSE is the prequel to the award-winning TREE SOLDIER.


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That's a great list. So happy for Alex and Witchland sounds like fun!

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