Thursday, February 12, 2015

Whatever Happened to Delusional Thursday?

You know... I used to be a good time. I was funny, zany, wacky even... Somehow the last couple years have sapped me. Two full time jobs (pretty much—with the writing, I mean), kids challenges, money trouble, family deaths, my husband almost dying... Really heavy CRAP. So I've come to the conclusion it has made for a dull Tart...

The big stuff is dealt with, so I think I need to recommit to some silly shenanigans.

It would fit well here...
Tart-Worthy Book of Digressions

One of the things I've toyed with is writing a non-fiction book. I'm not an expert on much, but I think I could manage a guide for people to add a little silliness back in their lives—one of those silly bathroom books people keep by their toilet so they can read a bit when they only have 90 seconds... Just random ideas on things they should do or think about. I'm not sure if I will ever publish it, but it is time to start working on it, as it would get me back focused on stuff that makes me laugh.

Speaking of laughing...

My buddy Gae posted an article on Facebook yesterday that I didn't read because I was at work and didn't want to get busted, but the part that she noted—it was for reducing worry in kids—was our body doesn't actually know the difference between real laughing and fake laughing, so I hereby command you (and me) to laugh for a while every day, whether you feel like it or not. You'll feel better for it and it will help me feel like I'm in charge of you, which is good for morale.

Nobody can watch this without laughing. Armadillo at play
Or this: Teddy and his pumpkins
Or this: Cute Little Duck, Quack quack quack

Mercury is out of Retrograde

This officially means stuff is going to get better. So there. All the crap of January? Poof. All gone. Bye-bye. But if you'd like to give me credit for your year taking a turn for the better, I am okay with that. It should last until May, though the May one will be a doozy because Mercury will be in Gemini and Mercury RULES Gemini, and then it will go all backward and wonky... so don't count on anything going right at the end of May or the first half of June.

So go out and get a little silly today, and I will try to insert a little back into the blog, ne?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Get back to silly, Hart! You'll feel better. And you need it.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Those Despicable Me Minions are always good for a laugh! :)

February Grace said...

*hugs* I know what you mean, I miss the silly part of me, too. Trying to find it again... maybe our silly inner girls are off playing and having a good time while we search for them? I kind of like that idea. Sending love and light... xoxo

Andrew Leon said...

I don't think I could deal with a bathroom book. I just can't do that.

And I bet that I can watch that without laughing...
Look, I'm going to go do it right now.

Helena said...

You just reminded me of Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks. I think I'd like to start a Ministry of Silly Dances. One must fight the insidious effects of too much reality!

Arlee Bird said...

It's good to be silly every once in a while. Then again you could be silly all the time like me and I don't even mean to be.

I think you should go for the non-fiction book. Of course I might need more than 90 second doses of reading. You should either write the book or start tweeting lines from it every day.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out