Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Time Wibble Wobble

So know how I was gone for a few weeks? In that time, the cafeteria in my building changed management. I knew it was happening. It wasn’t GOOD news when I heard, but for my one bagel a week, one serving of milk (for my Joe’s Os in the morning)… maybe twice through the salad bar to supplement the boring lettuce and dressing I bring from home… I mean how big a deal is it when I spend less than five bucks a week there?

The one cashier thought the new people would hire her… The cook I knew, too…

It’s all good. Aramark screwed up and we are getting new management. But there were no terrible repercussions for anybody I knew...

So I get back and it is like somebody has gone back in time and tweaked this LITTLE thing… and it has had all these ripple effects that in SMALL ways makes the whole scene just slightly OFF.

Poor sad cashier...
The shirts were gray instead of blue.

The cashier had glasses instead of contacts (and more importantly, seems very down, when she’s always been cheerful)

The bagels migrated to a new place.

The silverware moved and the condiment tower with 6ish choices is now just a ketchup and a mustard squirter.

And the prices have gone UP… my bagel with cream cheese used to be $1.16. Now it’s $1.40. That’s 20%, gringos. I mean $1.40 won’t break me. $.32 more a week won’t… though the milk is seven cents more, too, which has scared me, so I haven’t even tested the salad bar prices.

Changing history for the better, doesn't
It is just all a little OFF.

And that really was exactly what it reminded me of—the Pendragon books where Pendragon has gone back and saved the Hindenburg and comes back to the present and it's really nearly unnoticeably different (well, other than those hell dogs, but never mind)... but this new technology that SEEMS very cool at first is turning out to be very dangerous… you with me?

So now I’m afraid of the cafeteria.

Any of you ever experience that? Something that made you feel like you were in a Sci-Fi story?


j welling said...

There was this election once...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm a creature of habit so those kinds of things mess with my routine.

Trisha F said...

Your bagel would probably cost $5 or more here. LOL.

It annoys me when things are moved around for no good reason.

Helena said...

I wasn't pleased when the local Sunflower Market natural grocers got sold to some company that upped the prices.

I like that you noticed if the workers were happy or not in their new place.