Thursday, July 18, 2013

One Thing At A Time

As I struggle to re-acclimate at work, it ha occurred to me it isn't going to happen. I learned this in grad school 20 years ago and I'm not sure why I can't remember it. When my person spends a 'full time job worth' engaged in a high brain activity, the REST of the day needs to be brainless.

And right now I AM WRITING BOOKS!!!  At a frantic pace, mind you. And I'm making good progress.

Ill Omens is with first readers and I have 9 of probably 12 chapters written of Short Supply--the 2nd, though I will need to edit it by July 29 to get THAT to first readers.

SPEAKING of first readers... It is my opinion and nature that in a marathon, some people might poop out, so I was thinking I maybe needed SEVERAL early readers early on.  HOPEFULLY I can hook all of them, but life happen anallat.  So if ANYBODY is interested in jumping on as an early reader--giving feedback on these as I go, I'd be forever grateful. My only request is  2 week turnaround time.

Email me, if you are interested:

Any of the rest of you struggle with day job/writing brain wars?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes, I have a high-end brain job, which is why I practice my guitar before engaging in any writing in the evening. (Not that playing doesn't require brain power, just a different kind.)

Sarah Ahiers said...

You are like the goal setting, goal meeting queen. True story.
Also, my gmail has been acting up. Did you get my email, or did it disappear in cyberspace?

Natalie Aguirre said...

Yes, I'm struggling with this. I'm finding I'm tired at night and not inspired to write. Add a busy teenager who needs rides to all her work/swimming activities and I just don't have much time for writing right now.

Diana Wilder said...

I have ideas during the day, can't get them down (work is continuous) and when I get home I can't write them. I'm turning off the internet and writing what promises to be a perfectly lovely scene.

Outta here! (and happy for you)

Melissa Menten said...

I am always thinking I could get a lot more writing done if my job would stop interfering! But I don't have a problem with feeling "brainless," I just need more hours in the day. You must be on fire writing, though. I couldn't ever plan such a quick deadline.

Helena said...

Sometimes it seems I can't completely function on or off the job or while writing or not writing. Just functioning is becoming an issue.

But dysfunctional though I be,I believe I could still be an early reader for one of your books. The next couple weeks will be tough but after that I could read a partial book. Will that work for you? Let me know.

Kas said...

HA. Do I? I haven't written a blog post in two months because work brain has completely taken over.. but I do plan to get back to it ASAP. If only (like Sarah said above) I could meet goals half as well as you do... ;)