Monday, September 17, 2012

Organizational Philosophy: The Chaotic and the Virgo

Battle of Order and Chaos (Talented source)
So today is a crazy busy day for me—two appointments, one legal, one medical, plus ANOTHER legal possessionary matter having to do with inheriting a car... So I am off work and off line. And spent yesterday getting my ducks in a row. A matter that ALWAYS causes battles with my resident Virgo who believes there is a single place for things and if you have not put things in that singular place, then life as we know it will come to a crashing end so you must be lectured the entire time you (which is to say I) organize and find your sh*t.

*rolls eyes *

All sh*t has BEEN found, because... being a NOT organized person ALL the time, I am REALLY good at repeating the steps (of not just me but every member of my family) that might have happened since said paperwork arrived and therefore tracking it down.

I submit that the PROBLEM with the Virgo... and by this I mean the specific Virgo, HWMNBMOTI... is that he has no adaptive capacity for anyone ELSE doing something with it. I am the only person in my household capable of systematically LOOKING FOR anything (and nearly always find what I'm looking for).

Tell me. How helpful is it to sit and lecture said item if it is not where it was meant to be?

Tell me also how many teenagers always put things where they go?

And tell me NOW who is the insane one? The organization freak or the chaotic adaptive-capable of looking for something person.

Opposites attract (source)
On many fronts we compliment each other well. This case though, is the madness of opposites reaching irreconcilable difference in this domain.

Of course afterward, we went to listen to a friend's band at a micro brewery and danced some, so he made up for it... it ended up good, but MAN...

Any of you have grand philosophical differences in your houses that cause you to threaten violence? (which I did, but me being me, I was mostly kidding to get him to lighten up)

I apologize for not being around today and hope you have a good Monday!

I will be back tomorrow!


Old Kitty said...

Well I'm just glad all ended most erm.. NAKEDly!! :-)

Take care

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Glad you're able to take an analytical view of your differences like that! It's got to help.

I'm able to find everything in my house in a few seconds, too. :)

Em-Musing said...

Man...and Men! They just can't get their brains to function like ours. They would be so much happier. hehe.
Sounds like your man turned into a hero in the end.

LTM said...

LOL! omg, I threaten violence on a regular basis. What always kills me is how when something goes missing, there's always that hint of accusation that *I* somehow moved, touched, or otherwise was involved. What tha?

Too fun re: the band and the dancing. Good luck today w/all your busyness! :o) <3

Helena said...

Hang in there, Hart -- hope all the medical and legal stuff is resolved soon.

Family can be a blessing but also a royal pain. If they're not living with me and we're butting heads, I've found that maintaining a big geographical distance is about all that helps.