Friday, November 11, 2011


So FIRST on 11-11-11, I want to thank the veterans... All veterans. All wars. I have disagreed with our foreign policy more often than not, but that never takes away from the valiance, courage, and love of country these men and women have and THEM, I will always honor. THANK YOU!

And now for my blog...

What does one CALL a collection of Elevens? If a group of geese is a flock, and a group of crows is a murder, and a group of buffalo is an Obstinancy (I'm serious)... A memory of elephants? (nice!) What is a group of Elevens?

Because I have one.

Stay with me here... we are getting deep into the most amateur of numerology... erm.

My birthday is 6-23. 6+2+3=11.
HWMNBMOYI was born 9-2. 9+2=11.

Well and good. Nice coincidence. (the middle two numbers of our social security cards are the same, too, even though all the stuff on the ends is different).

But no...

DAUGHTER was born 4-25. 4+2+5=11.

By the time son was coming, I had an inkling what might happen, though I don't think it put me into labor...

11-18. 1+1+1+8=11.

Wanna know something wacky? My mom's birthday? 8-21. 8+2+1=11.

I had a friend find some prophecy about the evil number eleven, but somehow I am having a hard time believing my little... what should we call them... a FAMILY of Elevens... is so bad. I mean SURE, we are all NAUGHTY in our own way, but evil? Not so much.

Though there IS the megalomania that goes into my Naked World Domination Tour... but you know.. I DESERVE to rule the world on THAT one!

Any of you keep track of number coincidences? Do you BELIEVE they are coincidences?


Trisha said...

Those are some pretty cool coincidences. But yeah, I have to say I do believe in coincidence more than I believe in 'fate' or any of that!

Francine Howarth: UK said...


First off: Nice to see another blogger in same mind-set on this special day! I do feel it's the one day to put aside self-interest. ;)

Now to coincidence': oh yeah, hee hee, for as long back as is known within the family the eldest girl has given birth to first child at age 21 yrs! ;)


Old Kitty said...

WOW. Not only are you most thoroughly NAKED but your whole family are The Second Coming. Yikes!!!!

And ya know what? It couldn't happen to a nicer lovelier family too! Yay!

take care

Stephen M. Swartz said...

My mind is blown! Eleven times!

Creepy Query Girl said...

never felt any affinity for the number 11 but those are some pretty cool calculations! Number 8 seems to by hubby and I's favorite number for some reason.

Michael Offutt said...

Every time an eleven gets rolled on the craps table, I get paid on the pass line. That's good enough for me. Show me the money. Plus a bet on C&E usually nets me 5:1 if I remember right? That's pretty damn good.

Southpaw said...

I think maybe you've lost your mind.

I mean everyone knows it's a SOIREE OF ELEVENS.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I don't think you're evil...

Cold As Heaven said...

Before I got to read your post it was the 12th, which is 2 times 6. That's kind of evil >:D

Cold As Heaven

Carol Kilgore said...

Live-In Handyman is an 11. He can be naughty :) I'm a 5.

Rachel Morgan said...

FREAKY! But cool! In my family we have two 5s and two 9s. Not nearly as exciting as your family!